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A New York Tale: Knob Creek Cocktails and Pig Roast

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A New York Tale: Knob Creek Cocktails and Pig Roast

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It was a cold and stormy night last Wednesday in New York as I stepped outside of my office.  I had an event to attend with no umbrella and an ample amount of restlessness urging me to stay out and play.  I thought to myself, “A rooftop event in the rain… it sounds so cleansing, sorta like a rebirth, I am game”.  As the tempo of the down pour began to increase, I was left with the spot on decision to walk and LIVE or seek refuge behind a rolled up window looking at the New Yorkers through rain drop splattered glass from inside of the confines of a chatty cab driver’s domain.  Yes, I am one of those New Yorkers… I peer behind windows and pass judgment as I roll by [HA!]. “463 West Street, please”!

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The day had so desperately wanted to be great.  Knob Creek® had planned something so very special.  The attendees were above par.  The host, Chef Michael Symon, most recognized from the cooking show The Chew. The guest of honor… “Maiale Intero Arrosto” bka Roasted Pig.  Knob Creek spared no expense in insuring that we had a good time.  Alas, Mother Nature refused to cooperate… she was like a scorned woman.  We could not escape her tyranny that night.  The saving grace was a rooftop full of enthusiastic guest.  I can’t stress how much I enjoyed the company of the people in attendance.  I walked into this event alone without knowing anyone; and walked away with at least two new friends.

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Knob Creek served their delicious Bourbon, rye whiskey, and Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon in a variety of different ways.  The four main cocktails were the Knob Creek Summer Spice, KB Damn Great Drink, KB Big and Stout, and the KB Spice of Life.  In light of the weather, guests were more prone to the neat version in order to warm their bones.  However, before I made the leap… being the true professional that I am I braved the cold and managed to try all four cocktails; they were very enjoyable.  One conversation that I had with a fellow guest is…. I often wonder why dark liquor brands refrain from targeting female consumers.  Yes, most women such as myself enjoy lighter fruitier beverages… but in this instance Knob Creek did a marvelous job in selecting four well balanced cocktails that would appeal to both men and women.  I think in order to stand out from the competition; this brand should consider targeting women.  *shrugs* I’m an extremely feminine woman and I liked the Knob Creek whiskey very much.


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Knob Creek®

Launched in early 1992, Knob Creek® has been in business for over 20 years – bottled in unique flask shaped packaging, which has helped make it the #1 selling Super-Premium bourbon* in the world. Knob Creek Bourbon is named after a little creek that ran by Abraham Lincoln’s childhood home.

Knob Creek® Rye Whiskey, Knob Creek® Bourbon, and Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon.

For more information about Knob Creek, visit and



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  1. denise says:

    My husband is a huge Knob Creek fan! He would’ve loved this event. I’m gonna have to look up these recipes

  2. Phil says:

    Hey Kitty! I am a big bourbon fan and would have loved this event. Sounds like a good one. Nice coverage of this!

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