Kitty’s Favorite 20 Blogs of 2012


Hey House Cats-

So I get asked often what Blogs do I read outside of my own.  To stay current, I read a lot of Blogs… but there are a few that I read mostly everyday for news and entertainment.  The below blogs are the ones that I spent the most time on this year.  Check them out, and let me know which Blogs you frequented this year 🙂


1. Necole Bitchie– I do read her site everyday and comment.  I get my daily celebrity gossip fix from her.  I have been reading her site for years, and look to her as my “Fairy Blog Mama”.  When I purchased my site, I looked to Necole for Blogging advice under her Urban Blogger site.  Fun Fact: Through that site I met all sorts of new Blogging friends whom I remain in contact with to this very date such as Odara and Marleaux.

2. Dr. Boyce Watkins: Your Black World …. what started out as as an underground newsletter has become more mainstream.  I almost feel guilty talking about it publicly, loll. I don’t want the online publication to lose it’s rawness.

3. AOL/Yahoo News: I love news.  It is important to me to be current on what is going on in the world.  I read these sites daily.

photo by: Jenny Rapson
photo by: Jenny Rapson


4. The Cubicle Chick:  Danyelle is my Honey Boo Boo, lolll.  I love her Blog!  She blogs about work, St. Louis life, family, kids, BLOGGING! She is an all around girl Friday!

5. The Gothamist: This site ROCKS!  This site is a must for all things New York.  One of my personal highlights this year was when they referenced one of my post.  In my opinion it was a huge honor.


6.  This site is AMAZING!  Karen comes up with outfits to depict every possible situation in life.  If you have the pleasure of meeting her in person… you will see that she is extremely fashionable.

7.  Style Mavens Melanie and Melissa give their fashion tips and picks on their Blog.  Not only are they talking about fashion, these ladies know the history of it.  They can track down any fashion item you seek.

8.  Janique is the most stylish school teacher I have ever met in life!  Every time I see her I wonder how she manages to teach all day, grade papers, and pull off the perfect outfit.  Check her out…

9. Make-up by Kim Porter: Beauty is her name.  Kim makes getting glamorous everyday with a husband, and 1 year old look easy, lolll!


10.  Christine’s awesome pictures along with her amazing sense style makes her blog a must see!  She is often featured on the top sites, and partners with a lot of awesome brands.

11.  This is my favorite channel for tv shows and morning news.  Pix11 is supportive of Bloggers, and very hands on when it comes to Social Media.  I think of their blog as a companion guide to their show.

12. lover4FASHION  I love the various hair v-Bloggers.  My favorite is lover4FASHION!  Her hair tutorials are amazing.  I learned how to use flexirods through her videos.  She also covers fashion and makeup… you all should check her out!

13.  I like her site a lot.  It is like the Atlanta version of mine except she has lot more cool things going on in her life which includes a husband, home, and kids, lolll.  *sighs* One day I will be like her…

14. Sandra Rose:  Sandra also writes celebrity gossip… but she is the polar opposite of Necole (in the sense of being the anti-christ, lolll).  I find myself clutching my pearls, and clutching my teeth while reading Sandra’s post, lolll.  I like Sandra because she has remaines true to herself and has become successful behind it.  In life, people always try and mold you into what they think you should be.  It is always encouraging to see people who go against the grain bka Sandra.

15. Swa-rai Blog: My other Honey Boo Boo, lolll.  Raijean… the queen of Chicago talks about lifestyle and mommy hood in Chi-town.  Her confidence and zest for list exudes through her daily post.  Check her out…


DSC_0025 copy

16.  My west coast sister blogger.  Her celebrity focused blog is a must read.  Fun Fact: Both Cari and I share a love for Hugh Hefner’s Girls Next Door… Holly, Kendra, and Bridget.  Check out her blog!!!

17.  Ruby is an awesome Blogger and Graphic Designer.  Her site is about parenting and product review.  Check her out…

Kimmie of The Kitten Lounge

18. Kitten Lounge:  Kimmie, BLOGGER EXTRAORDINAIRE is the owner of Kitten Lounge.  She is an accessories expert  with partnerships and ambassadorships with several major brands.  I respect her alot.  She blogs daily on all things fashion.

19. Reality TV Fashion:  I recently discovered this site earlier this year.  Yakini focuses on Reality TV Fashion…. If they wear it, she’ll name it.  For those of us who watch reality shows for the fashion, her blog is a real treat.

20.  I love, Love, LOVE Stevie!!! #thatisall …. no seriously Stevie is awesome.  He writes about New York, Gay, Bacon Lifestyle lolll.  He has a secret talent for creating awesome videos… ummm PG-13 ones… I think, lolll.







  1. says

    I am honored to be on your top 20 of 2012! I appreciate you mentioning us!!! We luv ya!!!!!

    I will be checking out the others you already know i read cubicle chicks and necolebitchie! im more of a creeper lol

  2. says

    Thank you so much girly!!!! xoxo
    Blogs I love and read daily thru my subs:

    Kitty Bradshaw (of course!)
    Talking With Tami
    Fashion Bomb Daily
    The YBF
    Music Fashionland
    Big Blonde Hair
    Swa-Rai Fashion & Lifestyle

  3. Ashlee says

    I LOVE LOVE LOV LOVE Lover4fashion from YT and NecoleBitchie. We have a long standing relationship with one another. Definitely frequent them that I kind of limit myself to just those, so, thank you for opening my eyes to the others 🙂


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