Kitty’s 10 Purchases of April

As a Social Influencer, I am often sent free merchandise to feature of my site.  Most of the time I turn down/refuse items, and opt to purchase items that are relevant to you the readers and myself.  This post is featuring both the necessities and guilty pleasures that helped me get through last month.  Feel free to tell me what your major purchases were in the last 30 days in the comment section.

1. Plane Ticket- I mean my likes outweigh my dislikes in regards to Delta Airlines.  I don’t like how I have to pay for my luggage; I think your first suitcase should be included in the cost of the ticket.  However, I do like that I can access the internet during my trip.  I know other airlines offer this… but Delta has proved to have the best WiFi connection in the friendly skies.  Someone like me cares deeply about a seamless WiFi connection, lolll.  Dear Delta: You may be a cash whore when it comes to the whole flying experience but the WiFi connection redeems you just a little. –Sincerely, Internet is my Drug!

2. Two Pairs of Shoes from Nordstrom’s Rack- I paid a visit to Nordstrom’s Rack NYC during Easter Weekend.  I walked away with two pairs of pumps that have received rave reviews on the streets of New York!  Every time I wear them I feel like… (“I am a pretty… mama I am a pretty Girl!” –Gypsy, Natalie Wood) YUP, that’s the feeling lolll

3. Decorations from Party City for my California Party- What started our as a Cinco de Mayo party turned into a California Party with Cafe Los Arcos catering the event.  We had a fun time!

4. Claritin-D- *inserts sinus infection and fever here* YIKES!

5. Haagen Dazs- Coffee Flavor… YUM!

6. Dinner at AGED on the Upper West Side with I love Sherry for introducing me to this place!  I had the short ribs and brussel sprouts that were to die for! Note: The food tasted better than it looks in the picture, lolll 🙂

7. Two Dresses from H&M- Yes, don’t judge me.  I am not a fan of overpriced, poorly crafted clothing.  However, I did find 2 camisole dresses for $12 that are perfect for the hot weather.  They have so many colors but I oddly enough I purchased the above colors that they used in the ad.

8. Microdermabrasion treatment I took advantage of Spa week and had my first ever Microdermabrasion treatment.  It was nice; it removed a layer of dead cells, and my face appeared brighter.

9. The Dealist – Roundtrip Luxury Liner Ticket to Atlantic City.  Pretty nifty deal, I purchased 4 at $5 a pop, lolll.  I have 1 year to use them.

10. Membership- In which I later cancelled within the grace period, loll.  It wasn’t for me; I figure my Mr. Right is not online but off saving the world and breaking hearts until he gets around to meeting me.  One thing I didn’t like about the service is they made it seem like they had this large database of singles.  The thing is, anyone can sign up on the site and upload pictures, but unless you pay for the membership, you can’t read email and contact members.  Now, if you are someone who paid for a membership, you have no way of telling if someone is a paid member or just someone who is under a free account.  So the FAIL in this scenario is you waste time contacting members never knowing if they didn’t like you, or never saw your message because they weren’t a paid member.


  1. VivalaBrandi says

    I bought the Cherry Vanilla flavored Haagen dazs like 2 weeks ago & have yet to try it ;/, the California Party was a blast & H&M is the same for me very hit or miss I think I find something I like in there twice a year, lol Urban Outfitters is my favorite go to store. looks like you had some great purchases this month & this post was a great idea

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