Kitty Bradshaw reviews restaurant: Mama Mexico


After my boyfriend and I left Amy Ruth’s, he made the suggestion we eat Mexican food.

We get off the train and are walking down this quiet street with similar buildings…. then all of a sudden from a distance I see this building that is an anomaly of sorts.  All I know is I see this building at the end of a long block was lite up, covered in Christmas lights!  So I asked my BF was that the Mexican restaurant and he asked how did I know?! I told him the Christmas light and Easter decorations gave it away! (note: I am exaggerating w/ the Easter decoration but it was indeed over the top)


SO we get to the restaurant and as soon as we stepped foot in we immediately stepped out of New York City and into a small Spanish town.  New York is so overwhelming it is rare to find a restaurant that makes you feel like you are in another place.  Mama Mexico was packed on Valentines night/ early Sunday morning!  It was lively and festive… it had Mariachis playing live music!  The drinks were ABUNDANT!  Think big like B-B-Ques… and they were colorful and strong!  It was so much going on I couldn’t focus on my BF… I kinda just had to relax, sit back, and observe!

On top  of the Christmas lights they had Valentines decorations… and all the managers/ owners coordinated with the decorations!  They had on suits with red shirts, ties, handkerchief … and they (manager/owners) every so often came up to your table to ask if you were enjoying yourself!  I felt very catered too… I felt like they were having a party in my honor!  My experience at Mama Mexico was magical… I almost feel like it was a mirage, because I didn’t count on that type of experience in NYC at 2 am!

Mama Mexico was directly responsible for providing the backdrop for my perfect valentines night!

Now on to the food; Mama Mexico is slightly pricey… think Times Square prices.  The plates average $25/30 bucks.  However unlike Times Square the food was more then worth it!

I had the Mama Fajitas- Steak, Scallops, Chicken, and grilled peppers w/ tortillas, rice and beans

My baby had Enchiladas Mosqueteras- chicken, shrimp and lobster  enchiladas w/ rice and beans.

I had the banana daiquiri he had the mango margarita.


We also had the table side guacamole…. FANTASTIC!

All together the tab was a little under $100 and that’s including tip!

Overall I give this restaurant and A+ one of the best dinning experiences I have had in New York City.  That includes taste and quality of food, service, cleanliness, and ambiance…

I am definitely going back really soon… but only at night.  *shrugs* I think part of it’s charm is experiencing it at night… I don’t want to see it in the light of day for fear it might lose it’s magic!

This place was so special for me, if I didn’t already love my boyfriend I would of begin to love him that night at Mama Mexico…

Everyone, I can’t stress enough to go visit this restaurant!

2672 Broadway
New York, NY 10025

Uptown Manhattan
Monday-Thursday 12pm-12am
Friday 12pm-2am
Saturday 10am-2am
Sunday 10am-12pm


  1. mrsFAB says

    Aw snap! NurseFAB and I will be in NYC this summer. WE love, love, love Mexican food. This will be on the FABsisters’ to-do list!

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