Kitty Bradshaw: 11 Photos Without Makeup!

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 Kitty Bradshaw: 11 Photos Without Makeup!

I decided to share with you all 11 Photos Without Makeup to keep it all the way real with my House Cats.  I generally don’t like to wear make-up as I am a hipster.  However, when money is involved I will put on my best face for “Drag Kitty” to emerge, loll.  Most of the images are of me first thing in the morning either right before or after my shower.  My general process is facials twice a week which include mask, scrubs, a final hydration mask, and facial cream.  On non-facial days I clean with a foaming cleaners and apply vitamin-E oil everyday on face, neck, and décolletage.


No Makeup Kb 3

Whenever I post selfies, a lot of people seem to think that my skin is flawless and that is simply not true.  I have more than my fair share of blemishes.  I mostly get acne on the sides of my face, and they almost always leave scares.   In general, I bruise pretty easily.  Anytime anything bites me such as a flea or mosquito it leaves a mark.  Another misconception is that I have perfect eyebrows and as you can see above, I don’t! They are thin, and patchy so I have to draw fill them in.


No Makeup Kb

Before applying makeup, again I always begin with a clean face.  Once I apply vitamin-E oil I give it a few moments to absorb.  I have two different make-up looks; the first being light make-up for going to a meeting or farmers market.  The second being full on Drag Kitty for hosting gigs and conferences.  My favorite concealer on earth is LA Girl.  It temporarily forgives all sins and gives me the appearance of flawless skin.  This is why you will see me say, “Don’t praise me, thank LA Girl” loll.



I hate caked on looking makeup and aim for 60s & 70s style makeup.  I think Drag Kitty deeps into the 80s from time-to-time as you can see above.  I only wear three shades of lipstick: nude, hot pink, or coral.  My makeup bag is mostly dedicated to Dolce & Gabbana, and Christian Dior as I like the quality of the makeup.  When it comes to lipstick, NARS is the best but I try anything once…. hmmm loll.



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  1. You are gorgeous with or without makeup! Drag Kitty haha. I hardly ever wear make up and I should probably do facials more than once a year… but it is fun to play with makeup and have an awesome look. I should really go watch some YouTube videos on how to apply makeup because I have no flipping clue.

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