Kitty Bradshaw Blogiversary Event Team

This post is for the wonderful team who helped me put this event together.  The previous post was to disclose all the sponsors who donated physical items to the event.  I just want to say I could not have done this event with out the following people working behind the scenes.

John was the first person to come on board with this event.  He didn’t once think I was crazy when I told him about the vision in my head to have my event in a showroom.  He has been a strong supporter from day one and I love him to death for it.  He has led the way for negotiations, while I just sat there and looked cute, lolll.  As talented as he is as a writer, he is just as great as a PR profssional.

Santrise is an excellent technical writer.  She’s also an excellent negotiator…. so much so she can do it from her comfy penthouse in Chicago.  When you know your worth… go to Santrise.  When you want your event to be at a certain level on down to the contact last detail, you cantact Santrise. This is the 2nd year in a row Santrise has went above and beyond to assist me with my event.  I couldn’t imagine planning an event without her.

Irene assist me not only with my events, but making sure I make appearances at the other people’s events.  Her advice is priceless.

Shani say’s, “What can I do to help?”  Her proactive spirit reminds me of an well oiled machine.  She is very efficient in what she does.  She is very official when it comes to events in New York City.   There are so many people claiming to be in PR in the city, but can’t produce… Shani is about results.  When you are looking for PR in the city, Shani is one of the few with a proven track record.

Lonnie created the greatest invitation the world has ever seen.  Click on the invite for his website.  I am truly appreciative for the work he has done.

I have to thank the ladies at APART one more time.  They went above and beyond to ensure this event went off right.  I can not thank them enough.

Below are thepeople who supported me throught his event.  I love them to death!

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