Kitty Bradshaw Branding, Business Model, & Business Card


I pay attention to every aspect of my business, from the emails that are sent out on up to layouts and imagery.  Every detail pertaining to me gets weighed heavily, especially the ones on the backend. I travel, do graphic design, write, do sales, create campaigns, market and so on and so with this site.  With 7 out of 10 people being bloggers, I constantly have to think of way to step up and stand out.  That involves daily reading on current social media trends, and networking.  So with that being said, although I am just a mere blogger, my goal is to take my small piece and make it extroidinary.


Kitty Bradshaw Branding

I don’t lead a lifestyle, I live it.  To imply that I lead it means that I invented it without inspiration.  My life is the one I took ownership of  with ques from people such as Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Blake Lively, Grace Jones, Prince, Janet Jackson, Queen Latifah, and Jessica Simpson.  All of the previous mentioned have a brand that represents being flawed (depending on who you ask), being true to self, taking ownership, and capitalizing.  Those are the things that Kitty Bradshaw represents.  I write about rough starts, making mistakes, get it right, coming to terms with this life, and finding my normal while helping others.  Through all of those things, I have this unique perspective that influences my travel, shopping, and people choices.  While there are many lifestyle writers, there is only one Kitty Bradshaw.  I am fearless even when I am scared.  I move to the music in my head, and my House Cats get me.


KB Cookies

Kitty Bradshaw Business Model

The Kitty Bradshaw brand is about growing organically.  I am in no hurry to have a million followers or a million impressions per day.  When other brands work with me, they get genuine interactions because I don’t make promises above my means.  Every goal has steps to get to it, and I take my time making sure everything is done right.  With that being said, I don’t aim for things that don’t make sense and/or benefit the overall site. covers travel, technology, fashion, beauty, and small businesses in Los Angeles and New York.  This is not a celebrity site, nor do we promote music artist.  Although this is a for profit site, we post on evryday brand and services that we use and at our leisure and package that up to pitch to larger brands for ambassadorships, partnerships, and hosting opportunities.  I am here to build lasting relationships, not temporary situations.  Sometimes that means passing up on a lot of smaller things to get to the larger goal.


Kitty Bradshaw branding

Kitty Bradshaw Business Card


So talking about the business card has no place in this post, but it was the perfect segue into going over a few changes.  Currently, I am trying to decide between two slogans, the first being, “LA by Day, New York by Night, My Bi-Coastal Life.”  The other option is the one that you see on the site today: “Did you hear about the rose that grew from concrete?”  I am not sure which one I will choose, or if I will keep both, or just figure out a new direction.  Either way as it stands now I have two slogans, loll.

Location:   LA – NYC – HI

Yes, I am bi-coastal and then some.  My spirit is currently in 3 places, while traveling around to new places.  Currently, nothing feels like a fit, but I will know when it is right.

The #FlatLay

Currently this particular picture is my most popular Instagram photo.  I want to keep it about my community, and involve my House Cats in on as many aspects of my brand as possible.  After all, I am here because of them, for them.


Welp that is all for my updates; my brand is an ever shifting piece.  While my integrity, and commitment remains the same, as both my audience and I grow, the business grows along with me.





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