Kitty Bradshaw’s FAVORITE #BlogHer12 Brands

Sooooo my #BlogHer12 experience was heavy with my already existing sponsors… I didn’t have a lot of time to meet new ones.  Saturday was my only day were I could go to the #BlogHer12 Expo Floor….



So going back to Thursday night…. I had to leave the #CaliDreams party to go meet with my new @BestBuy / @BestBuyWOLF Family.  @BestBuy / @BestBuyWOLF selected 10 Awesome Bloggers to become Board Members / Brand Ambassadors.  I communed with some amazing women during that night… I wish we all could have spent more time together @BestBuy / @BestBuyWOLF





So I Live Tweeted heavily about the @AvonPRGals evemt, but I will mention the things that I missed (aside from the models loll).  So I got to meet one of the most popular Bloggers in Los Angeles, @romyraves …. she is huge deal and super friendly and looks like a model. Please check out her site here:   Of course, my Blog Mommy, Kimmie Smith, Brand Ambassador for Avon, who was on hand suggesting products.  I also got to meet beauty expert,  Liane Farbes.  A special shout out to Team Avon, they are always so friendly.  Below are a few photos I managed to snap….




I talked extensively with @JambaJuice , I am a big supporter of the brand.  Jamba Juice is a California brand, and I have been a loyal customer for years.  Now that I live in New York, I frequent the Columbus Circle, Port Authority, and Union Square locations.  My favorite item to order is the fresh squeezed Orange Juice.  One thing that I love is how the Jamba Juice rep was familiar with almost every location in the country.  She was pretty amazing!  I love when my favorite brands send reps who truly know their own brands.  I talked about in the past how at Blogging Conferences a lot of the times the companies send hired help who are unprepared to handle our questions.  I wish I could remember the Jamba Juice rep’s name… she was intelligent about the brand, and quick on her feet.  I hope that I am able to work with this brand in the future.



The ladies at the #BlogHer12 @WellsFargo Booth looked like they worked at Vogue as oppose to a financial institution.  I would like to sit in on one of their meetings, loll.  I had one embarrassing moment where I slipped and called them Washington Mutual *le sighs* It was a long weekend, loll.



Imagine me, EXHAUSTED on a Saturday morning, in need of coffee.  Between the Coffee Mate Booth and the Jimmy Dean Sausage Booth… they gave me life!!!  Coffee Mate has this creamer called “Sweet Cream”…. Can I say it was AMAZING!!!!!  Like, I am in love with it.  I don’t make my own coffee at home, but I am going to buy this, and carry it around with me… well bring the coffee back home… the creamer needs to stay refrigerated, loll.  Coffee Mate gained a new customer in me during BlogHer12.



I have worked with Johnson & Johnson in the past for their Girl Talk Cause campaign.  I got a chance to talk with their reps and explain how through that campaign, it prompted me to always include some sort of cause, outreach, or fundraiser in all of my events.  Johnson & Johnson’s booth was interesting… they had a good message that they were trying to get out there. Moving forward, I don’t think that they should be cut off from the rest of the expo.  It was sort of dark and borderline depressing inside of their suite.  I loved having the opportunity to speak with Team Johnson & Johnson, but they have such a wonderful message that needs to be presented in a different way in future conferences.  We know that they can afford their own suite, but they in turn cut themselves off from the rest of the world.



I bumped into Danyelle from at the Michael Angelo booth and they treated us to a tasting.  During the tasting they gave us a chance to give feedback on their packaging, while we sampled their best selling items.  I must say that I am familiar with the Michael Angel brand, but I have never tried any of their products.  To be completely honest, I loved everything that they presented.  Just like Coffee Mate, Michael Angelo gained a new customer.




UMMM the @TrojanConnects Booth at #BlogHer12 saw more traffic than the German Autobahns …. I almost got knocked down loll.  Edelman reached out to me a few days prior to BlogHer12 informing me that their client Trojan Vibrations would be one of the sponsors at BlogHer.  I thought it was highly interesting since in my opinion BlogHer is an extremely conservative conference.  Of course they have another adult toy brand that has been a part of the conference for the last couple of years… but that brand is much more discreet.  I think once it was deemed “cool” to go up and receive a vibrator, that’s when the frenzy began.  Trojan sent over 20 vibrators in advance pass out to my close circle of Blogger friends, as well as allowed me to host 2 Twitter Giveaways, .

In full disclosure, I asked for 20 Vibrators.  Trojan nor Edelman asked for promotion in return.  My opinions are my own, and not influenced by neither company. I was a fan of the Trojan brand prior to the conference, and I think it is so cool that they decided to extend their social media reach by interacting with Bloggers, and sponsoring BlogHer12.  I hope to see them at future conference.




Jimmy Dean is the sponsor that has perfect timing during BlogHer, loll.  At one point I had been walking around for about an hour chatting with the various sponsors, and I was hungry and considering leaving the expo floor to go grab a bite.  Jimmy Dean appeared like a mirage in the dessert offering hydration, loll.  They provided me with everything I needed to continue on.  Jimmy branded, and proved that they are the go-to brand for all of our breakfast needs.  On top of all of that, I find it funny that the Jimmy Dean team remembered me from last year, loll.  *thinkin* Did I stop over one too many times?!  Last year they had the griddle sticks… which were AMAZE-balls.  I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t have them this year.



I will end my post with @McDonalds …. I love, love, love to work with this brand. They are supportive of me as a Blogger.  So @McDonalds has this new program called 40 under 400 (calories), and they had a private breakfast during BlogHer12, in which McDonald’s president, Jan Fields spoke about McDonald’s healthy eating initiatives, the Golden Arches Community, and their Ronald McDonald House Charity.

@McDonalds took the hands on approach and invited a select group of Bloggers to come out and speak freely about their brand.  I think the general consensus amongst the Bloggers was that @McDonalds is making major leaps to improve their menus. The Bloggers offered great minor suggestions during the @McDonalds breakfast.  We heard personal stories from some of the Bloggers on how Ronald McDonald House has helped them.  Based on those stories I am very interested in learning about volunteering at one of the Ronald McDonald Houses.  McDonald’s has a lot of activities that incorporates Bloggers.  I would like to see McDonald’s host a community service event and invite Bloggers to participate.


Before I go: @BlogHer is going to be in Chicago next year!!!! That is HUGE!!!!

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