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Kitty Bradshaw 2 Year Blogiversary Recap

Hello Everyone,

I would like to take this time to show my appreciation to each of you for supporting my 2 Year Blogiversary. Regardless if you physically attended, or sent a kind word…. Thank you for your support.  Judging by your Tweets, Video Footage, and Blog Posts; last Tuesday’s event was an overall success.


For those of you that missed the event last Tuesday, 200 Bloggers spanning from California, CT, DC, NJ, and NY came together under the APART Fashion Showroom to network.  Guests where treated to manicures sponsored by Priti Nails, cheese platters sponsored by Cabot Creamery (thank you to Blogger, Chef Yoli for working with Cabot to create the cheddar platters), cocktails sponsored by Smirnoff Vodka (thank you to bartenders Mark and Karrie), cupcakes by Tonnies Minnies, skin care analysis by, and beverages by Skinny Water.   In addition, Bloggers got a chance to talk with Matthew from Nina Shoes as he previewed for the first time ever, their FALL 2010 line.  Lastly, Michelle from SmartBox was on hand to talk about “Gift Experiences in a Box”.


Ester from introduced bloggers to her company. helps bloggers bring traffic to their sites.  Neil and Oliver from introduced their company, which helps Bloggers with monetizing.



Upon exiting, guests received gift bags filled with items from APART, skin care products from Johnson & Johnson, a Time Out New York magazine, and bracelets from the GAP.



During the event guests took part in a charity raffle to raise awareness and money for the Lower Eastside Service Center/Angel Thrift Shop.   The LESC uses the money to fund programs benefiting individuals and families affected by Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS and Mental Illness.


The following companies donated the listed items to be raffled off:  Time Out New York donated three magazine subscriptions, Gwen Beloti donated a clutch bag, Nina Shoes donated 3 custom pair of shoes, FSL Cosmetics donated cosmetic bags filled with lip gloss and lipsticks, GAP donated a jean gift card, APART donated 5 clothing looks modeled by the mannequins during the event, Cabot Creamery donated a gift basket filled with an assortment of their fine Vermont cheddars, and SmartBox donated a Spa Experience.


Guest paid $5 to submit their business cards into the raffle bag.  In conjunction with JOHNSON’S®  Girl Talk Cause Campaign, we were able to raise a total of $320 for LESC.



Thank you to Jeff from TECHIENYC and Anthony from Anthony for taking the event pictures.  Naheem Escort and Meagan Williams’s video interviewed a few of the bloggers in attendance.



I couldn’t have pulled this event together without the assistance of my PR team: Mike StreetJohn Simon DailySantrise NicoleInkredible DesignIrene MyersAlthema GoodsonRaShawn Davis, Justine from Brand About Town, and Shani Faure. Also, thank you to Kaylyn for doing my make-up!


In conclusion, I look forward to tweeting, networking, and blogging with each of you in the upcoming year.

Warmest Regards,

Kitty Bradshaw

Blog Kitty Bradshaw 2 Year Blogiversary Recap

Kitty Bradshaw 2 Year Blogiversary Recap

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