Kitty’s #BlogHer11 Recap: Day 2

Day 2 was the official start of the conference.  BusyBeeBlogger and myself started out our day running (walking fast….ok maybe not so fast lolll) the “Together Counts’ BlogHer ’11 5K” co-produced by BlogHer and The Discipline Project.  This was a great opportunity to meet with all of the health and fitness Bloggers, as well as the mommies with toddlers… all of which were in very good shape.  Then there was BusyBeeBlogger and myself… hung over from the night before, taking advantage of the fresh air to sober up, lolll.

After the 5k, I returned to my room to shower and dress for the “Mimosas & Makeovers” event.  The wonderful people over at hosted a delicious breakfast and, as Kimora would say, “FABULOUSITY TIME” with our own personal makeup artists. Each Blogger received a mini-makeover that left us feeling beautiful all day long. Additionally, we got to meet with a few representatives from various companies which included and MIKASA…. one of my favorite brands!!!! I’ve been a fan of their dinning ware, flatware, and crystal for as long as I can remember.  MIKASA has always been a staple in my home and I was so excited to meet with MIKASA at the Suite.  Please note:  I am not just raving about this event because we received product and services… I genuinely think that this was one of the better executed events at BlogHer ’11.

After leaving the Suite, it was time to take BlogHer ’11 by storm.  My schedule was jammed packed with classes and parties I wanted to attend and Bloggers I wanted to meet.  As a newbie, I even printed out my itinerary. In reality, I entered the conference, attended one class, and spent the rest of the time networking with Brands and Bloggers, lolll.  I think I was so overwhelmed with the rigorous schedule that it caused me to rebel.  Now rebelling didn’t hurt anyone…  I could have saved money by just purchasing a pass for the expo hall and parties…. but *shrugs* if I had it to do all over again there would be no change on my part.  I had the freedom to come and go as I please.  Hmmmm, now that I think about it…. Next year I will plan ahead and buy the early bird pass.

Let me just say this: The Expo Hall was AMAZING!!!!!!  I made extremely valuable connections with several of the BlogHer ’11 sponsors which included:

BestBuy, King’s Hawaiian, UNILEVER/KNORR, snapfish by hp, McDonalds, Eden’s Fantasies, CVS/pharmacy, Hillshire Farm, Jimmy Dean, P&G, Hershey’s/s’mores, 3M, Lowe’s Creative Ideas, PLAYSKOOL, GLAD, California Raisins, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Brawny, Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt, DrScholl’s, Egg Land’s Best, Pine-Sol, Sam’s Club, SkinnyCow, YAHOO!, Arm & Hammer Fluoride Anti-Cavity Toothpaste, and Coffee-mate.

NOTE: Please see my next post for the BLOGHER ’11 Sponsor Report Card.

After walking the conference floor, I found myself incredibly hungry so at the suggestion of one of the Hershey’s reps, I snuck off to San Diego’s oldest seafood restaurant, Top of the Market.  I dined on Oyster’s Rockefeller and Monk Fish.  The fish was very fresh… something I lack here in New York.  I enjoyed this restaurant very much!

After eating, I popped in to the BlogHer SparkleCorn event.  There was a lot going on to say the least. But I was so jet lagged and really wasn’t in the mood for loud music and dancing so I only stayed briefly. I left with Lisa from BridalEase, and a few friends she met during the conference.  We went over to the Marriot Lounge, and chewed the fat.  Afterwards, I went back to my hotel to cure my jet lag.




The next morning, I read on the #BlogHer11 HashFeed, some of the ladies had a little too much fun, lolll.


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