J&R MusicFest 2012 – Day1: Talib Kweli & DMX (@JandR)


Last week, J&R Electronics hosted their 17th Annual August MusicFest which boast some of the industries best.  The first day included Talib Kweli and DMX performing the hits that made them famous.  Both veterans impressed me with their energy and stage presence.  Let’s be real not all artist can maintain their artistry over a period of time….  and in this day and age some never had it to begin with.

Talib Kewli and DMX are the gold standard (with the exception of DMX showing up an hour late). Although, I have seen DMX perform several times throughout his career, this was my first time seeing Kweli perform.  I briefly had a chance to speak with him, and I found him to be extremely nice and accommodated this little Blogger’s request for pictures.  After his performance, he attempted to wait for Mr. DMX to arrive, but the wait became too much and he left.

Other highlights include me getting to take home DMX’s sweaty towel, lolll.  DMX took a few minutes to comment on how his towel was dingy.  He questioned where the towel had been prior to him using it.  I got this whole exchange on video, and I was also excited to take the towel home 🙂

Blow are pictures and video from Day 1 of the J&R MusicFest held here in New York City.










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