The Joys of Food Poisoning by Kitty Bradshaw


I was once told that Black People don’t get sun burn… I got it.I was told that Black People don’t get Food Poisoning… I got it.

…I am starting to suspect I am not Black, loll.


This weekend, while fraternizing with my courtly friends, we took part in what we affectionately call, “Drunk Brunch”.   We had so much fun during Drunk Brunch, we decided to go to the bar next door and continue to drink.  During which time, we tried the raw oysters.  Our skin glistened, and our grins widened as we partook in the libations and tasty sea creatures on the half shell… *sighs* life was all so simple back then… last Saturday night. 

Sunday went by… I was good.

Monday came through, no different from any other Monday.  I got up to….

*inserts vomiting profusely here*

 Saturday night returned with vengeance!!!!!


I, The Kitty Bradshaw, didn’t see that one coming.  I ran to the bathroom and *sighs* let’s just say every which way it could come out… it did. *holds head down and blushes*

I took a shower, called out from work, then returned to my bed as the fever kicked in full swing.  I was so hot (during the middle of winter mind you), beads of sweat fell from my hair.  I was so weak from the fever, and running back and forth to the litter box… I just couldn’t think straight.  I knew I was severely dehydrated, exhausted, and sea-sick all at the same time.  The TV played in the background and I remember a Rachel Ray commercial came on previewing a dish that she would be making on the upcoming show… next thing I know I was running to the bathroom to throw up the water I had just consumed.  From that point on I turned off the TV, because the mere mention of food made me nauseous.


Finally I was so hot from the fever, it finally dawned on me to take two fever reducing Tylenol. The fever finally broke and I called my aunt to get her opinion.  She told me I had the “Stomach Flu”, and to ride it out.  I had believed I had the stomach flu up until later the next day.

Tuesday was more of the same with the exception of the fever… couldn’t hold down anything (and frankly didn’t want to).  I was extremely dehydrated, so I kept drinking water even though I couldn’t hold it down.  I ordered rice from the local Chinese Food Restaurant and sprite to try to try to bring peace to the purgatory which was my stomach.  The fever didn’t return, but the vomiting persisted.

Later Tuesday night, by chance one of my friends who participated during Saturday night’s festivities sent me a text asking if I was watching Glee.  I responded back stating I was so sick, and scared to see food on the TV.  He then informed me that everyone else was sick with the same symptoms’.  I guess I didn’t think about the oysters being a factor because a full day had passed before I became sick.  I, now know through research that the symptoms related to Food Poisoning can occur up to 48 hours after consumption.  Additionally, Food Poisoning last 4-5 days.  Soooo I am currently on day 4.  The vomiting stopped on Day 2, and I returned back to work on Day 3.  Currently, I am still feeling dizzy/ light-headed… I am guessing it is mostly from me not eating.  The Gatorade seems to be helping.  According to the Food Poisoning website, I need to drink lemon and warm water to get rid of the toxins in my system.  I am still very sensitive to food… but again I am no longer running to the bathroom, loll smh.

In the meantime, Tre of The New Jersey, has called the restaurant on our group’s behalf (while battling his own bout with Food Poisoning) to inform them of this major opprobrium.  The only thing I know for sure is that I will never patronize that restaurant again.  Outside of that, I am not sure what the final outcome will be. 

The End!

Have any of you ever gotten sick after dinning at a restaurant?

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