In Memory of Robert Compitello…


In Memory of Robert Compitello… my heart is so broken right now- I am separated from my FRIEND.

Maybe I can bury my head in the sand and pretend like this day didn’t happen- let’s go back to last week, FRIEND.

Maybe I can hold on to you a little longer-  please don’t go FRIEND.

Something that started out as a business relationship… your infectious personality quickly transitioned to something bigger- FRIENDSHIP.

This post isn’t about sadness, although I silently weep while writing this- you are heavy on my heart, FRIEND.

It is important for me to acknowledge your life in the only way that I know how.  You are apart of me, my memories, this journey…. now it is time to reflect.  Our paths crossed, and you left an imprint on me.  You are someone who God put on my path, and I am so glad to have known you… I will never forget you. FRIEND!

It is selfish to try to keep you, when you were meant for bigger and greater things.  You touched many, you exemplified a life well lived, you are a light that made your mark… you are so very special. Your family, your friends… we lost you.

We will all see you soon, FRIEND.



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