House of Art Presentation NU Hotel…

After receiving a quick impromptu invite from the boss, our dear Kitty Bradshaw who is currently California coasting, I quickly rushed to the press preview of the House of Art presentation this past Tuesday at the intricately designed NU Hotel. The event highlighted the thriving art scene of Brooklyn and its current position on the pedestal of appreciation, as the preview honored the collaboration between the NU Hotel and the House of Art Gallery. The partnership was synced between House of Art Gallery double threat owner/curator Richard Beavers and the hotel’s General manager Javier Egipciaco, both who saw the hotel as the proper platform to present the work of twenty plus artists, of the House of Art collective.


The omniscient presence of the work definitely enhanced my experience, as I became more comfortable in the crowd, with the idea of being surrounded by art, a prized dream of mine. Inspired to meet the artists of the project, I was sadly given a response of absence, as the street artist Justin Bua was scheduled to fly in this past Saturday. The other artists assisting Bua in the project were Anton, Dan Ericson and Frank Morrison whose works are shown throughout the NU Hotel’s multiple floors and most sociable areas including the bar, a place I knew all too well Tuesday night.  The presentation was equipped with contemporary jazz and a slew of blogging impresarios. As I made my way through the lounge area, where a small portion of the work was shown, I ran into my dear friend, Chris Law, creator of gentleman blog: “Fresher Than Chris” who appeared more than happy to see me as he congratulated my hustle: “I am beginning to see you everywhere, you are learning very well”, my smile could not have been any bigger.

The environment was full of style, smiles and great taste. As I engaged with the familiar faces, I also managed to take in the art, which I interpreted as a salute to “hip-hop excellence” appreciation, which enhanced the contextual formula of the work. The art collection included images of legendary African American musicians such as James Brown, Michael Jackson and Run DMC to name a few. One of my favorite pieces by Bua consisted of the pictorial depiction of a dance battle, infused with a flowing effect, which made the battle the main focus of the canvas.  The color composition and composition of the figures were coordinated to create a sense of movement, a concept I saw as an consistent factor in Bua’s work. As an artist, I really appreciated the level of construction within the development of the paintings, as most of the works consisted of bold colors, cubic composition and solid black edge panels. The pieces were strategically placed throughout the first floor, slightly above eye level immediately provoking a conversation between the work and audience. As the dandies and ladies mixed the event ended on a beautiful note, reflecting the same natural air of the works previewed Tuesday night. Every event is not complete without photos, so below are a few. Be sure to visit the NU Hotel located in the heart of Cobble Hill, 85 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201.



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