Imagine yourself being in a larger than life bathtub with ships and a rubber duck floating around you. You’re left paralyzed as your inner child comes out and a huge smile appears on your face as a flood.  Joy and excitement comes from a place long buried under adult responsibilities complete with a real job and kids of your own.  It takes a rubber duck the height of a small office building to float into town and awaken your inner child.   You now experience and careless sense of wonder and giddiness as the impossible happens and in the moment you know for a fact that you are never too big to be a kid.   That was me Wednesday on the LA Waterfront at the Port of Los Angeles. The world’s most amazing (and biggest) rubber duck hit the west coast for the first time ever to spread joy and relieve stress. San Francisco attempted to sway the rubber duck into visiting their city first, but the bread in Los Angeles taste better. There were approximately 250,000 residents came out to greet her.  She is a sight to see and you better get there before the opportunity passes.

I was interviewed by NBC 4- they spelled my name wrong 🙁


This would be my second time coming in contact with the rubber duck; my first time was back in May during my trip to Norfolk, VA. Every time I come in contact with the golden girl, I can’t help but to smile from ear to ear like the landlord waived my rent for the month. Regardless if you’re a kid or an adult, this duck is a sure show stopper. There is nothing you can do to prepare yourself… you hear, “Big Duck” … then you meet her in person and say, WHOA!!!!!



Basic Info

DOB: 2007
Place of Birth: Amsterdam
Father: Florentijn Hofman
Mother: Unknown
Measurements: 26×20×32 meters (85×66×105 ft)
Weight: over 600 kg (1,300 lb)


During my visit to LA Harbor, the parade of Tall Ships took place. Since I don’t swim and am not a sailor, I wasn’t really interested in coming to see this event… HOWEVER! I couldn’t have been more wrong. With the parade that included tall ships from all over the world in combination with a huge floating duck brings us back to the start of this article- it was like being in a bath tub where the toys come to life.  The parade kicked off a festival that is currently taking place on through to Sunday.  To find out more about the event and see the duck in person, check out the link below and check out my pictures.  Lastly, be sure you take kids as every kid that comes in contact with the rubber duck becomes excited beyond belief; you will be a rock star in their eyes!

If you are in the area, please take the opportunity to go see the duck before it leaves on Sunday or I will kick your butt!!! loll ===> Come visit the World’s Largest Rubber Duck at Tall Ships LA August 20-24.



Blog Florentijn Hofman’s 54-foot Rubber Duck Invades LA Harbor

Florentijn Hofman’s 54-foot Rubber Duck Invades LA Harbor

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