As the design industry begins to turn towards heights of technological entrepreneurship, there is a desire, for both the luxury fashion houses and consumer community to converge, on the Internet in order to successfully satisfy both sides of the market. With multiple sites, designating their “niche” as the medium producing a network constructed on designer to consumer compatibility, it is a difficult task to discover a site, which represents both sides of the consumer spectrum. I know a lot of formal dialogue, but three weeks ago, the floor plan for a website interested in creating a community, and bridging connections between membership and quality luxury goods, was revealed.

Hello La Moda is a new site haven, focusing on the beauty found in luxury resale, done intricately and professionally. Noted as the “premier market place” the site will serve as the concierge of the luxury world, to those of high fashion taste. The preview of the site exemplified Hello La Mode’s resale checklist, which includes each and every item on the site carefully inspected, in order to ensure claimed physical condition as well as meeting designer’s standards. The real beauty of the website lies in the site’s effort to ease skepticism, found when purchasing a resold item. As a shopper, I believe the most effective web shop enlists all aspects of the consumer’s purchase process, in order to maintain a clear, positive transition from the marketplace to the hands of the consumer. Hello La Mode wishes to remove the brick wall, associated with online buying and plans to implement a successful method to bring certified luxury goods, for affordable prices to the fashionista and fashionisto’s of today.

Although the site follows a strict membership system, the perks are grand, as you get to shop through the collection of other members, strengthening both the design and consumer community of the site. Hello La Mode launches in July, and will definitely wet the palettes, of all high fashion enthusiasts looking for one of a kind luxury pieces. I will certainly be glued to my computer during the launch, to witness a change in the resale market presence online.

Anthony Thomas (TheBedStuyDandy) is the Chief Director of Mamie.1950, an art imperative menswear line  aimed towards progressing the “greater good of dress” for the male community of the African American diaspora. Through intricate design, Mamie.1950 plans to push philanthropy and awareness through the medium of high fashion and art.


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