Bay Area Road Trip: Healdsburg California

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Bay Area Road Trip: Healdsburg California


The second leg of my Bay Area road trip led me through wine country to Healdsburg California.  Let me make it clear that I had never heard of this place prior to my arrival.  There were so many unknowns associated with this trip, I don’t even know where to begin.  My mission was to connect with my favorite wine maker, Jen Wall, of Barefoot Wine.  She invited me to brunch with her at Barn Diva while giving me advanced preview of the new peach bubbly before it’s launch.

Barefoot Wine New Releases 3

When Jen first mentioned Barn Diva, the first thought that popped into my head was that this would be my first time ever setting foot inside of a barn.  Thanks to The Walking Dead series, I now associate all barns with zombies.  On this sunny day, I wasn’t going to allow the pending zombie apocalypse to stop me from experiencing barn life.

Healdsburg California

Once I stepped inside of Barn Diva, my intrigue turned to amusement- it was everything but a barn.  The owners gutted it out and turned it into something swanky.  I had visions of hay, farmland decorations, and a cow that needed to be milked.  What I got was an ultra posh, modernized barn that serves up a damn good gourmet meal.  What did I learn on this day?  Jen Wall owes me a real barn experience hahahaha.

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The day we arrived, Barn Diva staff was setting up for a wedding.  It seemed to be a great day to be outside, but the wedding prevented us from experiencing outdoor dining.  The interior of the restaurant could rival any 5th Avenue eatery in New York and was quite the opposite of what I imagined a barn to be.

Barefoot Wine New Releases

Side Note:  If you are a bride to be that is considering Barn Diva, these pictures are no way indicative of your potential layout.  As mentioned, they were in the process of setting up and I think the couple of the day were aiming for a simple, low country, backyard bar-b-que themed wedding without all the extra fuss.

Bay Area 5

I relished in all of accents and photo opps found around the property.  The underlying theme is farm house with hints of Andy Warhol and modern day pop culture.  If all barns where like this in some capacity, the farming industry would not exist.  Yes, I know that Barn Diva is a restaurant- but what if you didn’t have to get your hands dirty while farming?  *shrugs* No one would have fresh produce, but would look good pretending to work hard, lollll.

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Anyways… I am getting off topic here.  Of course while at Barn Diva your purpose is to eat!  The restaurant utilizes locally grown items, which caused my taste buds to gasp.  The single thing that keeps me awake at nights is the Fried Goat Cheese Balls with Lavender Honey Drizzle.  Had I of known that those balls were that good, I never would have eaten them.  Torture is when you’ve eaten something so extraordinary- that is also not easily accessible.  I suggested to Jen that she overnight me a plate, but she laughed it off.  Uhhhhh Mrs. Wall, I was serious!!!!!!

Bay Area 12

??*singing*  I wish that I never met herrrrrrr even though,

I love her sooooo and shes’ the one for me. ??

Dear Mrs. Wall, why did you introduce me to those balls???!!!  I thought you liked me??? lolll

Bay Area 19

Welp *kicks rocks*, everything else on the menu was exceptional as well.

Bay Area 26

Bay Area 25


Bay Area 24

Bay Area 23

Dark Chocolate Bavarois
caramelized banana soldiers, crème fraîche ice cream

Bay Area 18

Let’s pause for one second to help look for Thistle.  Missing kitties are never a good thing; I hope the owners find him.  I came across this posting immediately after leaving Barn Diva.  If you find him, please give the owners a call.

Bay Area 21

I came across Jack at Copperfield’s Bookstore and asked him had he seen Thistle.  He told me that he was not available for comment and to come back later after his afternoon nap, loll.

Bay Area 8

I visited several boutiques in the town of Healdsburd after leaving Barn Diva.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get all of their names, but took pictures of cool items such as this cool tea set.

Bay Area 15

Gellatto from the Healdsburg General Store.  Honey Lavender Ice Cream and Cherries Jubilee.

Bay Area

Owl purse.  I wish my picture would have come out better.  It was full of charm…. wish I would have purchased it.

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I had a wonderful experience and wish I had more time to hang out.  I am coming back in the fall, and will give better details.  Thank You again, Jen !!!!  🙂

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