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The Kitty Bradshaw would like to thank HBloom.com for sending a beautiful arrangement of lavender roses last week Wednesday.   First off,  I was little nervous about the arrangement prior to it arriving.  I assumed the HBloom.com flowers being sent over would be a Christmas arrangement… and I don’t celebrate Christmas.   To my surprise the HBloom.com flowers were non-Christmas…. the color scheme was purple, white, and green.  The HBloom.com flowers sat on my desk at work for a few days, and then I took them home over the weekend.  So now the arrangement is currently sitting on my floor model adding sunshine to my room.

Below are a few pictures that I took of the flowers to give you all a better idea of what HBloom.com sends out to its customers.  I would like to add that the HBloom.com delivery service was super efficient, they provided prompt service.  Upon their arrival, I received a courtesy call informing me that the flowers were waiting for me.  I was impressed by the fact the arrangement was extremely fresh.  I have had bad experiences in the past with other well-known flower delivery services that delivered dead flowers.  It was such a nightmare, that I haven’t ordered flowers in quite some time.  For those of you who love fresh flowers, HBloom.com provides an affordable weekly service starting at $29. *shrugs* No need to wait for someone to send you flowers… HBloom eliminates the middle man and delivers sunshine in vase directly to your hands.   We all love to treat ourselves to life’s little indulgences. You work hard and you deserve it. Flowers are an amazing way to treat you and instantly add beauty to any room. But, neon deli flowers aren’t chic, boyfriends are not reliable and florists are too expensive. H.Bloom provides luxurious flower by subscription, making it easy to get gorgeous, affordable flowers delivered to you (or someone you love) every week, every other week or each month. You get a complimentary vase with your first order1 and delivery is always free. There is no membership fee, no minimum commitment and you can cancel any time. Get your first bouquet free* when you subscribe to H.Bloom, no code necessary.  (1Excludes the Arrange Your Own collection.) (*See www.hbloom.com for restrictions)


1. You choose which collection you want: Arrange Your Own, Classic, Tall, Contemporary, Exotic or Orchid

2.  Tell us who it’s for, you or someone else

3. Choose your delivery frequency—weekly, every other week or monthly—and tell us when you want your flowers delivered

4.  Enjoy your luxurious flowers!


Please be sure to check out HBloom on twitter at @_hbloom, on their website at http://HBloom.com, or “LIKE” them on The FaceBook.    Thank you to HBloom for delivering beautiful flowers, in a timely and professional manner.



  1. rgd says

    a sponsored review? Hardley worth reading! One of the most unreliable companies I have ever tried to work with. Deliveries were never on time, ever. Then after much go between Ms Tiffany Peón, Customer Service Specialist, and I, this week they never even delivered them! They sent me a free delivery the first week to try to make up for the problems and those roses only lasted 4 days!!! Yes 4 days. I can get better roses from my bodega for half the price. They were not overly apologetic. If I were u, I would go to a local florist and set up a delivery from someone who cares about what u are getting. Sorry, a good idea that can not deliver.

  2. says

    I genuinely enjoyed my flowers. I have no complaints what-so-ever about the quality or the delivery. However, there is not one company around who gets it right 100% of the time. Maybe you should give them a call to discuss your concerns directly. I am sure they will work to try and resolve. In the meantime I subscribed to their service seperately from the blog and I am still in like with their service :)

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