3 Lessons Learned in Hawaii, Mexico, Norfolk

Loreto Mexico


At the mid-end of last year I encountered 3 psychics. All of them stated that 2014 would be an amazing year for me. I really took it with a grain of salt since every year since 2010 has sucked… I went through a lot of trials. Trials are a good thing once you stop crying and realize it didn’t kill you (and/or you didn’t need it or them anyway, loll).

I always have to give credit to God for dragging me forward. I am no way no how a perfect Christian. I drink, I curse, I drink some more, and I cope *shrugs* lolll. I am stubborn, and I am always right. I march to my own beat… I live by my own rules. Along the way I lost faith in church. I believe with all of my being in God, but the church is corrupt. With that being said I have no clue why God has not given up on me.

Anyways back to 2014… my life changed dramatically on March 2nd. It went full speed ahead with me riding in the backseat. I have no clue where I am going, but I am thankful and blessed for all the people I have encountered along the way. I am thankful for Hawaii… it really did heal me. It took my problems away, and/or forced the toxic ones to come to a head so that they could release me. I really did feel closer to God in Hawaii. I talked to him, I meditated, I smoked a ton of pot…. God and I had it out and my faith in him is stronger. Hawaii was a spiritual place for me and I wish everyone could experience it. Actually, maybe that was church…. isn’t church anywhere you feel closer to your spiritual center?! Hawaii brought on healing.

Kitty Bradshaw 3

Mexico gave me clarity. Although I was there for a short time, the starkness of it all… the clean lines, the vivid colors… it just made things clear for me.  God was in Mexico too. He didn’t reveal a lot to me while there, but he made it clear that I was on the right path and to press on. There are a lot of days when the path isn’t clear, I feel alone, and/or have ventured so far away from home I sometimes circle back to the familiar. Nope, God revealed he has a plan for me and the more I trust my gut, the quicker I get to my next milestone.

Next was Virginia… God used my friend Mitch Gaynycdad to get me to my next stage. Through Mitch, I met new friend Barb Webb, who damn near scared me to death when she critiqued my writing, lollll. On a much broader level, I met this really strong group of writers that are all accomplished and were so confident in their gift, they shared tips with me and gave me a new direction.

Spirits come to you when you leave yourself open enough for them to appear to you. During my travels, I encountered 2 spirits.  The first was Doris Duke. She is very much alive in her house, and I was so inspired by her life. If you are in Hawaii, please go visit her home, Shangri La… it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. It was so beautiful, I didn’t want to be there without my friends. I love my friends so much, I want them to experience beauty on that level. Ok I am being mushy now, but it was just that beautiful. I learned from Doris Duke’s spirit to make life according to you. You can be what society wants you to be, but you also have to carve out a space of your own aside from family, career, mates. If you live for society, you won’t be remembered. Doris has been dead since the 90s, and her life is still active. I am not quite at the place where I can carve out own space because I haven’t figured out ME just yet…. but I heard loud and clear what she had to say.

Albert Doumar

The 2nd spirit I encountered was Albert Doumar. He had just passed away the night before. His spirit was very much in the room, and he was sad. When our loved ones pass on, we don’t just mourn them, they mourn us as well. The Dourmar legacy lives on the walls of the restaurant, and he lived a good life. Once it sets in for him that he has passed away, he will understand, then sit back and watch the seeds of a life well lived grow into future generations. I want to be in love with my job like Albert was. He had something to live for, and stayed with it until age 98. He came into work everyday, 5 hours a day. I said before through social media that I wish I had met him, but in hindsight I did meet him through the spirit that lingers behind.

I am not done traveling, and can’t wait to encounter both God, and creative characters both living and beyond along the way to get my next lesson. I have changed so much in such a short amount of time. I feel better, I am better, and I want to spread that to others. When much is given, much is expected and I am not a hoarder of life. We all can be better.

Anyways sorry for the lengthy post. Raise your hand if you read it all, loll.


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