Seen Around The Web: My Hawaii Coverage #AlohaKitty



Hey House Cats-

As you all know I was in Hawaii for 6 weeks, 2 days.  During that time I did quite a bit of writing… most importantly I started writing my first book.  Below you will find a few articles that I submitted to other sites.  Please, feel free to read and leave comments.  Also, look out for my upcoming articles on my trips to Mexico and Norfolk, Virginia.


Hotel Review: Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki – Wonderful Experience


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hawaii


5 Cocktails and Conversations in Honolulu #AlohaKitty


Three Restaurant Experiences in Honolulu #AlohaKitty


Kitty Bradshaw on Planning Your Hawaiian Summer Vacation


Week of Reflection in Hawaii: Vision of Happiness #AlohaKitty


A Week of Reflection in Hawaii… #AlohaKitty


How I ended up in Hawaii at Gunpoint! #AlohaKitty







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