Happy New Year, House Cats


Hey House Cats-

We are currently on day5 of the New Year, and I have yet to post.  I have been in Philadelphia, spending time with friends.  Originally, I was supposed to be back in New York on the 1st, but the universe had a different plan.  I ended up having to change my return ticket three times, trying to maneuver around a snow storm.  I spent half of the time stressed out about everything that is on my plate.  New Years Eve pretty much sucked for me because I felt alone, overwhelmed, hurt, and vulnerable to life.  To say that I have a lot going on is putting it lightly.  At one point I decided to smoke pot to alleviate the stress.  It helped, lolll.  Once I got to the point where I could relax, I realized that the storm was a blessing.  It took me out of my element and gave me the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective… the outside, in.





So now I am back in New York, and I feel a sense of clarity.  I am in the process of moving out of my apartment; continuing the process of clearing away old baggage.  I am getting rid of all of my furniture, and basically living out of 2 suitcases (and 3 boxes of shoes and purses, loll) for about 2 weeks in February.  I know this all seems drastic, but I need to get away and continue on with my journey.  I am thankful to the friends that remained being my friend through the difficult stretch of road I traveled in 2013.  I am thankful for Necole Bitchie for continuing to inspire me.  This blogging thing is still so very new, and quite a few of us have experienced instant success.  Necole shows me what the possibilities can be. Because of her, I am forcing myself to think bigger.  I am thankful to my sponsors that I continue to work with.  I am very fortunate to work with some amazing brands.



Best Buy SoHo


I just so happened to be going through the Twitter List that people have my on, the descriptions, and your opinions of me.

So many of you have positive things to say about me. There are people who say that they look up to me. Some of you see me as successful. Some or should I say a lot of you stated that I have inspired you to further your careers. UMMM WOW. I never knew yall liked me!!! lollll. Seriously… I think most of us spend so much time reading the negative reviews, we miss the positive ones.

First- Let me say Thank You to everyone who talks about me in a positive light.

Second- I don’t see myself as a role model. I don’t think that I inspire anyone to do anything but be crazy lolll I won’t see myself as successful until my unborn kids college educations are paid for.

Like… I don’t live in a world where I think past what my next tweet is and what the subject of my next blog is going to be.  So with that being said… I am so surprised at all of the nice things a lot of you wrote about me.

As Mama Kitty, I wish all of you a wonderful and successful 2014.  I hope that for those of you going through the struggle, you find clarity and perspective.  For those of you wondering aimlessly, I hope that you find the direction you need to feel connected.  For those of you who found the light, I hope that it continues to burn while you relax and enjoy it.


KittyBradshawNoBackgroundHappy New Year.




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    Happy New Year Kitty. Though we haven’t known each other long, you are dear to me and will be missed upon you leaving the city! 2013 sucked for me too…. so I’m glad 2014 is here now and i have faith that it will be an amazing new beginning for both of us! Your blog is awesome & i look forward to each of your posts (though I am usually too lazy to comment, lol). Looking forward to seeing what you bring us in this new year!!! Hope you’re feeling better, and love ya girly! xo

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