Kitty Bradshaw’s Gift Guide 2012: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton SAUMUR MM


Now personally, I am against rocking labels.  I believe that unless you are Naomi Campbell get paid to represent a brand, there is no need to advertise.  However, for Louis Vuitton I make exception.  I love the quality of these bags, and they make the perfect gift to YOURSELF, lolll!  *shrugs* I feel like you appreciate them more when you buy them for yourself.  Even if you are a man (see below)…. I find that Louis Vuitton products make great gifts to yourself after accomplishing both minor and major milestones in your life.

My current bag crush is the Saumur bag, which comes in two sizes.  The MM is the small size and the GM is the large.  Note: Normally, I gravitate towards the larger bags… but the Saumur GM reminded me of a small duffle bag.


Porte Documents Voyage GM 


Men:  New job?  Promotion?  You surviced a rough day?  or Christmas?  This is the perfect gift to yourself.  Click the link above for ordering details and pricing.


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    I totally agree with you that there is nothing like Louis Vuitton when it comes to the choice of a gift. I wish I could afford myself something of the kind at least in the remote future.

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