Kitty Bradshaw vs The Wig: Freetress Creta Girl #AlohaKitty

 Kitty Bradshaw vs The Wig: Freetress Creta GirlCreta Girl 7

I am in Hawaii for 6 weeks, blah blah blah you know the story.  Prior to coming here, as a black woman I spent about 2 weeks thinking about how I was going to wear my hair.  Also, the last u-Part wig that I wore ripped a plug of my hair out on the side from the braids being way too tight.  I wanted to give my hair a break by leaving it out, but I didn’t want to have to do my hair either in Hawaii.  Between the tropical humidity, beach, water, rain, wind… I refuse to be a slave to my hair.

My aunt and I went to the beauty supply store for hair inspiration and I came across the Freetress Creta Girl Half Wig.  Now, I have a big head so the idea of buying a wig never popped into my head because I can never find one that fits this noggin.  The sales girl persuaded me to try the Creta Girl because of it’s drawstring capabilities, that allows all size heads to enjoy it.

I tried the Freetress Creta Girl wig on, on top of the weave I had on at the time…and guess what *wahLAH* it fit!  I took it out of the packaging, and ran my fingers through it to loosen up the curls a bit.  When you first get it, it comes in a jheri curl pattern.  Finger through to your desired curl pattern, but not too much because the less you do to it, the longer it last.  I also went on YouTube to get some style inspiration.  I cut it a bit to frame it to my face.

Freetress Creta Girl

Maintenance:  so I don’t put any product in it.  With synthetic hair, it can go left real quick.  Also, try to get the wig in your natural color.  Synthetic hair most of the time does not look good in shades of blond.  Also, my hair is not braided underneath to allow me to maintenance my real hair on a daily basis. I take the wig off at night, and I don’t wear it every day.  I toggle between wearing turbans and the Freetress Creta Girl Wig. With full time, 24/7 use…the wig will last one month.  If you rely on it part time like me, you can get about 3 months wear out of it.  I saw one girl on YouTube who rocked hers for a year and it looked good despite the curls being gone.  I paid $26.99 for my wig, but you can find it online much cheaper.

Outside of that, it looks very natural. If it wasn’t for the trade winds in Hawaii, I would leave my hair 100% under the Freetress Creta Girl wig… but since the wind likes to come along and play with my hair, I leave my edges out to cover up the front band of the wig so that it will blend naturally.  I think that covers everything… post your questions in the comments section!

Kitty in Hawaii

P.S. I have worn the wig for about 2 weeks now, and the plug of hair that was pulled out, has started to grown back.  This wig is a blessing because it gave me an option that was both healthy and protective of my real hair.


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  1. says

    I have been stalking this wig for awhile now online. It looks soooo cute. I agree with it looks good in natural colors because the lighter ones look fake. That’s why I hadn’t purchased yet since my hair is dyed so I wanted it to be similar to my colored hair. I might just have to go with the darker colors like the one you have. It looks so cute on you

  2. says

    Kitty, I cannot tell you enough how I love that wig. I would love one.. I am going to Europe for one month and this would be so good for me. BUT 🙁 you mention it does not look great on blonds.. My hair is strawberry/reddish blond…

    Again, love the style….looks fab on you!

    • says

      lolll no it doesn’t look good in those shades. But I say go to your local wig shop and try on different ones. I am sure you will find one that fits you perfectly. 🙂

  3. Mzvirgo says

    Love this hair! It has a diva vibe to it. I want to get it, but I see a lot of them leaving out their natural hair to blend it.

    • says

      Thank You MzVirgo. So in the side by side picture with the black scoop neck on…. all my hair is under that. If you want to wear it in various styles like pinned up, then you will need to leave a little hair out. I pull my hair out because here in Hawaii with the trade winds…. the wind is crazy and it exposes all my secrets lolll. Long Story short you can wear it with all your hair under.

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