Adventures in Flu Season with Cuisinart #MillionSteps

Adventures in Flu Season with Cuisinart #MillionSteps

Cusinart Juice Extractor


Hey House Cats-

So we are coming upon the end of the January and researchers say that 70% of Americans who made New Years resolutions have at this post fallen off .  Now, if you are one of my house cats, you are much more resilient than those figures.  Between the healthy eating, exercise, and weekly weigh in’s…. you are on your continued path for a healthier you in 2013.

Best Buy is excited to have the nine members of our Blogging Board participating in a Million Steps Challenge in January. These bloggers are using health and fitness products, found at Best Buy, to keep track of their steps during the month of January with the goal of hitting 1,000,000 steps together by February 1st. To see how they’re doing, follow @BestBuyWOLF or search #MillionSteps on Twitter. Make sure you post your steps, send them a word or encouragement, or grab a team of your own and see how many steps you can take in January. We’re starting out 2013 with a New Year’s Resolution to live healthy – please join us!


I didn’t get to start my weight loss goals because I had been sick with the flu/cold.  My symptoms tapered off when I went to CES, but then when I came back as soon as I hit the brisk cold air in New York.  I spent in total 24 days of January sick.  I was watching on the news today how this current flu strand has crippled most of the nation.  It is the most aggressive form of influenza that the CDC has seen in a long time.  It is much more resistant than previous strands of the flu.  The CDC is reporting that this year’s strand of the flu is resistant to Tamiflu, the most commonly used flu drug. [CDC]



So I am sure you all asking yourselves… how does this tie in with weight loss, healthy eating, etc?!  Well for one the flu has helped me to lose weight… for about 4 days I wasn’t eating because I couldn’t hold down food lmaoooo.  No, seriously, aside from all that I made the conscious decision to not buy over the counter drugs to treat my symptoms.  I hate the feeling of feeling being up; instead I opted to go all natural and make my own home remedies.  My Cusinart: Compact Juice Extractor (CJE-500) helped me to get better!!!! Please Note:  If home remedies don’t work after 34 hours… you might need something a little more stronger, and in that case you should seek out OTC drugs or medical attention.  POINT BEING you should pay close attention to your health and follow your gut instinct.  Children under 5, seniors, and people with medical conditions should definitely seek out a medical professional.


So Best Buy sent me this wonderful juicer with the hopes that I would use it for promoting weight loss and this month’s million steps challenge…. in which I fully support, I just didn’t get to use it for that purpose.  I really used my Cusinart: Compact Juice Extractor (CJE-500) to get nutrients from raw fruits and vegetables to combat my symptoms.

Stage 1:


Banana and Ginger Smoothie

*This is self explanatory.  I used my Cusinart: Compact Juice Extractor (CJE-500) to break down the ginger into a liquid form.

Hopefully you have someone to take care of you and mix these items together.  I ran those 2 ingredients through the juicer  to stop nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.  I started the beginning of the month with the stomach flu… *sighs* this has been a rough month, loll.  Now, I will say that I took fever reducing aspirin to break my fever.  I also at one point had to take 2 shot glasses of Pepto Bismo.  Additionally, when the stomach flu first hit, I had to bow down to the porcelain God and let it just come out naturally.  However, the next day when I was too scared and weak to eat anything for fear you will see it again…. the bananas and ginger helped ease the symptoms tremendously.



The next stage of the flu came after I returned from CES.  I was extremely congested, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, weezing, oh God I wanted to die!!!!

I realized that I had to get the mucus off my chest.  So the below was concocted to fight those symptoms.  Note: I rubbed Vix Vapor rub on my chest on addition to drinking the below 2-3 times a day.  It helps to break down the mucus on your chest (the most serious of all the symptoms).


Kitty Bradshaw’s All Natural Hot Toddy

*Fresh Ginger- Juice it, grind it, grade it, dice it, or chop it.  I used my Cusinart: Compact Juice Extractor (CJE-500) to  break down the ginger in to liquid form so I can get the most nutrients. Make sure you peel the ginger first

*Cayenne Pepper- 1 teaspoon per cup

*Honey- The best quality you can afford

*Dark Liquor- 2 heaping tablespoons…. umm ok so I poured about a half of cup lollll (it’s all natural)

*Fresh Lemon Juice (with pulp)

*Hot Water

irish flu shots


I have never been in my life been this sick from a cold or flu.  This virus was extremely resistant, and in normal cases I would have been 100% cured by mid month at the very latest.   My Cusinart: Compact Juice Extractor (CJE-500) helped me to knock out the flu virus, by breaking down the raw ingredients to get the nutrients needed to combat this virus.  I am so thankful that I work from home and was able to stay in and get better.

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Note: I am a Best Buy WOLF Brand Ambassador, and am being compensated for this post. All opinions and ideas are my own.


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    HI ITS KAYLA aka @peacekayladope Lmao kitty you must be seeing what a big fan of mindless behavior i mean its a once in a lifetime opportunity and iam a huge fan like dedicated. ive been a fan for almost 3 years and plan on still being one. i could imagine myself in a few years being like those B2K fans in their older age laughing at they’re fan girl days lol but anyways I’m hope to win cause I really enjoy supporting the boys and I can’t wait to watch the movie. Ill be crying like a mofo in that theater if I win lol

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