Flat Chested Women Are Evil!

I posted a picture of myself in my bra in support of the busty movement. I did it in honor of all the busty vixens out there who are shamed to the shadows because flat chested women seem to think they have the monopoly on being sexy, yet classy in their bras. Nobody wants to see a chick with a 6-pack for a chest. I don’t think the picture I took is raunchy. I embrace my ample bosoms. Flat chested women are evil. I believe it was a flat chested woman who got the Lane Bryant commercial banned because they saw busty women as a threat. The same flat chested women made it so busty women have only three color choices in the bra section (black, white,  and tan)!

Flat chested women designed the below bra…. pure evilness! What flat chested woman you know is walking around in that bra?! The below bra makes your breast look mutated. *hmph*

So I took a picture of myself to say…. there is nothing wrong with having big breast. We deserve to have a commercial! lollll

It’s time for the flat chested women to fall to the shadows!


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    I absolutely applaud you in taking this stand and putting your own bra picture up there. I think the commercial is fantastic It's a classy, sassy commercial unlike those nasty slutted out Victoria Secret commercials those women always look like they are fresh off a steaming penis and they got caught doing their walk of shame in their undergarments. I like my Double D's and boo to anyone that has anything reckless to say about it. Long live women who look like women and not little flat chested 12 year old boys!

    • Jesse says

      The commercial was banned because it allude to a woman wearing just underwear under her coat. Thus meeting up with a man for sex. That is all.

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    BIG TITTY COMMITTEE ACTIVATE!!! Triple D's in da house!! *hi-fives the big breasted gals* Hell, even I wasn't offended by that commercial and EVERYTHING offends me

  3. Liv says

    Flat chested women are only upset cause their jealous. How many men do you know that won't even glance at some good ole juicy cleavage? Just squished together, so warm and inviting. Can't decide whether you want to swim in them, or lay in them, kiss them or fondle them, but I digress.

    Enjoy your breastisists ladies, and send me pics. TY.

  4. Christian says

    I love women with big breast. …. that’s one of my qualifications pursuing a women. …..lol

  5. Kimmy says

    Okay, i'm everything but flat chested, but i'm not a Dolly Parton either. But y hate on the women who don't have boobs? It's not just boobs that make you attractive. And it's not attractive to hate on stuff like this. Your boobs are beautiful Kitty, but so are smaller boobs! Really 🙂 🙂 Love ur new website btw….

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    Before I had my son, I was practically flat chested. In fact, I was a bit embarrassed. Although I have some issues with giants bazooms… I really have no problem with anyone busty. I am barely a C now… and happy at least to have what I have… especially after having a kid. Could have been worse and not gotten anything…lol.

    Flat chested women are not evil… it is the few that are snotty bitches and have no civility within them to be nice to anyone no matter who they are and what the person looks like.

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    ummm, what was bad about that commercial? It looks like every other underwear commercial ever made. I swear I'll never understand people…

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    I was an early bloomer, and was teased all through elementary school for having breasts. I remember a classmate named Kemar who came out and asked me if I had breast implants! LOL
    I love my breasts now though. The damn bras they make are horrendous. I'm a 32DD I can't really find anything "sexy" that I like. I even wrote a complaint letter to VS about not carrying my size & some nice bra's in those sizes. They said full-figured bras are made that way for support reasons. 1st of all I am 5'3 124 lbs. I am FAR from full-figured. Get it together.

    Great post!

  9. mire says

    Wow as a woman who can barely fill an A cup I'm pretty shocked by the anger directed toward women who are flat chested. I actually found this website through a search for a bra made for flat chested women who aren't looking to add a bunch of padding – because if you are flat chested you only have two options when it comes to bras – pretend like you have bigger boobs or wear a little triangle of cloth that doesn't shape you in any way and doesn't give you decent nipple coverage. The culture is so in love with large breasts that even those of us flat chested women who are not insecure about our cup size and want a nice bra that doesn't lie but that fits, have to wear push-up bras and padded bras. I am thinking I'm gonna have to get something custom made.

    My nickname growing up was Concave. Yes that's right because I grew in not out in the chest. So I can relate to the teasing and to the not fitting in. Everyone every year always said while growing up, "she'll come back next year and surprise us all with huge boobs" – that never happened. However I became fully secure about my body and would never wish ill on another woman's body just because I had been teased growing up. If anything it all just made me stronger and gave me a sense of humor.

    I have at least 8 friends I can count off the top of my head who have gotten boob jobs. They all weren't happy with being flat chested. The culture the advertisements all push c-cup boobs down everyone's throat. So why all the venom towards us when flat chested girls are mutilating their bodies just to be more like the woman in magazines.

    I think your anger is misdirected and caddy. Why aren't you mad at a culture that has such a narrow view of what can be defined as beauty – that hardly no woman feels that she fits inside the mold. Why attack your fellow sisters who likely have their own insecurities about parts of their own bodies. Does it make you feel that much better to put a sister down. That has a familiar feeling to it… that's right that was junior high.

    I expect more out of adult women. Why don't we band together and fight for media to include women of different sizes and shapes and why don't we try to change the white bread, homogenized culture that only sees beauty one way. What you're doing is just what patriarchy counts on – woman start fighting against each other. Without sisterhood we are all stranded alone looking at pictures of photoshopped women on glossy paper feeling worse and worse about ourselves and trying harder and harder to please the made up aesthetic of perfection.

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      Umm cry me a damn river. Angry?! Who is Angry?! You are the one who seems Angry. Just because you were teased for being flat chested, doesn't mean that large chested women don't have the right to speak up. You are the type that sees the glass half empty… you took your own negative experiences, and ASSumed I was bitter like you. Clearly you don't follow my site, and have no clue to my dark humor/ grouchy style of posting. Women starting fights?! Attacking?! You need help! Those were your words not mine.

      Have a great day! P.S. Thanks for sending traffic to my site. 🙂

    • Shannanigans says

      Thank you so much, I also came across this by chance. I am incredibly flat chested and I grew up being called a twig. I have always been so insecure about this, and have always felt so jealous of women with larger breasts. I love that you, the woman who wrote the actual article (Kitty), are so confident in your body. I am jealous of women who are confident in that sense. However, we not-so-well-endowed are not evil. It's not our fault, it's purely genetics. It's horrendously ignorant, and I'm abashed that people can be so horrible. Can't we all just try to make EVERYONE feel beautiful and confident rather than trying to bring others down on the way they look? Shameful!

  10. flat chested says

    well i think that is wrong i am a 30a cup or a 32aa and where is the comerial about flat chested woman bras? let see there is not one. oh ya and b & c cups are not flat chested thats big compared to me. oh ya and i have always got teased by most big chested girls and plus guys growing up.
    i would glad to trade places with u for 2 months, lets see you walk around in a 30a cup and see how it feels to try to find that bra and get men to notice you at a nite club with all those big breasted woman around.
    so dont blame us cuz that damn comercial didnt get put on the air we had nothing to do with it. and how many flat chested comercials do you see? well?
    you dont see any!!!
    and we flat chested woman allways get made fun of all the time nomatter the age. people saying why dont u get breast implant, cuz u have no tits. ur flat as the wall, are those pimple on ur chest, oh sorry thought u were a guy(with long hair?)
    yeah sure trade me places for awhile i would love see what it feels like to have bigger boobs.

    • says

      Ok, I am not the chick who teased you in school. I spoke up on the way Large Chested women are portrayed in the media. If you have an issue with the way you were teased in school, I would suggest you contact those bullies directly. k. thanks! 🙂

  11. sara says

    way to go mir–you voiced everything perfectly. This post was ignorant and offended me. Stop women hating on other women. Become a better consumer & buy your products from a small business that respects you, not some ridiculous victoria secret chain that sells you impossible images models and cheap bras made in china. Here is a link to a great business in canada that a lot of my friends who are lucky enough to have great curves shop at–I'm sure there are many others like this in the U.S http://www.secretsfromyoursister.com/

    • says

      So…. it was ignorant because we don't agree or ignorant because you couldn't identify with what was being said?! I just want to be clear.

      Further more, I am more concerend with the fact that your level of understanding is not high enough to comprehend that this post was not just about Victoris Secret but the way Large Breasted women are protrayed in the media. I would break it down, but you would grow more and more frustraited and/ or "offended" from missing the points (and obvious sarcasim/ humor). Thank you so much for visiting my site…. I take it you won't be back. 🙂

  12. says

    I would like to say that this post was wrote in humor. I am not angry, I am not bitter. If you missed the humor in this post from the obvious "lolll's" then that is your issue. Some of you broads need therapy! k, that is all!

  13. says

    WOW? Really… I'm small… & I didn't take OFFENSE to this blog. Kitty has a sense of humor… maybe Mire should seek therapy instead of writing her own damn blog here. ?

  14. Sue says

    Are you INSANE? Do you think I CHOSE to have a flat chest? Having a flat chest makes me EVIL??? What the hell is the matter with you? You are a nasty, shallow, mindless woman. You are a horrible, cruel B***H for posting this.
    I have tears in my eyes right now! Congratulations! Pat yourself on the back! Thanks a lot, thanks for adding a little more to my pain! What an accomplishment!

  15. Guest says

    I'm flat chested and I love it! I'm not jealous of your stupid big boobs. I can sleep on my front and go on the bouncy castle. Boobs are there to feed your babies, and they'll grow naturally when you get pregnant. There's no need for them to be huge when you're not lactating.