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Yo! (I utilize my New York voice when brilliant things are discovered)  Let’s try it again…


YO! I came across the BeanTown company on The View talk show.  Whoopi Goldberg featured her favorite retail goods and this business was one of the brands mentioned.  Normally I pay the segment no mind but my ears perked up when it came to the BIODEGRADABLE bed linens (DISPOSABLE BEDDING) that you can take with you to hotels, college dorms, sleep overs, friends houses, cheap motels and anywhere else a pissy mattress is found!  Seriously, do I even need to write a full post on why this is epic?


disposable bedding

The traveler in me has spent more times grossed out than not when it comes to my sleeping arrangements.  I recently stayed at a 3 star hotel with good reviews in Northern California, and felt the essence of mid-priced hooker glaze on to my skin when I came in contact with the bed linen.  I needed 3 baths, a disinfectant treatment, full body massage, and a shock therapy session just to eliminate both the bad memories and residues from the hotel issued linens.  This was a missed opportunity for disposable bedding to come in and save my life.

disposable bedding 2

Like seriously someone is dropping the ball here.  Airline companies need to hand out complimentary BeanTown disposable bedding with purchase of airfare.  Just when my mind was so blown I couldn’t take it anymore… I began to levitate when I found out that BeanTown also makes disposable washcloths!!!!  When water is applied, each 2 inch disc expands to a 12 x 15 inch cloth. Additionally, the disposable wash cloths come in packs of 20.  All my phobias have collectively formed a sigh of relief.  Please, believe when I say that BeanTown will be by my side during my upcoming European and Domestic travel adventures.

Check out BeanTown here.

Blog Travel: No More Pissy Mattresses with Disposable Bedding!

Travel: No More Pissy Mattresses with Disposable Bedding!

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