BlogHer13 Highlights: Dinner with Dyson and Best Buy

BlogHer13 Highlights: Dinner with Dyson and Best Buy

Dyson Hot + Cool


Thanks to Best Buy and Dyson, I am now the proud owner of a Dyson Hot + Cool unit. Last month during BlogHer, Best Buy hosted me and the other Brand Ambassadors to dinner. Dyson was a proud sponsor of this event, during which time we got to test out products between courses. As a parting gift, we were gifted with Dyson products. Side Note: I love how both brands interacted with the bloggers during the dinner; I wish all brands took this approach. During this intimate setting, we were able to have a 2 way conversation with the brand, both sides picked each other’s brains and learedn from one another. The Dyson reps asked us about Social Media, and we in turn asked them about their brand and products. In all honesty, this is my very first Dyson product. Even if I hadn’t been gifted with the item, if ever presented with the option between Dyson and another brand… I would choose Dyson because I was thoroughly introduced to the brand by two people who spoke passionately and intelligently about the products. I wish I could remember the reps names… these two gentlemen didn’t speak through us, they spoke to us. I very much enjoyed their company and sort of feel like I am now a part of their family. I know that Dyson cant give products to everyone… but the fact that they were open to coming on a “blind date” of sorts with the Best Buy Brand Ambassadors without knowing what to expect speaks volumes of them.

Now on to the featured product… the Dyson Hot + Cool is both a space heater and fan. To give it an even broader description, the unit actually heats the entire room. Due to the fact that we are still in the summer months, I was only able to test the cooling portion of this unit. Had I of turned on the heater, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference from the humidity in my apartment and the heat generating from the unit, lolll. Currently, I am sitting in front of the fan and the first thing that comes to mind is how sexy and sleek the unit it. My next thought is how powerful it is. I have no complaints as far as cooling goes. Currently, in New York we are going through a transition period into Fall. It’s not at the point where we need the air conditioner, but we do need something to get the air moving as it is slightly humid. The Dyson Hot + Cool is a good alternative because you will save on energy used and cut down on high electricity bills.

The Dyson Hot + Cool has some really cool features. The first being, it doesn’t have blades which makes it safe for children to be around. As a child, I stuck my fingers in a operating fan and had my digits mangled up, loll. Thank goodness it was minimal damage, but having a blade-less system in the home certainly brings peace of mind. Additionally, if the model tips over, it automatically shuts off. The second cool feature is the fact that the unit goes from 33° to 99°. All-in-All this is a pretty solid device to have in the home. As I always say… don’t take my word for it, take a closer look for yourself. To learn more about the Dyson Hot + Cool, step on over to to get additional details and pricing.

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