Brooklyn: DeeJay Element WINS Flavor Battle 2013

DeeJay Element FlavorBattle_2013


 McDonalds Flavor Battle 2013

On February 7th, DeeJay Element of Brooklyn, NY, won McDonalds Flavor Battle 2013 competition in Miami. Flavor Battle 2013 kicked off in New York back in November with a total of 24 DJs representing each region in the US.  We had the Big Macs in the West, the Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese in the Central United States, and Angus Third Pounders in the East.  Over  400,000 fans casted their votes online which helped to come up with three finalist (DJ Arty J, DJ Element and DJ Jena Red).  The Flavor Battle 2013 finale was hosted by Hot97 resident DJ, industry legend Funkmaster Flex and featured DJ Clue, Just Blaze, Spinderella, Rock T., and last years winner DJ Rock One as celebrity judges.

In addition, entertainment/celebrity blogger and my Fairy Blog Mama, Necole Bitchie served as the social media correspondent for the invite-only affair where DJ Element, reppin’ the East Coast, was named America’s hottest emerging DJ and crowned the McDonald’s Flavor Battle 2013 Champion.

Above is one of DeeJay Element’s older mixes. This will give you an idea of why he made it to Flavor Battle 2013 and WON!  Check out his site for more music:



A product of the North East with over twelve years of experience in the music industry, Joseph Montana a.k.a. DeeJay Element, enhances every performance with his talent, creative style and personality. A true professional with attention to detail has made him a highly sought after producer as well as performer at events and in the club scene.

Currently on tour with Soul Khan, Sene and Brown Bag AllStars in the dual roles of DJ and producer. With a variety of mixed tapes such as; Shots Fired, Element and Brace Volume 1, Classic Traffic, The Official 2010 CMJ Mix Tape and The Brown Tape to his credit, Joe’s diversity has landed him club gigs at the VooDoo Lounge and Scratch Academy in NYC, a radio show on 102.3 KISS FM from 2003-2006, along with prestigious events with Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion Night Out, Sephora, Rock Steady 33rd Anniversary, A3C Hip Hop Festival, and the X Games.


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