Dear New York: My Post NYC Reflections




Dear New York:  My Post NYC Reflections

Today marks one year since I departed New York City.  When I left New York, I knew it was my time to go. Things weren’t running seamlessly; it was a lot of friction that signaled that it was time to leave. When I first moved there I remember crying because it was so hard to adjust to New York life. On my final day I cried heading to the airport because I became that life.. New York is the best post secondary education a person can receive. I learned how to reject the notion of weakness and survive by any means necessary. The first lesson was nobody gives a fuck about you, learn to take care of yourself. I also learned that having only one job is the same as having no job. I enjoyed being around people who could make a business out of thin air. When choosing to move to New York please know that she only accepts the best applicants from other states. If you know a New York transplant that has lived there past a year…. know for a fact that they are an Alpha, Aggressive, Talented, and a Survivor. Native New Yorkers remind me of the elves from the Lord of the Rings series; beautifully flawed mythical creatures, loll. However, they are slowly becoming extent due to the 10% pushing the natives out.  Today I am going to share My Post NYC Reflections.


How to seduce a man 2


I can only speak on heterosexual love. New York men… are something else. I bet everything I had on one horse, then went on to lose badly, loll. What I can say about being in love with a New York man is that it was the greatest defeat I will ever live through. When you can walk away from something with 10 good memories, and 100 bad ones…. and the good overshadows the bad, you lived through something worth talking about. In the beginning he was magic and I was one of the lucky many. The lies he told made my ears blush and my heart scold the truth. He was cocaine and I lived for the high he took me to. Our sex was legendary… no, more like LEGENDARY! Eye to Eye, Soul to Soul. The mental penetration went beyond a physical touch. He was heroine and I didn’t seek redemption. That love was life defining and when he did his worst I left broken and exhausted. In my prayers I am conflicted because I am unsure to thank God for bringing him into my life or taken him away. *shrugs* Judgement day should be entertaining, lolll. Either way this whole romance section is corny as hell, but this was my New York life.




You must excel at something in order to live in New York because it is the training ground for excellence. It will throw so many curves at you by the time you leave you will be a diamond among workers. In a recent interview, Anna Wintour spoke about being fired from Harper’s Bazaar and the road from there that led to her being at the helm of Vogue magazine. Her story is one example of how New York develops you. While working in New York I learned that my best was not good enough; I needed to be special. Doing the minimum is not special; Making excuses is not special; Being a victim is not special; Getting hired is not special.






Winter Time Activities in New York

Quality of Life

This is where New York falls off. I think this is why New Yorkers are moving away in great numbers. You work so hard to have little to show for it. You pay expensive rent to live in a compact space. You purchase over priced items and they wither away faster than you can put your wallet away. Large corporations are pushing out the mom and pops. Made with love and tradition has been replaced with Made for mass production for profit. The soul has left the building. For those that never leave New York, they don’t understand that concept. For the New Yorkers that are bold enough to venture across its borders, a lot of them find themselves choosing between home vs. a less hectic way of life.



In Closing…

New York is the greatest place on earth. One day I will return and hopefully she will be proud of my accomplishments post graduation.



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  1. This marks my 3rd year in New York. I still love it here although I agree that the city is starting to evolve into the high suburbia that I don’t like. Otherwise I live a very simple lifestyle, my rent is 30% of my income (which is not a high income) – but i forfeit the luxury of living near a train station and thetrendy nabes. I only have one job but it has a great work life balance so i can enjoy the fun (and mostly free things) that New York has to offer – and it pays the bills. I guess you could say my standards are lower than others who want to live a lifestyle comparable to a suburb.

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