Cocoa Mane Salon: Kitty Gets A Weave #wearyourhair

Hey House Cats-

So below is the transformation of The Kitty Bradshaw from Urban Beauty to Olivia Pope within 3 hours time under the care of Janel Sealy from Cocoa Mane Salon.  Just in case you didn’t know, I am a Brand Ambassador for the Cocoa Mane Salon in Brooklyn and will be promoting them through my various networks.  During the course of the next year, I will be posting about my experiences which will include up coming Cocoa Mane Salon events, tips, and videos about the salon and Janel.

The Cocoa Mane Salon Hair Experience

On one lonely Friday, I traveled to Janel’s salon and allowed her to makeover my hair.  I gave her creative control, and sat anxiously in her chair to see what the end result would be.  During my visit, Janel opted NOT to perm my entire head,  just my edges.  She deeply conditioned my hair, and sat me under the hair steamer.  As I stated in the video, the steamer was this awesome piece of machinery that took my hair from thick and unmanageable and turned it into loose and flowing curls.  My hair was so soft, I could not keep my hands out of it while they braided it into cornrows.  After that process, I am now convinced that I am able to transition out of perms with the help of Janel and her magic steamer.

Next, as I stated before I sat down and got corn rows put in so that my tracks could be sewn down.  The process was pretty easy breezy… the braids were not too tight.  Janel is at the top of her field when it comes to hair weaving and concealing tracks.  When she was finished, the hair laid down smoothly… no lumps, no bumps;  I was very pleased.  You all can be the judge by looking at the above video and the below pictures from the Cocoa Mane Salon.

In the next post, I will talk about the Cocoa Mane Salon itself and their services offered.  In the meantime, please let me know what you think.


Cocoa Mane Salon6  Cocoa Mane SalonCocoa Mane Salon5Cocoa Mane Salon3Cocoa Mane Salon4Cocoa Mane Salon2


8 thoughts on “Cocoa Mane Salon: Kitty Gets A Weave #wearyourhair

  1. Kitty, I’m a little confused by this braid pattern. Did she sew the track to each braid or did she sew the track horizontally across the vertical braids?

  2. I am so glad you’re doing this! Definitely looking forward to following your reviews/journey because Im clueless about this but have been wanting to get something sewn in just for a change of scene. Im so sick of my hair, it’s boring and looks the same all the time. I want something with curls and body. So this comes right on time!

  3. Omg! Hair satan has met her match lol Question: Is she really expensive? Cus uhm yah gurl is dying for a make over. The price list isn’t on her website so I’m assuming she is $$$$

  4. Hey Demetria here again. I’m posting my comment on my behalf of the Mindless Behaviors Contest. I am the huge fan from New Jersey and really deserve to have my opportunity with the boys! Keep doing what you do Kitty Bradshaw #muchlove !

  5. Hi it’s @peacekayladope aka Kayla I’m a huge fan of mindless behavior and not just a fan but apart of Team mindless. We aren’t an ordinary team but a team that will stand for the boys for whatever reason. When people comment on they’re style or swag or perf hairstyles we back em up and we all know they’re just being different and why would see all want to be the same and that is what mindless behavior taught me they taught me how to be different and be myself and t would be an honor to meet them and just watch they’re movie with them 🙂 and get to know them and learn about they’re style 🙂

  6. My name is Kayla and My @ name is @peacekayladope and i dont really have a favorite boy but me and Ray have a lot in common. I’ve been a fan of mindless behavior since summer of 2010. I am a BIG supporter of the boys. I love to watch them perform and bring such a positive attitude to the stage and like 99% of team mindless watch then thrust they little pelvis to the crowd. *faints* LOL But I’m so proud of them and if I’m one of the winners I finally get to see their movie and not only see it but see it with THEM. I get to see how much they’ve grown up from that little boy group that no one knew to this massive world wide band touring the country not even THE WORLD I mean they are going all around the world. Lol Being one of the first black boy groups to debut a movie in theaters I would not want to miss that moment and I’m glad to say that I was there from the beginning. When they were in those plaid outfits dancing to “My Girl” but I hope you pick me PRETTY PLEASE lol

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