New York + Summer + Rum + Coconut Water = COCO MAMBU

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If you are looking to add an interesting spin to an upcoming Summer Fun Party… add Coco Mambu into the mix and watch the good vibez take over your event.  I had the pleasure of sampling the brand during last year’s Bar and Restaurant show here in New York.  Coco Mambu certainly made it’s mark with it’s light refreshing taste, and the fusion of coconut water.  Every event doesn’t call for hard liquor; this brand stands out by providing a lighter taste, and tropical edge.  Basically this is not wine, and certainly not Sangria.  This is an option worth considering while breaking away from the norm.

Coco Mambu is a tropically inspired spirit made from rum, coconut water and tropical fruit flavors.  Coco Mambu is 18% alcohol and 20% coconut water.  In all honesty when I think of coconut water, I think of no hang over, and your electrolytes being replenished.  Those are important when considering the morning after a heavy night of drinking, lolll.   On trend with the “Clean Eating” movement, the brand uses  real granulated sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. So for those of you who are on a diet, rest assure every bottle of Coco Mambu equates to 1 Weight Watchers point…. don’t quote me on that, lolll.  Based on a popular Caribbean drink of rum, coconut water, sugar and lime juice, Coco Mambu brings on the tropical taste and tropical vibe.  With a nod to favorite Island flavors, Coco Mambu is offered in Orange Mango and Watermelon Lime varieties.  Serve cold over ice, as part of a cocktail, or with some fizz. Coco Mambu can also be used for the base of party-friendly rum punches, and adds great flavor to a Mojito. Sweet and fruity, with a nice rum bite and a slippery mouth-feel from the coconut water, Coco Mambu is versatile from the pool to the club.

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Coco Mambu is available in NY, CT and NJ with a price point of $15.99 per 750 ml bottle. Available in two delicious varieties, Orange Mango and Watermelon Lime.  Feel free to request it if Coco Mambu is not available at your local Wine & Spirits store.


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Coco Mambu Recipes

Captain Coco:
1.5 parts Coco Mambu Watermelon Lime
1 part spiced rum
Coca Cola
Lots of ice
Good squeeze of fresh lime (and drop in the slice)
Orange Breeze
1.5 parts Coco Mambu Orange Mango
1 part clear rum
Splash of pineapple juice
Club soda
Lots of ice
Good squeeze of fresh lemon (and drop in the slice)
Coco Mojito
1.5 parts Coco Mambu (either flavor – or mix them!)
1 part rum
Good squeeze of two limes (muddle with mint and sugar and drop in the slices)
Small pinch of sugar
Club Soda
Lots of ice
Summer Sweet Tart
1.5 parts Coco Mambu (your favorite flavor)
1 part lemon or lime juice (or mix them together)
As a cold shot, or add a splash of club soda for a longer drink
Thanks, Kitty – let me know what else you need from me.

All remember to drink responsibly 🙂

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