Graduation Commencement Speech for the Undeclared in Life



Commencement Speech for the Undeclared in Life


Currently we are upon graduation season and I always get a kick out of the celebrity guest commencement speeches that offer inspiration to the young adults going off into the world. It dawned on me that there is a large group of people who haven’t figured out where their place in the world is. These people range from high school seniors on to people in their late years that are currently married with children suffering in silence because they don’t have the time and/ or financial freedom to figure it out. Guess what? You are going to be ok! Your existence is a series of ever moving pieces. I would like to take this opportunity to stand here at the podium and give a graduation commencement speech to those of you who are undeclared, overwhelmed, haven’t figured out your purpose, or thought you had it together but then realized you made the wrong choice. This commencement speech is will shine light on your position in life.



There are different groups of people at various stages in life. One group of people have parents that enroll them into activities that help them as children discover their talents early on. The next is a small group of prodigies that were born with fully developed talents; the universe needed their talents to help mankind immediately. Finally there is your group, the group with the most potential because you grow into your talent organically. Sure you feel the pressure of choosing a career, we all do. What makes you special is that once you get over the anxiety of having failed to fly early on, you a can then begin to thoroughly explore the possibilities of a life well lived. Your choices will be without doubt, because you would have taken the time to explore all of your options. In this moment you can go on to make temporary choices that allow you the opportunity to test and perfect the recipe of your life. If you can help it, try not to get locked into anything that will prevent you from developing such as creating debt, ostentatious lifestyles, drug use, etc. In the event that you experience detours or setbacks… just reroute and keep moving forward. No road to greatness is easy, and nothing happens by chance. Some situations are presented early on to prepare us for the next moving piece. Also know that when you encounter someone that appears to have it all together, know that they are working just as hard as you at either figuring it out at whatever stage they are on. Their purpose moves them through life and once you discover yours, you will move with certainty and confidence. Don’t waste time trying to compete with others… your path is front of you, keep your eyes on the road ahead.



Often times I go into deep meditation seeking out my definition of happiness. I ask myself questions like am I happy, what is that underlying thing that is keeping me from being happy, or what am I passionate about in this moment? There were plenty of days when I stayed in bed because I didn’t want to address the issues or became overwhelmed with making monumental choices. For years I had a talent that was right in front of my face, but I mistook it for a hobby. Once it became clear to me that my hobby was actually a talent, I began building a life around it. While the pieces of my life are ever changing, my talent remains fixed. My talent give me purpose, and having purpose makes me happy. As I work at developing my talents, they will morph into something else. Life will also throw in curve balls such as family, children, mortgages, etc. As the pieces change, so will I. As humans, we will forever evolve throughout our lifetime. If you choose not to participate in life, you will disintegrate. Your time is now, this is the point where you hop in the game.



Seeking your place can be a daunting task especially when a lot of your peers appear to be making great strides. In this moment gauge what your interest are. What makes you happy? What brings you joy? If you have no answers then go off the grid and perform a series of experiments. Stop hanging out with friends, cut off the tv, and awaken your senses. Go dance in the rain, volunteer, go to the movies by yourself, purchase and use a random Groupon activity, take a trip…. BY YOURSELF! The purpose of these experiments is to flush out your potential by discovering your likes and dislikes. Keep performing random experiments until you figure out what you’re good at. From that point on your passions will become clear.


Success can only be obtained when you live out your purpose and not someone elses. There are cases when our parents sabotage us by trying to push their professions, failed aspirations, or insecurities onto us. The other scenario is watching our peers take off like a rocket after they have found where their passions lay. The lesson you need to take from this speech is to live your own life! We all peak at different intervals. Your peak may not be in this moment, but while you wait you need to work towards discovering the recipe of your life. The uncategorized have to travel further, experiment more, get over the fear of failing, and/or start over from scratch time and time again until they get it right. You have to be open and honest with yourself, and find the courage to go against society’s expectations of you.



So in conclusion let me ask you… are you currently happy? Why not or why so? Are you capable of being adventurous? If so, know that when you have purpose it stops being work and starts becoming passion. Passion will drive you to make great strides in life. Passion will wake you up in the morning before your alarm clock, and keep going past quitting time. The key is to find your happy.


Good Luck To You, Undeclared, Overwhelmed, Haven’t figured out your purpose, or Thought you had it together but then realized you made the wrong choice… you are now on your way.



3 Lessons Learned in Hawaii, Mexico, Norfolk

Loreto Mexico


At the mid-end of last year I encountered 3 psychics. All of them stated that 2014 would be an amazing year for me. I really took it with a grain of salt since every year since 2010 has sucked… I went through a lot of trials. Trials are a good thing once you stop crying and realize it didn’t kill you (and/or you didn’t need it or them anyway, loll).

I always have to give credit to God for dragging me forward. I am no way no how a perfect Christian. I drink, I curse, I drink some more, and I cope *shrugs* lolll. I am stubborn, and I am always right. I march to my own beat… I live by my own rules. Along the way I lost faith in church. I believe with all of my being in God, but the church is corrupt. With that being said I have no clue why God has not given up on me.

Anyways back to 2014… my life changed dramatically on March 2nd. It went full speed ahead with me riding in the backseat. I have no clue where I am going, but I am thankful and blessed for all the people I have encountered along the way. I am thankful for Hawaii… it really did heal me. It took my problems away, and/or forced the toxic ones to come to a head so that they could release me. I really did feel closer to God in Hawaii. I talked to him, I meditated, I smoked a ton of pot…. God and I had it out and my faith in him is stronger. Hawaii was a spiritual place for me and I wish everyone could experience it. Actually, maybe that was church…. isn’t church anywhere you feel closer to your spiritual center?! Hawaii brought on healing.

Kitty Bradshaw 3

Mexico gave me clarity. Although I was there for a short time, the starkness of it all… the clean lines, the vivid colors… it just made things clear for me.  God was in Mexico too. He didn’t reveal a lot to me while there, but he made it clear that I was on the right path and to press on. There are a lot of days when the path isn’t clear, I feel alone, and/or have ventured so far away from home I sometimes circle back to the familiar. Nope, God revealed he has a plan for me and the more I trust my gut, the quicker I get to my next milestone.

Next was Virginia… God used my friend Mitch Gaynycdad to get me to my next stage. Through Mitch, I met new friend Barb Webb, who damn near scared me to death when she critiqued my writing, lollll. On a much broader level, I met this really strong group of writers that are all accomplished and were so confident in their gift, they shared tips with me and gave me a new direction.

Spirits come to you when you leave yourself open enough for them to appear to you. During my travels, I encountered 2 spirits.  The first was Doris Duke. She is very much alive in her house, and I was so inspired by her life. If you are in Hawaii, please go visit her home, Shangri La… it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. It was so beautiful, I didn’t want to be there without my friends. I love my friends so much, I want them to experience beauty on that level. Ok I am being mushy now, but it was just that beautiful. I learned from Doris Duke’s spirit to make life according to you. You can be what society wants you to be, but you also have to carve out a space of your own aside from family, career, mates. If you live for society, you won’t be remembered. Doris has been dead since the 90s, and her life is still active. I am not quite at the place where I can carve out own space because I haven’t figured out ME just yet…. but I heard loud and clear what she had to say.

Albert Doumar

The 2nd spirit I encountered was Albert Doumar. He had just passed away the night before. His spirit was very much in the room, and he was sad. When our loved ones pass on, we don’t just mourn them, they mourn us as well. The Dourmar legacy lives on the walls of the restaurant, and he lived a good life. Once it sets in for him that he has passed away, he will understand, then sit back and watch the seeds of a life well lived grow into future generations. I want to be in love with my job like Albert was. He had something to live for, and stayed with it until age 98. He came into work everyday, 5 hours a day. I said before through social media that I wish I had met him, but in hindsight I did meet him through the spirit that lingers behind.

I am not done traveling, and can’t wait to encounter both God, and creative characters both living and beyond along the way to get my next lesson. I have changed so much in such a short amount of time. I feel better, I am better, and I want to spread that to others. When much is given, much is expected and I am not a hoarder of life. We all can be better.

Anyways sorry for the lengthy post. Raise your hand if you read it all, loll.


Official Announcement: Changes to the Kitty Bradshaw Site is a lifestyle blog that focuses on inspiration, living bi-coastally, travel, fashion, and technology.

Kitty Bradshaw 2

Dear House Cats-

Today, I would like to announce changes at If you are reading this, you are on the actual site and have noticed the theme change.  As most of you know, I have been doing quite a bit of traveling in the last few months. Through my travels, I have gained great perspective, and found new focus both professionally and personally. With that being said I have decided not to return to New York.

New York has been a great training ground for me. I have grown so much over the last six years, and am walking away knowing that not only did I survive (barely), I did it my way. For the most part I lived as a professional blogger, complete with my very own apartment with no roommates, and a walk in shoe closet. Those are proud accomplishments for someone living in the most expensive city in the country. Of course for every accomplishment, there were ten setbacks. I started to become hardened,  and unaffected. I spent less time looking at the sky, and more time trying to figure out what spot on the podium to stand on in order to land in front of the subway door (New York-ism).

One day during a snowstorm last winter, I was looking out the window and it was grey. One of the Los Angeles bloggers reached out to me and told me about life in Hawaii, and that was the spark that ignited change. I realized in that moment that I no longer had anything to prove in New York, and the universe was telling me it was time to move forward. I left without saying goodbye. I left as quietly as I came in with a suitcase, 200 pairs of shows, and a plane ticket. I gave away all of my furniture, and cried silently on the way to the airport. For the time being, I am homeless, loll. No, not really, but I am bouncing around while I figure out where I want to settle.


New York is the great love of my life… but it was consuming me. I had to get away.


My professional life has also taken a sharp turn. Let me start by saying that I am a blogger through and through. While some are ashamed to claim the term “Blogger”, I am extremely proud to be one. Blogging has taken me places I would have never been able to go on my own by eliminating the entry level/intern process, and making me the head of my own online publication. I was forced to learn quickly, and cross paths with people who shared their knowledge and wisdom. I have been granted more access than someone who went at it the traditional route.   Blogging will always be a vehicle I use to take me to great heights.


Kitty Bradshaw

One thing I want everyone to understand is that I am a writer first. I dream of one day becoming a published author. I want to have articles in magazines, newspapers, and a few books under my belt. With that being said, I want to push towards strengthening my craft, and writing for other sites and publications. My goal is to fuse the roles of blogger and journalist to become a Media Juggernaut that can transition seamlessly between social, knowledge, and creative.

In the last few months I have changed drastically. I no longer see things the same way, my taste buds have changed, and a major load has been lifted. Over the last few weeks, I thought long and hard about a new slogan. One of my favorite poems is, “The Rose That Grew from Concrete” by Tupac Shakur. I decided to pose a question instead of making a statement. My personal blog will revert back to its roots, and become more personal as oppose to technical. More 1st person perspective, while my articles submitted to other publications/sites will be more technical in nature. My new slogan is, “Did you hear about the rose that grew from concrete”. My blog is a follow up to what happens after your life implodes. The answer is you see things differently, and move differently.   That is the voice of the new


I love you House Cats! Thank You for your continued love and support.


-Kitty Bradshaw

Kitty Bradshaw vs The Wig: Freetress Creta Girl #AlohaKitty

 Kitty Bradshaw vs The Wig: Freetress Creta GirlCreta Girl 7

I am in Hawaii for 6 weeks, blah blah blah you know the story.  Prior to coming here, as a black woman I spent about 2 weeks thinking about how I was going to wear my hair.  Also, the last u-Part wig that I wore ripped a plug of my hair out on the side from the braids being way too tight.  I wanted to give my hair a break by leaving it out, but I didn’t want to have to do my hair either in Hawaii.  Between the tropical humidity, beach, water, rain, wind… I refuse to be a slave to my hair.

My aunt and I went to the beauty supply store for hair inspiration and I came across the Freetress Creta Girl Half Wig.  Now, I have a big head so the idea of buying a wig never popped into my head because I can never find one that fits this noggin.  The sales girl persuaded me to try the Creta Girl because of it’s drawstring capabilities, that allows all size heads to enjoy it.

I tried the Freetress Creta Girl wig on, on top of the weave I had on at the time…and guess what *wahLAH* it fit!  I took it out of the packaging, and ran my fingers through it to loosen up the curls a bit.  When you first get it, it comes in a jheri curl pattern.  Finger through to your desired curl pattern, but not too much because the less you do to it, the longer it last.  I also went on YouTube to get some style inspiration.  I cut it a bit to frame it to my face.

Freetress Creta Girl

Maintenance:  so I don’t put any product in it.  With synthetic hair, it can go left real quick.  Also, try to get the wig in your natural color.  Synthetic hair most of the time does not look good in shades of blond.  Also, my hair is not braided underneath to allow me to maintenance my real hair on a daily basis. I take the wig off at night, and I don’t wear it every day.  I toggle between wearing turbans and the Freetress Creta Girl Wig. With full time, 24/7 use…the wig will last one month.  If you rely on it part time like me, you can get about 3 months wear out of it.  I saw one girl on YouTube who rocked hers for a year and it looked good despite the curls being gone.  I paid $26.99 for my wig, but you can find it online much cheaper.

Outside of that, it looks very natural. If it wasn’t for the trade winds in Hawaii, I would leave my hair 100% under the Freetress Creta Girl wig… but since the wind likes to come along and play with my hair, I leave my edges out to cover up the front band of the wig so that it will blend naturally.  I think that covers everything… post your questions in the comments section!

Kitty in Hawaii

P.S. I have worn the wig for about 2 weeks now, and the plug of hair that was pulled out, has started to grown back.  This wig is a blessing because it gave me an option that was both healthy and protective of my real hair.


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Week of Reflection in Hawaii: Vision of Happiness #AlohaKitty

Week of Reflection in Hawaii: Vision of Happiness
Reflection in Hawaii


Often times we get so caught up in the negative, that we lose sight of the “Happy“.  I am here in Hawaii to not only sort out the negative, but also create a plan towards happy.  In my current state of mind, I am not happy- my soul is exhausted.  Hawaii is definitely helping with the healing process by putting me in a beautiful, beachfront, solitary confinement. Within confinement, I am resting, praying, writing, and thinking.  This post is going to be perfect to me because I am going to close my eyes and write what my vision of happy is.  This is my reflection in Hawaii…

Happiness is to me being on the beach.  Laying in the sand and just watching the waves.  Happiness is having friends that are genuinely my friends.  I want to maintain friendships where mutual trust can be established, and we have each others backs.  I would like to know what it feels like to not be alone; no one is ever happy being alone. I think happiness is in the process that it takes to get there.  I want to be apart of, contribute to, learn from, and reciprocate from.  I want family.  I know that in order to have family, I will have to create that on my own.  I want my own family where I can cater and be loyal to them and in turn they both love and care about me.  I am not asking for them to be perfect; but I don’t want them to be level 10 dysfunctional.  I know that is possible because I see other people with 90% solid family structure.

I want to be a mom more than anything, thank is my ultimate state of happy.  I have always wanted to be a mom, but I wanted a husband first.  Honestly, I want to be a mom more than anything.  I would make their lunches everyday, then take the kids to soccer practice while the maid cleaned the house.  I want to get married to someone who needs me as much as I need him.  I would like to marry a man who is a leader!  A man that both mentally stimulates me and challenges me to be better.  Those are the things I would in-turn offer to him twice over.  I would like a successful husband who has vision.  I would take his vision and make it my own.  I would wake up and go to sleep with his vision everyday until he made it happen.  I would be his support and second in command…. us against the world.  He would see me as an asset.  Together, both my husband and I would be positive examples to our kids, and within our community. First and foremost he must have a relationship with God.

I think the above is a good start.  I have the beach, I have real friends… I am going to start speaking and praying for the other things into existence.  Every time the bad comes up, I can use this as my guide.

Week of Reflection in Hawaii: Vision of Happiness


A Week of Reflection in Hawaii… #AlohaKitty



I have been in Hawaii for one week now, and I am just starting to work on trying to relax.  I don’t know how to sit still and just breathe.  I have been wound up so tight for so long, I don’t know how to function any differently.  I’ve spent the last 8 years on the east coast fighting to survive.  Although some may say I lived a successful existence there, in my opinion I didn’t have a lot to show for it.  I lost way more than I gained… I guess now that I think about it, those of us who choose to live in New York suffer from gamblers addiction.  We keep our hand in the game looking to catch a lucky break.  While others make great strides in other places, we stand at the same casino hoping to win.  New York is a crap shoot, and when you don’t win you become hardened.

I came to Hawaii to pull myself out of the game.  I want to be happy and New York was beginning to harden me.  It was making me successful through business, but I still wasn’t fulfilled.  Now to be fair, I don’t blame New York for my circumstances.  You can’t blame the dealer, but at the same time have to take responsibility for making the decision to sit down at the table.  Welp, I made the decision to escape my life and New York. I don’t just want to survive, I want to be happy.  Prior to moving to the east coast I had the patience of Job, fighting to hold on to relationships… turning the other cheek, dumbing myself down, burying my head in the sand for others.  I honestly can say I did that because I thought love and happiness meant always sacrificing while searching for a feeling.  I now know that love is not a feeling, it is a choice.  Everyone around me looked out for themselves while I chased them seeking love.  When all is said and done, I am 35 and have never experienced real love.  I chased my mom, I chased my dad, I chased my step dad, I chased various family members, I chased Mr. Bradshaw.  What I mean by chase is I just wanted them to love me in return, and nothing I ever did was worthy of it.

While here in Hawaii, I am sorting out my truth.  I am using this time to clear my head and figure out how to exist in my world.  Last Week: my task was to figure out whose who on the chess board.  This week:  visualize happiness.  Hopefully by the end of this trip I will be able to get to a state of relaxation.  For right now, I am just worn out and alone.

A week of reflection in Hawaii…


How I ended up in Hawaii at Gunpoint! #AlohaKitty

Kitty in Hawaii


One day I was sitting in my office in New York, watching the snow fall.  I was bundled up, and was just existing through yet another snow storm.  One of the Los Angeles bloggers reached out and talked about how he had rented a place with one of his college friends.  From thus point, an idea was born.  Ok, maybe I wasn’t sent here at gunpoint… but it didn’t take much for me to purchase a plane ticket and leave the snowy east coast for authentic good mornings, and better coffee.  I was in the process of moving out of my apartment and needed a place to go and retreat from life.  Also, during this time, I was in the beginning stages of piecing together an outline for my book.

I started my decent into paradise by making a 2 week pit stop in Los Angeles to reconnect with family, and drop off my belongings.  I spent the first week sick due to the change in climates as I went from extreme cold to extreme perfect temperature.  During my sick time, I reached out to several editor friends of mine and offered my freelancer services.  Side Note:  I will be submitting articles to the (wine & spirits) and (travelers guide) in the coming weeks.


Kitty in Hawaii 3

They say that if you stay longer than 14 days in Hawaii, you don’t come back to the mainland.  While on the plane preparing for landing, my first glimpse of paradise was beyond breathtaking.  It called out to my soul, and grabbed my heart.  Before hitting ground, I contemplated never going back…. it was that beautiful.  There are so many transplants here from various places around the world.  One thing they all have in common is they came here to escape something.  Two days after being here, I extended my trip by 2 weeks to make it a total of 6 weeks.  Today marks the first week in, and although it is beyond beautiful here I know that it is not meant for me to stay here permanently. but I will use this time to create, explore, pray, think, write.

Kitty in Hawaii 2

Before I came here, I wasn’t sure if it would happen.  I wasn’t sure if I was deserving of this experience.  Life has made me accustomed to the bad, the heartbreak, the misfortune.  I am 35 years old, and have never taken a vacation.  Even know this is not a vacation as I still continue to work.  However, I am learning to have more and more days where I lay on the beach and disconnect.  Please, follow the blog for updates, Instagram for pictures, and FaceBook/ Twitter for my thoughts in real time.  Also be sure to follow/use the hashtag #AlohaKitty

Kitty in Hawaii 4

Kitty Bradshaw: Surviving Abuse and Depression #DayOfLight

Kitty Bradshaw: Surviving Abuse and Depression #DayOfLight

I am participating in #DayOfLight. #DayOfLight was created to shine a light on depression, and share resources for those who are struggling with the mental illness. Bloggers from all over the country are collaborating on Wednesday, February 5th to flood social media with personal stories about living with depression, and accurate information on managing and living with the mental illness.


Kitty Bradshaw

My various stages through depression can be seen on my site here, here, and here. Honestly, I don’t know how I clawed my way out of it… actually I do; God, and God alone! I spent a lot of my 20s depressed, crying, frustrated, without a voice. Most people don’t talk about being depressed, because they don’t want to be labeled as being crazy… well guess what, we are all crazy! I, for one, appreciate a person who can own up to their crazy, as oppose to a person who denies it. That baggage festers and manifest into other things such as anxiety, hoarding, hair loss…. yep I went through all of those things because I was a child, could not deal with the challenges in front of me, and therefore became depressed.

I had an abusive parent who used the Bible to manipulate me. With everything going on, I was also trying to be the “Perfect Christian“. As a child there were times when I wanted to die. I remember actually wanting to die around ages of 10-12. I couldn’t speak up for myself, I didn’t have an advocate… I was just lost. My next phase was to stop all communication with God. I stopped praying… I felt as if I had these adults who weren’t there for me, maybe God wasn’t there for me either. I spent a lot of my time crying as a child. Not because I was a cry baby, but because I was unhappy. This is when the hoarding started… messy child? NO! I started bringing things into my room, never taking them back out. The things would never spill outside of my room; I would keep everything locked up.

When I was in my early 20s, I started having anxiety attacks to the point where I felt as if I were having a heart attack. Christians don’t get depressed, and even if they do… we are not allowed to. In my darkest hour, I remember silently crying in my bed, amongst the mountain of stuff in my room… pleading to God for change. I didn’t know what to pray for, I just begged for a change.

Kitty Bradshaw

Just please God release me from this… please give me a change

It was the purest thing that ever came out of my mouth… I swear I was so deep in, I don’t even know how I found enough clarity to plead to God for help. Within 7 days, I got laid off from my job, lolll. Honestly, I was so deep into depression and at rock bottom…. while most people would have went postal, I just accepted it along with everything else. During that time, I think that God must have sent an Angel to posses me. I don’t remember the how, but I do know that the impossible happened. On paper, this doesn’t make sense… so please understand that I was so far gone… beyond hopeless… without light. Something beyond me, outside of me decided that I was going to move to the east coast without having a friend there. I moved to Maryland and didn’t know one single person. I have no clue why I did that, nor remember the decision making process, loll. It was decided for me. That same power cleaned up my room. I can say this out loud, because I have been delivered from it…. I WAS A HOARDER. That same power wasn’t ashamed to ask for people to come and help me. That same power told the person I fear the most, my abuser, that I was leaving, and was ready to fight her- my mother.

*sighs* I am tearing up as I write this… Thank You Father for saving me. Thank You Father for releasing me.

Unfortunately that worst was yet to come… and during that time I began to lose my hair. I moved to the east coast, but still didn’t know what the root of the problem was. Although, I can say that my mom is an abuser…. when she was in my life, I didn’t see her as that. She was my mom. Christians don’t have abusive parents; we are supposed to honor our parents so that our days will be long. No one talks about abuse in the Christian church because it simply just doesn’t happen. Once again, I pleaded to God while sobbing.

If you are the God that everyone talks about, that loves me… please accept my decision to remove her from my life. I can’t take this anymore, my hair is falling out, I have knots in my stomach, I am having anxiety attacks, she is making me physically sick…. I can’t do this anymore

I have not spoken to my mom since 2010, and the moment that I made that decision I felt this incredible burden lift from my shoulders. The knots went away, my hair stopped falling out. The anxiety attacks stopped, and the sense of hopelessness lifted which in turn made my struggles with Hoarding go away. Once I removed the toxic person in my life, the sickness went away. Additionally, I have not been back to church since removing my mom. Don’t get me wrong, my relationship with God is the strongest that it has ever been; I have my own independent relationship with him. I am not telling anyone else to follow suit… I am just doing what is best for me. When I have children, I will attend church to set an example. My moral foundation came from attending church, and I want my kids to have the same…. but for right now It is just not in me to attend.


Last year was full of test for me… there is still one final test which is finding out the true identity of my biological father… but I am more prepared, and most importantly have a voice. God and I are like BFF’s… I don’t pray, we converse. We talk out all my issues and he answers. I can honestly say that I am HAPPY! I am on this path, and know that my purpose is to be a light to others as much as I possibly can. I am writing a book on being a bastard, and finding father. I am not a victim, I am a survivor of abuse and depression. I am a rose that grew from concrete.






Blog Consulting (UPDATED 1/17/2014)

hire me


I have a passion for Blogging.  I have been Blogging for 17 years, and have run an increasingly popular website for the past 5 years.  After the first year of owning, I landed a one year Gap Sponsorship, as a GAP BRAND ENTHUSIAST.  Since then, my sponsors have included Johnson & Johnson, Smirnoff Vodka, Time Out New York, TJ Maxx, General Motors, Best Buy, Samsung and Nina Shoes to name a few.

I offer one-on-one Blog Startup and Brand Marketing consultation packages (via telephone, or in person) for those interested in starting, pursuing, and mastering the art and business of Blogging.

Blog Startup Consultation

I will answer any questions and teach you the necessary tools needed to successfully start and manage your Blog. The Q + A session will not only provide a foolproof strategy regarding the development of your blog, but together we will brainstorm whether 3rd Party Hosting or Self Hosting is the right option for you.  Additionally, we will plan marketing strategies and promotional campaigns for your website.

Included in the writing consultation package:

  • How to start (Cost, Hosting Options, Design)
  • Picking a niche (Exploring your passions, creating a niche to build your Blog around, determining your three keywords for your website)
  • SEO Basics (Tips to help ensure your website is on the right track to prime Search Engine Optimization)
  • Referrals (Coders, Hosting Companies, Graphic Designers, Web Designers)

Brand Marketing Consultation

I will help you build a personal brand that GRABS attention and grows your Blog readership and/or membership.

  • Blog Brand Strategy/Planning (Defining your vision, positioning and messaging)
  • Blog Brand Identity (Naming your business, brainstorming logo ideas, design, brand launch, etc.)
  • Blog Monetizing (Exploring different options for making money online)
  • Blog Critiques (For existing Blogs looking to graduate to professional Blogging)
  • Internet and Social Media Marketing, and much more

For serious inquiries, please contact me here and I’ll contact you within 24 hours.

Kitty’s Appointment Length: 60 minutes

Kitty’s Appointment Fee: $90