NYC Events: Best Buy & Drake Album Release #NWTS


Yesterday in NYC at the Best Buy in NoHo, Drake celebrated the release of his new album by meeting with fans and signing cds.  Over 2000 fans lined up around Broadway and down Bleeker street for the chance to meet the Canadian born rapper.  As a Brand Ambassador for Best Buy, I had exclusive VIP access at the event, and had the chance to witness Drake fans dreams come true by meeting with the rapper and taking pictures.  Something that I thought was both amazing and interesting; Drake took pictures of his fans and posted them on his Instagram timeline along with their names.  Within seconds thousands of people from around the world were both liking the photos and congratulating the lucky fans.  I thought this was a great marketing tool, and a way of making his fans feel special in that moment.  Of course by the time I made it up to him, his phone had died… but I managed to make my mark by accidentally photo bombing a few of the fans and being the only person who was able to take a “selfie” with the star, lolll.


Best Buy Drake8 Best Buy Drake9


I must commend Best Buy on pulling off this event seamlessly.  I have never been in a small space with a ton of fans trying to get to one person.  Best Buy store manager, Amy Adoniz and her team pulled this event without a hitch on Madison Square Garden proportions.  There was no shuffles, no fighting, and the lines were organized while customers were allowed to continue shopping in the store during this event.  When I left the store, the front of the store was immaculately clean.  You would have never known that thousands of fans were just outside the store not even an hour before.  Yes, I know Amy personally…. and let me be the first to say I COULD NEVER DO HER JOB!!!! lolll


Prior to the event, Amy/ Best Buy negotiated to have Drake spend time with the store employees.  They were able to get autographs, take pictures individually, and as a group.  Additionally, a few of them made it onto his Instagram timeline.   Drake displayed true class while at this event, and rightfully earned the loyalty of his fans all around.

Drake Album Release:  Fans Waiting in Line







And let’s not forget about DJ SNS who kept the crowd festive while they waiting in line for Drake….














A Few Selfies…

Best Buy Drake26























NYC Music: For Ratchet Music Lovers @DJLobo App



Hey House Cats-

So yesterday I was rolling around The Bronx in a cab, and the driver was bumping this awesome ratchet mix on his sound system.  The mix was so good I almost started twerking in the back of the cab, lollll.  No, no, no I am far too much of a lady to do that :)   So anyways when my cab ride concluded, I started drilling the driver with questions on where he got the mix from.  He responded back with Lobo, in his thick Spanish accent he said D-J-L-O-B-O.  Apparently everyone in The Bronx knows about DJ Lobo *shrugs*.  The driver told me to download the app for every type of music from Spanish and Dancehall to Hip Hop, and everything in between.  He told me it was free, just go there and get whatever I need.  I went home and signed up for the newsletter, and downloaded the app to my droid.  Let me add that DJ Lobo’s specialty is actually Spanish music, but ratchet music is so mainstream right now… I decided to promote those mixes on his site.

Let me say that I have never heard of a DJ having his own app.  Not only does DJ Lobo have his own app, the app is actually pretty good.  Dare I say it is now on my Top 5 Apps list…right under the Nordstrom app, lolll?!   I love how I can listen to the mixes on my phone and also download them for offline for use when I am underground on the train.  The app is extremely user friendly.  I highly suggest you all visit the DJ Lobo site, and download the app.  Now all there is left to do is find out who designed the app for him… I need one for my site, lolll.

Dj Lobo


My Favorite Mix ===> 11. DJ LOBO HIP HOP MIX 02

If you love Ratchet Music… what are your current favorite tracks?



Kitty Bradshaw DJs and Produces Beats at @ScratchAcademy NYC

Last week, I had the exclusive opportunity to tour and take one-on-one lessons at the Scratch Academy here in New York. I had been hearing about the school for a while, but was never able to go and see it for myself until last Thursday. Once I was confirmed to attend, I immediately started tweeting the heck out of Producer Ski Beatz, loll. Ski Beats was super cool about it, and a very enthusiastic teacher. I got a crash course in producing beats in the studio…. how cool is that?!?!?!

Scratch Academy3

Initially, I thought I would only be learning how to scratch on the turntables… but to my surprise I also go the studio experience. After Ski Beatz class was over, I left with a new found respect for producers. I discovered that producers are artist…. they make art with their ears. I know now that you have to have a great deal of talent, a keen ear, and a tremendous amount of rhythm to become a great producer. As I explained to some of you on Twitter… I am an artist, my talent as a writer allows me to create art with words. It was a total head rush to express art through a different channel. I soaked up the experience completely and highly recommend that anyone with a passion for music check out Scratch Academy.

My next course was that of learning how to spin on the turn tables. I was so stoked!!!! Although, I can not remember the name of my teacher…. he was an industry veteran, and extremely patient as I drilled him with questions on how to become a successful DJ. He explained to me how it was important to learn how to spin on vinyl as oppose to relying on tracks from the computer. Not only is it a better sound, it makes you more credible in the industry. Under his teachings, I learned three different scratches… and I got to master the “Transformer Scratch”, which is supposed to be the most difficult.

All-in-All I had a GREAT TIME!!!!!

Scratch Academy

Address: 32 Cooper Square #2, New York, NY 10003
Phone:(212) 529-1599


Scratch AcademyScratch Academy8Scratch Academy7Scratch Academy6


Scratch Academy4Scratch Academy2Scratch Academy3







Scratch Academy5















[CONTEST CLOSED WINNERS POSTED] Win chance to meet Mindless Behavior….

 Mindless Behavior Contest


Winners Below:




Enter to win your chance to meet Mindless Behavior at the

All Around The World Screening on Tuesday, March 12th 5pm!


Mindless Behavior is hosting a Meet & Greet before the screening of their first movie MINDLESS BEHAVIOR ALL AROUND THE WORLD!

10 winners (and a guest) will receive screening passes!  Note: Travel expenses are NOT included.  It is up to you, to get to New York on your own.  I am only giving away the passes, and the exclusive opportunity to meet Mindless Behavior while they are in New York.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


NOTE: Just in case the above Rafflecopter does not work for you… follow the below steps (leave a comment below letting me know which accounts you followed):

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6. Leave a comment below letting me know who your favorite member of Mindless Behavior is.

7. BONUS: Earn extra chances to win by leaving comments on other post around


So if you are a loyal reader (House Cat), I am sure wondering why I keep posting about Mindless Behavior.  The reason is… I think they are so cute, and most of them are from my hometown!!!  I posted about them a year ago, and now I work with their PR team whenever they pay a visit to New York.  They were here a few weeks back, and I got the opportunity to meet them.  They were so completely nice, and their movie was surprisingly good.


Fast forward to now…. the Mindless Behavior Team reached out to me again to see if I was interested in hosting a contest on my website and of course I accepted.  I am offering 10 lucky winners the chance to meet Ray Ray, Roc Royal, Prodigy, and Princeton during their next visit to New York on Tuesday, March 12th (after school of course, lolll).  Additionally, you will get to attend the screening in the Kitty Bradshaw section.  All you need to do to enter is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter above.  You can enter once a day to increase your chances…. Good Luck :)




Terms and Conditions

1. Contest open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington, D.C.

2. Winners will be notified via email. Please be sure to include a valid email address when leaving your comment on the “[CONTEST] Enter to win your chance to meet Mindless Behavior in NYC!” post.

3. Winners may not transfer prize rights nor obtain substitutions or cash redemptions. All taxes on prizes and incidental expenses not specified in the above prize descriptions are solely the responsibility of winners. Offer void where prohibited by law.

4. and Sponsors reserves the right to disqualify anyone who, in their opinion, has tampered with or disrupted the entry process or operation of this contest or violated the rules. If the contest cannot be run as planned for any reason, including technical problems, sponsors reserve the right to cancel, curtail, modify or suspend the contest.

5. Winners will be announced on Saturday, March 9, 2013.


Brooklyn: DeeJay Element WINS Flavor Battle 2013

DeeJay Element FlavorBattle_2013


 McDonalds Flavor Battle 2013

On February 7th, DeeJay Element of Brooklyn, NY, won McDonalds Flavor Battle 2013 competition in Miami. Flavor Battle 2013 kicked off in New York back in November with a total of 24 DJs representing each region in the US.  We had the Big Macs in the West, the Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese in the Central United States, and Angus Third Pounders in the East.  Over  400,000 fans casted their votes online which helped to come up with three finalist (DJ Arty J, DJ Element and DJ Jena Red).  The Flavor Battle 2013 finale was hosted by Hot97 resident DJ, industry legend Funkmaster Flex and featured DJ Clue, Just Blaze, Spinderella, Rock T., and last years winner DJ Rock One as celebrity judges.

In addition, entertainment/celebrity blogger and my Fairy Blog Mama, Necole Bitchie served as the social media correspondent for the invite-only affair where DJ Element, reppin’ the East Coast, was named America’s hottest emerging DJ and crowned the McDonald’s Flavor Battle 2013 Champion.

Above is one of DeeJay Element’s older mixes. This will give you an idea of why he made it to Flavor Battle 2013 and WON!  Check out his site for more music:



A product of the North East with over twelve years of experience in the music industry, Joseph Montana a.k.a. DeeJay Element, enhances every performance with his talent, creative style and personality. A true professional with attention to detail has made him a highly sought after producer as well as performer at events and in the club scene.

Currently on tour with Soul Khan, Sene and Brown Bag AllStars in the dual roles of DJ and producer. With a variety of mixed tapes such as; Shots Fired, Element and Brace Volume 1, Classic Traffic, The Official 2010 CMJ Mix Tape and The Brown Tape to his credit, Joe’s diversity has landed him club gigs at the VooDoo Lounge and Scratch Academy in NYC, a radio show on 102.3 KISS FM from 2003-2006, along with prestigious events with Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion Night Out, Sephora, Rock Steady 33rd Anniversary, A3C Hip Hop Festival, and the X Games.

Mindless Behavior in New York #TeamMindless #mysmartercommerce


Mindless Behavior in New York

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the New York movie premiere of “All Around the World”, a documentary following the lives of the members of Mindless Behavior.  The group consist of Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal.  Me… along with hundreds of young girls (and a few boys, heeyyyyy) got to watch this film.  I used #mysmartercommerce to document and recap this experience through my website and other Social Networks. In complete disclosure… although I am familiar with the group Mindless Behavior, I can’t say that I know much about them.  This post is being written from a non biased standpoint.


One thing that stood out for me is that I have attended a few movie premieres in my day and I was so very impressed by the fact that the boys not only made an appearance; they stayed in the movie theater and watched the film with us.  They were so very personable and engaging.  I had the opportunity to spend time with the boys before they entered the theater to introduce the film.  I walked upon them huddled in a group with their manager praying before making their appearance.  Afterwards, it was really important to them to take pictures… not for vanity, but to make each moment count by capturing the quiet moments to remain humble.  The significance of this is when no one is looking, they are still well bred, present, and genuinely nice boys.  I hope that these characteristics never leave them as they maneuver through the pits of the entertainment industry.  I have come across some rude, self serving celebrities and Mindless Behavior is the total opposite of that.

Mindless Behavior

Now on to the movie… hmmm “All around the World“, more like “All Around California”, lollll.  A lot of the filming was done in my hometown which is also where most of the members of Mindless Behavior are from.  This film talks about how they got started, what their day to day process is, insight from their parents, and the important role that their fans play in their overall success.


“My so was way too talented to stay performing in my living room” -Father of Prodigy


If you are in love with any of the members of Mindless Behavior, you will certainly be in for a treat with this movie as the boys periodically workout and practice without their shirts.  Judging by the screams from the young ladies in attendance, this will certainly help to draw large box office success for this film.  This movie wasn’t just about performing; we also saw the groups commitment to community service and playing it forward.  The movie showed the boys visiting various charities, and paying special attention to children with special needs throughout the tour.  They also paid homage to groups who did it before them… The Jackson 5.  I won’t give the movie away, but for someone who didn’t walk into this movie premiere being an über fan, I left with a better understanding of who they are as Mindless Behavior the group, and as individuals.  I was not bored at any point during this movie…. but then again it could have been the screams from the girls in the audience that kept me alert, lolll.  From a parents standpoint…. if you are taking your young daughter (or son… heeyyyyy lolll) to see this movie you will not be bored.  If anything, you will be at ease knowing that your child chose these wholesome young men over other ratchet artist in the industry.

GO SEE THIS MOVIE… it opens March 15th!!!!

Mindless Behavior


Mindless Behavior 9 SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Mindless Behavior Princeton2 Mindless Behavior

J&R MusicFest 2012 – Day1: Talib Kweli & DMX (@JandR)


Last week, J&R Electronics hosted their 17th Annual August MusicFest which boast some of the industries best.  The first day included Talib Kweli and DMX performing the hits that made them famous.  Both veterans impressed me with their energy and stage presence.  Let’s be real not all artist can maintain their artistry over a period of time….  and in this day and age some never had it to begin with.

Talib Kewli and DMX are the gold standard (with the exception of DMX showing up an hour late). Although, I have seen DMX perform several times throughout his career, this was my first time seeing Kweli perform.  I briefly had a chance to speak with him, and I found him to be extremely nice and accommodated this little Blogger’s request for pictures.  After his performance, he attempted to wait for Mr. DMX to arrive, but the wait became too much and he left.

Other highlights include me getting to take home DMX’s sweaty towel, lolll.  DMX took a few minutes to comment on how his towel was dingy.  He questioned where the towel had been prior to him using it.  I got this whole exchange on video, and I was also excited to take the towel home :)

Blow are pictures and video from Day 1 of the J&R MusicFest held here in New York City.









Day 3: J&R MusicFest 2012: Bari Koral



This is pictures and video recorded on September 2, 2012 at the J&R Music Store in Manhattan.


Dubbed the ‘IT girl’ in kids/family music by NY Magazine and ‘Sheryl Crow for kids’ by the New York Post, Bari Koral is a popular kids/family recording artist. Bari is known for writing great tunes for children (and adults) that are played constantly on toddler radio stations such as Sirius/XM Kids, Music Choice and preschool TV channels. The band’s debut full length album Rock and Roll Garden won the NAPPA Gold Award and Silver Parents’ Choice award as best album for tots. Their acclaimed new album Anna and the Cupcakes was chosen as one of the top cool albums for kids by People Magazine.


VIP Parking During the Show…


Day 3: J&R MusicFest 2012: Jitterbugs


This is pictures and video recorded on September 2, 2012 at the J&R Music Store in Manhattan.


Jitterbugs is a retro-style music class for children ages newborn to five years and their adult. Jitterbugs has been hailed by parents as “the best class in the city” and “an absolute joy of a class.” It was named in New York Magazine’s Best of New York 2011 issue and has been featured in Time Out New York Kids, the New York Times, the Brooklyn Paper and Mommy Poppins.

Jitterbugs classes feature classic kids music and familiar tunes from the 1920s through the 1970s. Created by educator, musician and mom, Karen Kalafatas (Karen “K”), Jitterbugs develops your child’s life-long love of music through a toe-tapping, hand-clapping experience each week, and leaves you feeling like a kid all over again.


J&R MusicFest Schedule 2012


MusicFest 2012

August 23rd – 26th
Performances at 23 Park Row
See event page for schedule

Come down to J&R August 23rd – 26th for our 18th annual MusicFest and Tech Expo.  Throughout the event, we will have big names in music performing live in our 23 Park Row store. DMX, Talib Kweli & Miguel just to name a few.  In addtion to the music, we have block-wide savings, product demos and give-a-ways!


Thur. Aug. 23rd

23 Park Row
Show starts at 5:00pm.

  • Special Guest
  • Talib Kweli
  • DMX – Pre-order the new DMX CD Undisputed in-store and receive a wristband, while supplies last, to an exclusive meet and greet with DMX after the show.

Fri. Aug. 24th

23 Park Row
Show starts at 5:00pm.


Sat. Aug. 25th

23 Park Row
Show starts at 1:00pm.

  • Q&A Panel: “The Rennaisance of Vinyl in the Digital Age”
  • Q&A Panel: Hercules Presents “Digital Core, Analog Roots”
  • Diggy – Autograph Signing Only
  • Jillette Johnson
  • Special Guest