New York Events: OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington Launch Party

New York Events: OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington Launch Party

Clark+Kensington Launch Event 7

OPI Nail Laquer just hosted an event to launch their collaboration with Ace Hardware and Clark+Kensington interior paint.  They created beautiful color palettes for your nails and home based on the themes of romance, the artist and those who are Wild Heart themes.

Clark+Kensington Launch Event 2

Full sized interior designed roomscapes were presented at the party with the designers on hand to give out decorating tips and discuss their use of colors. The Artist’s room held an eclectic mix of patterns and bold colors like Mainely Lobster, Green Grape and Miami Beet. The furniture styles took from various world cultures. The romantic bedroom had sultry red or buff nude shades and softly textured fabrics.

Clark+Kensington Launch Event 3

Guests sipped on Prosecco and nibbled on what a fellow blogger deemed the best crab cake she had ever tasted. Nail stylists from OPI were on hand to give you a lacquer change to test drive the new colors.

Clark+Kensington Launch Event 4

I gravitated towards the Wild Heart theme. The bathroom vignette held cool, bolder hues. Nathan, a designer from the Wild Heart theme gave the best tip for using dark or bold colors on the walls.  He said to complement the color by using artwork with a lot of white space, or a lot of bright white in your furniture.   He paired the dark teal walls with white porcelain and slate grey curtains. The manicure I received from the OPI team contained Do You Lilac It and the pastel blue Can’t Find My Czechbook.

Clark+Kensington Launch Event 5

Paint is still the cheapest, easiest way to update your home when you want a change of style or try a trend. The same goes for trying out a new nail lacquer to freshen up your personal look.  I never imagined I could make Ace Hardware the destination where I would shop for both!

Clark+Kensington Launch Event 6  Clark+Kensington Launch Event

-Mariana Leung, publisher of

Heidi Klum hosted Dr. Scholl’s NYC Event to Launch DreamWalk

DreamWalk 6

Heidi Klum hosted an intimate event with  Dr. Scholl’s to launch DreamWalk Wednesday.   DreamWalk is a line of products aimed to make the most fashionable heels more friendly.

While Jimmy Choos and Louboutins look fierce.  Every woman who has worn them can attest to the amount of pain they experience at the end of an evening.

So here is where old-school footwear specialists Dr. Scholl’s come in.  Some of the new helpers include High Heel Insoles. These make stilettos more comfortable via gel arch supports that take the pressure off the ball of the food and wicking fabric that keep feet dry.  There are DreamWalk Sole Expressions Heel Liners that prevent blisters and help fit. There are lots of cushions, creams and files to help your feet after taking those shoes off too.

As a supermodel and tv host, Heidi Klum has spent her share of hours in painful shoes.  The launch event even had monster-like representations of how bad shoes feel (which actually would make for fun footwear).  Together with refreshing mocktails and experts to give your own problem heels some foot therapy, Heidi chatted with guests about her own experience in the quest for shoe comfort.

I know I can’t part with my favorite pumps.  At least I know I have allies to keep me sane.


-Mariana Leung, Ms. Fabulous

Ms.FABulous Media



DreamWalk 2 DreamWalk 3 DreamWalk 4 DreamWalk 5  DreamWalk

New York Events: How to become a Model #LifeOfAWorkingModel

New York Events: How to Become A Model

want to be a model

ATTENTION ALL ASPIRING & NEW MODELS:  Successful model and actress, Liris Crosse, has been a working model for over a decade now and is ready to share some of her secrets from the industry by hosting a model boot camp for those of you wanting to learn to learn how to become a model.  This event will take place on Saturday, January 18, 2014 in New York. The boot camp is open to all types of models, which includes plus, straight size, catalog, editorial, commercial, fit, runway, beauty & glamor modeling! Also acting experience will be touched on! Liris will cover everything from breaking into the industry to how to maintain it while covering photos, agencies, runway, model bags, clothing choice, castings & etc!


Not only will you receive a wealth of information that can be applied immediately, the cost for attendance is extremely affordable. 2014 is the year to make your dreams happen!  The first step is seeking out those who have paved the way.  I know Liris Crosse personally, I can I say that she is one of the few models actually doing it while allowing accessibility to those looking to break into the industry. I can call her at any point, only to learn that she is off on some exotic location working, loll.  For any questions or to register: !!


Each attendee will receive a giftbag provided by Nadege Cosmetics. Also, guest industry insiders will be there to share info such as the creative director from Ashley Stewart, a scout from the Miss Plus USA pageant, and other working models & fashion industry friends! Details as far as what to bring will be sent ASAP to all who are registered. HOPE  TO SEE YOU THERE!!!






Times Square New Years Eve Tips

Times Square New Years Eve Tips, ball drop, nye, nyc

Times Square New Years Eve Tips- I don’t have any plans for New Years Eve next week, and have been thinking about going to Times Square to watch the ball drop.  Of course this is something I have never done before, so my New York House Cats have been snickering at me while claiming this is a bad idea, loll.  After thoroughly researching, I learned that you damn near have to stand outside for 24 hours just to get prime location.  In addition, you have to fight the elements.  *sighs* So I am seriously reconsidering this plan.  Three of my House Cats were so kind as to provide a few tips for those of you who plan to defy all odds and go out to watch the ball drop in Times Square.

 Times Square New Years Eve Tips

1. Wear as many layers as possible.

2. Put your liquor in a soda bottle.

3. Try not to get sloppy drunk, police presence will be in full force and they will be looking for a reason to NOT arrest you.

4.  Bring someone with you that you want to kiss at midnight because if you don’t, a perfect stronger will walk right up and plant one on you before you have the chance to bat an eyelash.

5. Bring ample snacks… food resources are limited.

6. Get there first thing in the morning of New Years Eve…. that is the only way you will have a good spot.  Remember that people fly in from all over the world to watch the ball drop in Times Square.

7. Bring an extra cell phone battery or portable cell phone charger.

8. Pack a roll of toilet tissue and hand sanitizer.  You are going to be about that “Port-o-Potty life” lollll

9. Secure all belongings…. pick pockets will be trying to secure your valuables for you.

10. Be camera ready… the news media will be out filming close up and areal shots.    Depending on how close you are tot he action, there is a good chance you will be picked up on tv.

 Thank You Daryll, Joyll, and Zoe !!!!


New York Events: 2013 Most Gifted Wrapper Contest #giftwrap #tape #holidays

 New York Events: 2013 Most Gifted Wrapper Contest


Have you ever considered gift wrapping a go-kart or a 7.5-foot-wide paddle boat and canopy? Eight of America’s most gifted wrappers competed for the chance to win $10,000 in the 17th annual Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest. The competition was held on December 6th in Manhattan at Bryant Park.  Attendees had the opportunity to get gift wrapping tips from the eight contest finalist, and last years winner, Alton DuLaney.

 This year’s winner was non other than Patricia Zapata from Kingwood, Texas! The first runner-up, Melinda Cantor from Deer Park, N.Y., received a $2,500 cash prize. Cantor owns Only You Gifts in Islip, N.Y.


Zapata offers these DIY gift wrap tips to get creative this holiday season:

  • Chalk it up: Search the Internet for printable chalkboard gift wrap. With just a chalk marker, send your recipient personalized greetings alongside drawings of reindeer and holiday trees.
  • Cut through the red tape: Who says you have to wrap a gift using paper and ribbon? Instead, add layers of colorful Scotch Expressions Tapes around a solid-colored box to create stripes and imitate a ribbon. Complete the look by folding individual pieces of colored and patterned tapes into triangles, and then tape them together to create a 3-D bow atop the gift.
  • A family affair: Give kids pieces of kraft paper pre-cut for individual gifts, and a variety of crayons and markers. Let their creativity take over! The wrap becomes part of the gift, as the ‘work of art’ can be framed by the recipient once they unwrap the present.
  • Smile! You’re on… gift wrap: Print black-and-white photos of family and friends, and tape them to gifts wrapped in bright-colored solid gift-wrap paper. The photos can serve as gift tags so the recipient can be easily identified.
  • Flower Power: Cut card stock into petal shapes and adhere them to your gift in the shape of a flower. Then, use complementary colored and patterned tapes to embellish the petals and illustrate the flower stem. Add additional petals directly on the box as a finishing touch.

Engadget Expand NYC Review 2013


Hey House Cats-

So this recap of Engadget Expand is sorta all over the place, mixed with the good and the indifferent.  I will start with the highlights of the show.



I loved the Gogo booth!  For those of you unfamiliar with Gogo, they are the in air internet provider.  They service UNITED, Delta, Virgin Airlines and several others.  I have used their service countless times, and was very much delighted to meet and speak with representatives from their company.  During my time with them, I learned that they are developing software that will allow travelers to send text messages while flying.



Gorilla Glass was a company that I was introduced to during Engadget Expand.  They demoed their virtually nondestructive glass during the show.  For those of you who have butter fingers and like to drop your phone; Gorilla Glass is the product for you!  See the below video for a demonstration.  They sale protective glass for all the hot phones out on the market including Samsung Galaxies and iPhones.  The price points average around $29.




Lastly, Mad Catz is a manufacturer of gaming accessories that includes headsets, controllers, keyboards, etc.  It is always a pleasure to run into the reps of Mad Cats… they are always eager to talk about their latest products.  Now that I am officially on their mailing list, I will be talking more about their products in the future.




I remember the event being truly for the consumers.  In attendance were the fans who support gdgt, and a bunch of popular tech brands that sent out representatives to speak directly to us.  Additionally, there were brands that provided apps, accessories, services that supported our favorite brands.  The former gdgt events were one day, attendees got t-shirts, and the floor layout circled around the room which allowed for guest to meet in the middle to tweet and chat about the exclusive event.  The overall movement was grassroots… gdgt promoted through their social networks which prompted its fans to spread the word.  Let me stress that the event was exclusive to the fans.  When attending, I felt like I belonged to a “Gadget Fraternity” which invited brands to come into our frat house and be hazed.  We weren’t on the brands turf, they were on ours.  Fast forward to now, gdgt has morphed into Engadget Expand which resulted in yet another tech show.  Through the morphing process, the soul was lost.

Engadget Expand: Experience the future of technology at the premier hands-on event for fans.


I will always be loyal to gdgt, and will forever love how they allowed me to attend as press.  I know that things often don’t stay the same…. we all have to evolve, blah, Blah, BLAH.  However, Engadget Expand’s level of evolution is at the point of being unrecognizable.  Engadget Expand NYC was the equivalent of a small town pastor that moved on to reach mega church numbers….now he drives a Bentley :(

I wish the brand all the success in the world, but this will be my last Engadget Expand show.  If gdgt ever decides to get back in the business of hosting more intimate tech shows, if they will have me, I will be their biggest cheerleader.  If you are someone who enjoys CES, then you will like Engadget Expand.




The Kitty Bradshaw hosting Birthday Happy Hour


Hey House Cats-

I am hosting a birthday Happy Hour next week at my favorite dive bar, The Bleeker Street Bar.  Please feel free to stop by and spend my birthday eve with me.  Honestly, I have been celebrating my birthday since October 23rd, lollll.

The Bleeker Street Bar is the coolest dive bar in Manhattan.  There is no glitz or glam, just a large bar.  I like it because you can bring in food from outside AND!!!! they serve strong drinks at a low price.  My favorites to order are Moscow Mule’s, Dark n’ Stormy’s, and Whiskey and Ginger Beer.

Anyways, I hope to see my local house cats there!!!!!  :)

Address: 56-58 Bleeker St, New York, NY 10012 (cross street is Broadway)

-Kitty Bradshaw xoxo

P.S. YES! I accept gifts and greeting cards :)  lollll



Super Playboy Fragrance and New York Comic Con



This past weekend I was invited by Team Super Playboy Fragrance to come out and meet with them during Comic Con 2013 here in New York.  My experience included meeting with their team, speaking about the products (which includes not only fragrances but Eau de Toilettes, Deodorant Body Sprays, Shower Gels and many other toiletry products depending on your location). During my time with the brand, I got to also witness one of several “Super” Speed dating events that were sponsored by Super Playboy Fragrance.  Approximately 100 Comic Con attendees, in full costume, participated in the speed dating activities with about a minute to potentially meet their future husband or wife.  Once the speed dating portion was complete, they had the opportunity to go inside of the sexy photo area and take pictures with a Playboy Bunny.


Upon leaving, participants got to experience their Sexy Super Alter Ego by sampling the Super Playboy Fragrance.  The collection includes 5 different scents for women, and 7 colognes for the men.  Playboy Fragrances recognizes that no two people are alike, and every scenario requires a special scent. Super Playboy Fragrance developed a series of scents to compliment and enhance any of life’s sexy situations.



Top Notes: Red Apple, Bergamot, Black Pepper
Heart Notes: Cinnamon Leaf, Lavender, Pineapple
Base Notes: Cedar Wood, Patchouli, Amber


Top Notes: Margarita cocktail, Energy drink accord, Mandarin zest
Heart Notes: Paradise Flower, Freesia and ‘Amour en Cage’
Base Notes: Amber, Massoia wood, Musks


Playboy VIP, Rock, Lovely, Spicy, and Sexy are the names of the 5 scents for women. While VIP, Hollywood, New York, Malibu, London, London, and Las Vegas were created for the men.  Super Playboy boost that these are not just mere fragrances, they are a full on “VIP Lifestyle”.   Each bottle has a colorful packaging that directly corresponds with the scent.  The fragrances first launched back in 2010,  and as I stated before, has a full line of body care products.


My personal favorite out of all of the products is the Super Playboy New York for Men.  I love the New York packaging that contains 80s-esque graffiti, and the equally appealing scent.  Prices range from $16-$21 and is available through their website for purchase.  One cool thing about the Super Playboy Fragrance line is that if you visit their website, you can sign up to be a member of the Super Playboy “Seduction Club“, online community.  Through the website, you can get access to tips, and special events.  Additionally, all of this revolves around your favorite scent.  You simply click on the bottle that you own, and get inducted into the life of a Super Playboy or Playgirl.


During my time with Team Super Playboy;  I took photos of the speed dating session, and got a picture with a Playmate.  I was so excited for this opportunity as I had never attended Comic Con, nor had seen a Playmate in person.  I think their are millions of people who would have relished the opportunity.  I certainly didn’t take it lightly, and am so appreciative that I got to work with Head Over Heel media.

Super Playboy9



Cocktails and Subways: Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon

Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon3


Last week, I had the opportunity to dunk a pirate, ride a shark, and try out the new Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon during their media event.  The event was put on by Catalyst PR, and attended by media all around and Wild Turkey’s Associate Master Distiller Eddie Russell who created a special cocktail menu around the Kentucky bourbon.

Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon

The creation of this particular bourbon is special in the sense that it marks the first time in Wild Turkey Bourbon history, that the brand has ventured into the “spiced” category.   The reason behind this new endeavor was to “drive the Bourbon category to new heights”. Wild Turkey succeeded in doing so by giving it an even bolder taste.  The outcome is “leather and cigars with a touch of cinnamon”.  The bourbon screams southern charm.   Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon has a unique place in the world of bourbons by toying with flavors from the islands; it touches upon both the sweet and spicy notes.  Now let me add that the sweetness is very subtle.  I can’t quite place where the sweet notes originate from… my guess is cinnamon.  Most will need this bourbon to be accompanied with a mixer.  What’s interesting is that I, as a girly girl thoroughly enjoyed it.  *shrugs* I guess I am tired of the feminine drinks and in need of something with more traction, loll.

During last week’s event, Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon served such cocktails as The Jockey, Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon & Cola, and my personal favorite- The Frozen Horse which was a Spiced Honey and Bar-B-Que sauce margarita.  In addition, comfort food themed appetizers were served like Bacon & Corn Chowder, Beef Stew, Lobster Rolls, and a bevy of other items that kept the guest satisfied while listening to the 30′s era jazz band Baby Soda.

Baby Soda

Wild Turkey® Spiced Bourbon can be found in liquor stores nationwide  The suggested retail price for a 750 ml bottle is $22.99.  Check out for additional information.


The Jockey

2 oz. Wild Turkey Spiced

Grapes, Oranges and Six (6) Muddled Mint Leaves

Top with Club Soda


Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon2

Frozen Horse

3 oz. Wild Turkey Spiced

3 ½ oz. Apple Cider

Splash of Lime Juice

2 Tsps. of Sugar

Blend with Ice

Garnish with a Swirl of BBQ Sauce.


NYC Events: Macy’s Culinary Council 10th Anniversary

Macy Culinary Council4


Tonight I had the pleasure of attending Macy’s Culinary Council 10th Anniversary celebration.  The Event took place inside of Macy’s Manhattan flagship store in Herald Square at the newly built Stella 34 Trattoria, on the 6th Floor.  The Stella 34 Trattoria opened up back in March and held court to scenic views of the Empire State building and the bustling city lights against the night backdrop.


Guest inside dined on edible delights made by some of the Culinary Councils most famous chefs.  Those chefs included Todd English, Marc ForgioneNancy SilvertonMarcus SamuelssonMing TsaiTakashi YagihashiJohnny Iuzzini and Tom Douglas.  Each of the chefs played a part in making an aspect of the evening very special, yet unique to the chef’s own personal style of cooking.



Rick Bayless- Red Hot Margarita (I absolutely loved this!!!!)

Macy Culinary Council14

Michelle Bernstein- Calabaza and Cheese Bruschetta Topped with Crispy Jamon Serrano

Macy Culinary Council2

Cat Cora- Sweet Red Pepper, Tomato & Asiago Cheese Bruschetta (Tasty)


Tom Douglas- Red Velvet Scallops with Red Soba, Lkura & Spiced Red Miso Broth (I am mad that I missed this)

Marc Forgione- Batch 22 Shrimp Ceviche (I wish I could have batched this up and took it home!)

Johnny Iuzzini- Red Velvet Cupcakes with Rose Water and Raspberry Buttercream

Macy Culinary Council12

Stephanie Izard- Grilled Seared Tuna with Smoked Uni Cream, Padron Pepper, Poblano Chili and Mushroom Salad

Macy Culinary Council

Wolfgang Puck- Spicy Chicken Pizza

Marcus Samuelsson- Doro Wat Tacos

Macy Culinary Council13

Nancy Silverton- Lamb Chops Scottadito (Nancy was super friendly, and her dish was the crowd favorite)

Ming Tsai- Pork & Garlic Chive Wantons with Sweet Chile Dipping Sauce

Macy Culinary Council15

Takashi Yagihashi- Prosciutto-Shrimp Spring Rolls (I can never eat another spring roll after this…. this was AMAZING!)

Macy Culinary Council11

Macy’s Culinary Council 10th Anniversary Guest included Macy’s executives, media, Bloggers, and most importantly CUSTOMERS! The customers found this event to be a real treat as it was like being rewarded for their loyalty.  They were treated like VIPs, and allowed the opportunity to meet and take pictures with their favorite chefs.  I had the pleasure of speaking with a few of customers and took food recommendations from them.  It was a real treat to interact with the patrons because their unbiased opinions mattered the most.  As a blogger, I am trained to come in, take pictures, then live blog about the products.  One particular customer suggested that I spend less time looking down at my android, and more time enjoying the food, lolll. UMMM Did she mean I wasn’t being social?! :)


Other elements included music by DJ Kev G who kept the crowd dancing, who at some point had guest partaking in a “Soul Train Line”.  Upon exiting, guest received cupcakes, giftbags which included cookies, a $20 Macy’s gift card  is valid Oct 15 – 22, 2013, and a special Culinary Council 10th Anniversary recipe booklet.  Another aspect that I have to make mention of is how extremely friendly the wait staff was.  I assume they were the normal wait staff of Stella 34 Trattoria, and not some outside company.  Their genuine character was so pleasant, that it made me want to come back and visit the restaurant during regular business hours.  I must do this by Thanksgiving, before they turn jaded, lolll.


All-in-All Macy’s Culinary Council 10th Anniversary was an amazing event.  Macy’s went all out for this fete, and I am grateful that I was allowed to attend.  Thank You to both Macy’s and EVERYWHERE Media.




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