[RECIPE] Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum for Breakfast, Anyone?

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[RECIPE] Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum for Breakfast, Anyone?

I believe I failed to mention that I belong to a network of Booze Bloggers that receive bottles of alcohol to test out and create recipes.  With that being said this past Memorial Day weekend I was introduced to Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum. At first, I wasn’t really excited about working with the product as I am not the biggest fan of flavored liquor. In all honesty, I will always choose pure rum but was extremely impressed by the quality and subtle flavor of the grapefruit in this bottle Captain Morgan. Most people would think that the flavor would over power the rum but it was so subtle I decided to add ruby red grapefruit juice to draw out the citrus even more.


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Before drafting my recipe, I thought long and hard about what type cocktail I would create with grapefruit being the base flavor. When I think of the popular fruit, I think of fruit salad, breakfast, Caribbean, tropical, and party punch. Once I finished brainstorming, my immediate thought was to get to muddling. What I came up with was something cool and refreshing; perfect for the dog days of summer. When I think of summer, I think of vacation and relaxing on the beach. My cocktail will pair well with morning scrambled eggs and bacon or simply just lounging in the sun. If you like to entertain, this cocktail will work well at a hosted brunch instead of the traditional mimosas. My Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum cocktail is a sure winner!


Captain Morgan Grapefruit


Breakfast Punch

4 Muddled Strawberries (per 8oz)

1 Parts Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

1 Part Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

1-2 Splashes Simple Syrup (optional if gravy is too bitter)

2 Drops Angostura Bitters

2.5 parts Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum (Less or more depending on liver function)


Shake, strain, and then pour over ice.

Be sure to check out more Captain Morgan products here ==> https://us.captainmorgan.com/




  1. says

    even though I wouldn’t drink this for breakfast, I would definitely make it for later in the day. It sounds good.

  2. says

    My mouth is watering… this sounds so cool and delicious. So basically we can stay tipsy from sun up to sun down AND enjoy the healthy fruits coming along for the ride 😀

  3. says

    So this drink is the cure for the hang over from last night and getting started for the day? Loll I must put this one to the test!!! Loll

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