Brooklyn Folks: We Need To Talk…

Come here Brooklyn folks and sit down next to Kitty *pats seat cushion*  What I am about to say to you all, I say with love…

In all my years of living on this earth, and clubbing, and going to bars…  I have I never, ever, ever bear witnessed to a Bar Fight!  You Brooklyn people should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

Didn’t bar fights go out of style in the 1840’s?!  Who the hell picks up a bar stool and tries to bash someones head with it, or try to hit someone with a beer bottle?!  Then when the madness ended… everyone went back to their perspective seats to finish their drinks as if nothing happened.  I can’t believe I stood there and watched that unfold (out-of-the-way of course, loll)  This was an isolated incident towards the front of the bar when the bouncer stepped away for a brief 30 seconds.

I mean Brooklyn people talk to Kitty… what’s next on the agenda, a shoot out in the middle of the street at high noon?!

Well *shrugs* I rather yall use bar stools then guns.  No one died, just a few hurt feelings and that was it.  My folks said I should have took pictures… but yall know how that goes when you witness something for the first time… you’re so busy in shock you can’t think about anything else.

In any event this was the most interesting time I’ve had at Moe’s bar in Fort Greene.  Sometimes I go there after the movie at Habana Outpost.  Usually I tell people it’s boring but after this past Sunday I gained a little more respect for it.  It’s a locals bar and it has a family feel.  So I recommend you all check it out.  I heard during the week days it is packed for Happy Hour.  I gotta call my girl Nish #2 and ask her if she wants to meet there for a drank.


Neighborhood: Brooklyn/Fort Greene
80 Lafayette Ave
(between Elliott Pl & Portland Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

(718) 797-9536


  1. Noir says

    I am surprised that there was a fight at Moe’s, I am there all the time and it is one of the best bars in Ft. Greene!

    Happy Hour is cool and the best nights are Weds-Sat. Be interesting to know your experience when you go back.

  2. says

    The last brawl i saw at a fight was in UHM don’t blame this one incident of my borough thank you very much. moe’s is usually a cool bar.

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