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Last Thursday was extremely hectic, with three events that ran back to back.  My first order of business was to pick up a very important package from the airport, Cari of  She caught the redeye from San Diego, landed, and hit the ground running at 6:45 in the morning!  She took a light disco nap at my house, and then went off to the city.  We met back up later and attended the Iconix Gifting Suite.


Here is their website:  Iconix  I want to say thank you to Team Iconix because they allowed me and all my NY Fashion Bloggers to attend.



Random: So Iconix owns Peanuts?!  Snoopy was there giving out hugs… so I ran up to him and got a hug and he Tweeted the pic!!! loll


Iconix Agency owns several high-profile brands such as Sharper Image, Material Girl by Madonna, Bagley Mischka, and STARTER.  One thing I noticed about the team from Iconix is that they were extremely approachable.  Most often with companies that are affiliated with Tier 1 brands, the teams come across as pretentious and/ or snobby.  I liked everyone who represented the Iconix brand very much.  Team Iconix treated all the Bloggers with White Glove treatment.  As a Blogger, I support brands who support us.  Sometimes when I attend events, I am treated as if the brand is doing me a favor and therefore I should be happy to be in their presence.  On the other side of that, I sometimes hear from brands saying that Bloggers treat them in the same light.  It is my belief that both sides are in a position to “do each other a favor”.  To be honest, I had never heard of Iconix prior to attending BlogHer12.  I went on their website to get a clearer understanding of who they are.  Watch their video here.  Again, I am so impressed with the treatment of Team Iconix, that I feel that now when I hear one of the names of the brands that they represent, my ears and keyboard will light up.

Iconix also hosted a brunch with Badgley Mischka the following morning, and this was top 3 memories for me EVER in life!!!!  First off, I am this little girl from a small town called Los Angeles, that dreamed of moving to New York… AND! to say that I got to have breakfast with Badgley Mischka (at fashion events we don’t eat loll) is like the BEST THING EVER!!!!  Mark Badgley and James Mischka (we refer to them by full name now since they are my new best friends in my head) were so incredibly friendly…they met and spent time with each and every Blogger that walked through the door!!!! So, can you all imagine my corn ball ass extremely excited???!!! lolll.  I gave them my whole life story in 30 seconds FLAT!  I told Badgley Mischka about my site, my Twitter addiction, I shouted all 12,000 of my followers out, then ended with how I wanna marry Alcide from True Blood.  Just when my life couldn’t get any better, James and Mark gave us all sketches of gowns with personal notes, and autographed them!!!! *cheesin*


Kudo’s to Team Iconix for a successful introduction and Blogging Event.  I now have the best refrigerator art EVER!!!!


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