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BlogHer is both a media network and conference put on yearly from state to state.  I think of the BlogHer conference as the Oscars for Bloggers.  In my opinion, it is a big deal, and a lot of thought and preparation goes into it from both sides of the coin.  Below are a few tips that I offer to 1st time attendees, as I have done this particular conference for the last 4 years.  Each time gets better and better, and I want everyone to have the same experience! 🙂


Tip #1: Bring lots of business cards…I think I bring along 600 cards and give out approx. 300. I would rather have too many, than too little.  It doesn’t look good when you don’t have cards to give out.  Also, make sure your cards stand out!  With 10,00 bloggers, you should think about where do you fit in and how do you stand out.  A smart business card is part of the battle.

Tip #2: There is no real dress code… but dress to represent your brand. EXAMPLE: If you are a Fashion Blogger, dress fashionable. If you are a Mommy Blogger, bring your kid (or pictures of them loll)

Tip #3: I wore sandals the whole time… comfortable ones (except when I went offsite trolling for a husband, lolll).

Tip #4: It’s summer, don’t dress for winter. I know some of you miss the winter so much that you can’t let go of the sweaters and goose down jackets… yeaaa so it’s ok to leave those at home.


Tip #5: Although its nice to network with new Bloggers in groups; when meeting with brands representatives, do it alone. Competition is already tough… “Travel Light, Travel Far”.  Treat brand interactions like a job interview.

Tip #6: Part of the beauty of BlogHer is that it travels from state to state.  Connect with at least one (1) Bay Area Blogger (they are super friendly) while in attendance.

Tip #7: If at all possible, try and connect with sponsoring brands prior to BlogHer14. I find it saves time, and the chances for follow-up are greater. There are several ways to do this:

1. When you register for the BlogHer conference, they automatically add you to their mailing list. Read the emails from BlogHer… they inform you what brands are participating. Pick out the ones that stand out and reach out to them through Twitter, FaceBook, etc.

2. Send the brand an email. Inquire about setting up some time to meet.

3. Write a post about the brand prior to attending or do a vBlog and post it on the brands FaceBook wall. This will get you noticed for sure.


Tip #8: Prior to attending, write out a list of your expectations/goals and research ways to achieve them.  I attend a lot of conferences, and there is always that group of bloggers that complain, Complain, COMPLAIN!!!!!  BlogHer helps those who help themselves!

Example: My personal goals are to meet new bloggers, connect with brands, and develop relationships.  BlogHer14 has already given me what I need, now all I have to do is show up and put names with faces.  The conference is the bond that seals relationships. We are seven days out from the conference, this is your opportunity to think long and hard about what you exactly want to get from your experience.

Tip #9: Stalk the “BlogHer14” hashtag…. like read it every day on the hour so that you won’t miss out on anything.

Tip #10: Set money aside for shipping. Every year I receive so much product I have to ship it home separately.  I don’t really expect an abundance of swag this year since I haven’t signed up for a lot of events.

Tip #11: When attending events… it is in good taste to email the host or event organizer afterwards thanking them.

Tip #12: Although it is not mandatory to write about the brands, events, sponsors… it is very beneficial if you do.

KittyBradshawBlogHer11 copy

If you have attended BlogHer in the past, please feel free to leave more tips below 🙂



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  1. Great tips! I would also recommend carrying a business card holder for all of those cards that you will be receiving and giving away. It’s always embarrassing to lose a card of someone that you wanted to talk further with!

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