Dear New York: My Post NYC Reflections




Dear New York:  My Post NYC Reflections

Today marks one year since I departed New York City.  When I left New York, I knew it was my time to go. Things weren’t running seamlessly; it was a lot of friction that signaled that it was time to leave. When I first moved there I remember crying because it was so hard to adjust to New York life. On my final day I cried heading to the airport because I became that life.. New York is the best post secondary education a person can receive. I learned how to reject the notion of weakness and survive by any means necessary. The first lesson was nobody gives a fuck about you, learn to take care of yourself. I also learned that having only one job is the same as having no job. I enjoyed being around people who could make a business out of thin air. When choosing to move to New York please know that she only accepts the best applicants from other states. If you know a New York transplant that has lived there past a year…. know for a fact that they are an Alpha, Aggressive, Talented, and a Survivor. Native New Yorkers remind me of the elves from the Lord of the Rings series; beautifully flawed mythical creatures, loll. However, they are slowly becoming extent due to the 10% pushing the natives out.  Today I am going to share My Post NYC Reflections.


How to seduce a man 2


I can only speak on heterosexual love. New York men… are something else. I bet everything I had on one horse, then went on to lose badly, loll. What I can say about being in love with a New York man is that it was the greatest defeat I will ever live through. When you can walk away from something with 10 good memories, and 100 bad ones…. and the good overshadows the bad, you lived through something worth talking about. In the beginning he was magic and I was one of the lucky many. The lies he told made my ears blush and my heart scold the truth. He was cocaine and I lived for the high he took me to. Our sex was legendary… no, more like LEGENDARY! Eye to Eye, Soul to Soul. The mental penetration went beyond a physical touch. He was heroine and I didn’t seek redemption. That love was life defining and when he did his worst I left broken and exhausted. In my prayers I am conflicted because I am unsure to thank God for bringing him into my life or taken him away. *shrugs* Judgement day should be entertaining, lolll. Either way this whole romance section is corny as hell, but this was my New York life.




You must excel at something in order to live in New York because it is the training ground for excellence. It will throw so many curves at you by the time you leave you will be a diamond among workers. In a recent interview, Anna Wintour spoke about being fired from Harper’s Bazaar and the road from there that led to her being at the helm of Vogue magazine. Her story is one example of how New York develops you. While working in New York I learned that my best was not good enough; I needed to be special. Doing the minimum is not special; Making excuses is not special; Being a victim is not special; Getting hired is not special.






Winter Time Activities in New York

Quality of Life

This is where New York falls off. I think this is why New Yorkers are moving away in great numbers. You work so hard to have little to show for it. You pay expensive rent to live in a compact space. You purchase over priced items and they wither away faster than you can put your wallet away. Large corporations are pushing out the mom and pops. Made with love and tradition has been replaced with Made for mass production for profit. The soul has left the building. For those that never leave New York, they don’t understand that concept. For the New Yorkers that are bold enough to venture across its borders, a lot of them find themselves choosing between home vs. a less hectic way of life.



In Closing…

New York is the greatest place on earth. One day I will return and hopefully she will be proud of my accomplishments post graduation.



Lifestyle & Relationships: Dear Ex, Please Let Me Go


How to seduce a man 2Lifestyle & Relationships: Dear Ex, Please Let Me Go

I am no expert in successful relationship, but I know a thing or two about dysfunctional- toxic relationships, loll. So as you read this article know that the master of break-ups is giving you insight on how to walk away because there was a time that I wanted someone so desperately that I ceased loving myself in order to maintain the myth of him.

When two people break up, part ways, and/ or cease to exist it generally happens for a reason- two simply were not compatible be it personal, professional, or romantic. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone where there is constant arguing, distrust, games being played, long periods without speaking, or simply a gut feeling that there’s something just not right? Well what is happening here is a square peg being forced into a circle which causes friction better known as DRAMA!

So now you’re at the point where you want to part ways. If you’re lucky you both walk away with closure… but in most cases you have unresolved issues mixed with anger.  One person that plays the villain and the other is left hurt. What both sides fail to realize is that when you are unequally yoked you both are walking against traffic and the inevitable will always happens be it cheating, lying, or abuse. Through the breakup process hopefully you come out better because you learned from your mistakes, and you honed in on what your needs are as a person. During my last relationship I walked away not knowing what I wanted, but was crystal clear on what I didn’t need. Once the breakup happens, pull the lesson from the wreckage and keep on moving.



Now you’re back single again. The unfamiliar scares you to death and you start to feel lonely. You find yourself thinking about the possibilities while also weighing the pros and cons of being single. For a lot of people the thought of being alone scares them so much that you begin to second guess the decision to leave your last relationship. You questions if you were too tough on the person, you take on more responsibility than required in the demise, and block out instances of any wrong doing on your exes part. You loose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel and revert back to the comfort of rock bottom. Being with the wrong person is rock bottom and can be compared to being in prison. There is no growth as long as you are confined to the “relationship cell.” Lady Gaga described it best, “Bad Romance.”


When your ex calls and you answer; you’re setting yourself up to be pulled back in. Reasons your ex comes back calling: sex, convenience, loneliness, desperation, monetary, the thrill of a double conquer, or closure. There is no judgement in going back but keep in mind that the more you move backwards, the further you move away from who you’re supposed to be with. You often hear the saying, “You ex is your EX for a reason.” Have faith that when you cross paths with the one you are meant to be with there will be no going back and fourth. Know that every day spent with your past, is one less day with your future.

So when your ex comes back around, ask them to let you go. Some will be persistent, while others will see it as rejection. You don’t owe anyone anything once the relationship has concluded. Find strength within to leave, be alone, and grow from the experience.  Dear Ex,  Please let me go.




Lifestyle Love & War: How to seduce a man with Crown Royal and Witt


How to seduce a man

Lifestyle, Love & War: How to seduce a man with Crown Royal and Wit

There are 500 ways to seduce your partner; but for those that are clueless as to what seduction truly means we will begin with a core definition then go into a few basics.




verb: seduce; 3rd person present: seduces; past tense: seduced; past participle: seduced; gerund or present participle: seducing

1. attract (someone) to a belief or into a course of action outside of them.


For you to understand the art of seduction you must also know that it’s not limited to sex. Yes, you can seduce someone into having sex. You can also seduce someone into a contract with non sexual tactics, taking out the trash, flying you to a private island, etc. While some see it as manipulation, it really leans more towards persuasion.  Business execs seduce potential clients, housewives seduce husbands, and longtime girlfriends seduce clueless boyfriends into marriage. The below tips are not limited to romance- but to give this post a face and for the sake of good examples; the ladies will be our focus.


How to seduce a man 2

1. Present Something Not Already Being Offered– sex is too obvious and material things grow old. What else can you bring to the table?

2. Understand Your Prey– stumped on the first step? Your next step should be taking the time to understand your prey. What are their likes and dislikes? What draws a spark out of them? Once you have all of the answers go back to step one.

3. Use What They Know About You And Give Them The Reverse– even a fireplace gets tired of the same ole log; so it turns to wood chips and branches. I am not saying change who you are rather approach it from a different angle.

4. Always Check On The Pie Baking In The Oven– Behind every good pie, is an even better recipe. Never assume your man will reach the same conclusion on his own. Also, know that the pie will burn if left in the over for too long. I suggest perfecting the recipe of you to get the pie.

5. If You’re Not Smart or Knowledgeable Do More Listening Than Talking– sometimes we want the unobtainable, and are forced to crash the party. Your next option is to think on your feet.  While you are on step 2, speed reading through your “Football for Dummies” handbook- look lively and do more listening than talking, loll.

6. Never Look Your Intentions Dead In The Eye– Learn to pay attention without looking. While there are a small percentage of men that appreciate directness, there is an even larger percentage that enjoy the chase. Don’t say I want to marry you and have kids on the first date. Instead, ask for advice on how to build a house 🙂

7. Make Them Think It Was Their Idea– this will require dumbing yourself down. I am not saying come across as stupid, rather take it down a notch. Instead of announcing that you want to go on a date:  1. Bring up car racing.  2. Talk about that time you went go kart racing.  3. Talk about that time as a child your dad built you a soap box out of a cardboard box and skateboard after you saw the classic Paul Newman film where he was a race car driver.  4. Mention how the new Fast & Furious movie is coming out.  5. Casually mention how you wonder if the new movie will be any good.  6. Keep the subject of cars while mentioning car movies.

At some point if he is into you he will suggest to take you to the movie.  Now, some of you are probably wondering why one doesn’t just flat out ask their man to take them to the movies. Several things were happening above such as: Are they into you? Are they smart? Again, are they into you?!  Step 7 will reveal a lot.

8. Smell The Part– most men love a mate that smells good. Now smelling good means understanding the various scents and selecting the right one according to the man you want. Also note: Bath & Body Works smells cheap so unless you’re a hooker invest in good perfume.  I like a spicy scent yet feminine scent of Narciso Rodriguez.

9. Exercise Your Prey’s Imagination– never provide all of the answers upfront. When he has questions that means he is thinking about you. Also, never give 100% of the answers- this doesn’t mean to lie, it just means you are batting them along.  Basically this where you drop crumbs that lead to the prize.

10. Crown Royal and Conversation: Yes, you can use any brand of liquor but seduce them into liking the one you like. Hold your ground and learn how to make an awesome cocktail.  I can make several slamming cocktails but for the man I typically go for I would mix Crown Royal, club soda, lemonade, and a pinch of honey. Since everyone makes lemonade differently I would use discretion when measuring. You don’t want it to be too sweet or watery. If you don’t like the drink find one that you do; don’t serve something you wouldn’t drink yourself. Also, never drink more than your man. Finally, name the drink after you. For example my name is Kitty so all of my drinks when plotting against a man are either Feisty Kitty, Kitty on the Beach, Ratchet Kitty, or my personal favorite “The Tempting Kitty” lollll.

Lifestyle, Love & War: How to seduce a man with Crown Royal and Witt

Lifestyle & Libations: Bulleit Rye Mash Whiskey Profile

Bulleit Rye Mash Whiskey

Lifestyle & Libations: Bulleit Rye Mash Whiskey Profile


Most people know that Whiskey is my go to drink of choice. You can find me on any given night with a night cap, and in most cases it involves a bottle of bourbon, scotch, or sour mash. Whenever I bring a new friend (bottle) into my home, I like to drink it several different ways: 1. on the rocks, 2. Neat, 3. Cocktail form. My favorite cocktail is Apple Juice, Ginger Beer, & Whiskey. Today we are going to discuss Bulleit Rye, as I hadn’t had the pleasure of a proper introduction. Initially this post was supposed to be a part of a holiday series, but with all of the holiday storms my shipment ran late. However, there is no time like the present to talk about Bulleit Rye.


Bulleit Rye Mash Whiskey 2

Name: Bulleit Rye Mash Whiskey

Hey Factor: 90 Proof

Who’s Your Daddy: Tom Bulleit

D.O.B.: March 2011

I finished the bottle in 4 days. It’s a good starter rye Whiskey for those looking to dip their toes in the Whiskey pond for the first time. Now when I say starter, I don’t mean bad. The flavor is incredibly light…. Well, considered light to experienced Whiskey drinkers, loll. If you are new, see this as a building block. In fact as the website states this is one of the highest quality ryes available and I agree with all of accolades this brand has received.

Because this has hints of vanilla, honey, and spice- it pairs well with mixers for cocktails. I actually preferred this in cocktails and often times found myself mixing it with Sparkling Apple Cider and serving it to guest as opposed to drinking it straight. This little mixer was a refreshing treat that kept the party lively.

You can find Bulleit Rye Mash Whiskey is most any liquor store.




The Roots Pre Grammy Jam Session with Celebrity Friends

The Roots Pre Grammy Jam 2015-10

The Roots Pre Grammy Jam Session with Celebrity Friends


This week legendary hip hop/neo soul band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon house band for The Tonight Show, The Roots re-launched their annual Pre Grammy Jam session at the Hotel Café in Hollywood. The band, started by high school classmates Black Thought and Questlove back in 1887. The Roots have went on to make 11 records, appear on countless features with other artist, tv appearances, and so on. Over the years they have gained the respect of their peers who come out to support the group with their yearly pre Grammy Awards jam session.


The Roots Pre Grammy Jam 2015-9The Roots Pre Grammy Jam 2015-8The Roots Pre Grammy Jam 2015-7

The star studded event last took place back in 2012, so the group made up for it this year by hosting 4 consecutive nights of high energy performances from some of today’s top acts! Keeping with tradition, this invite only event kept all 150 VIPS in suspense up until seconds before acts appeared on stage. We all stood there in suspense, while witnessing music history unfold before our very eyes. At one point I turned and looked around the room and just take it all in because it truly was a once in a lifetime experience.


The Roots Pre Grammy Jam 2015-4The Roots Pre Grammy Jam 2015-5The Roots Pre Grammy Jam 2015-6

I came in for the final two nights serving as special blogger correspondent for Martell Cognac for the all of the festivities. The perks of being a part of the Martell team was being up front and center to all of the action. Throughout the week The Roots Pre Grammy Jam Session saw the likes of Ed Sheeran, Miguel, K. Michelle, Cee Lo, T.I., Meek Mill, Queen Latifah, Lecrae, Nick Jonas, Liv Warfield (Prince protégé), Jamie Foxx, Kool and the Gang w/ Kandace Springs, Zoe Kravitz of Lola Wolf, Bilal, Will.I.Am., Goapele, and Brandy. Also, there was countless celebrities in the audience which included Aisha Tyler.

The event was held at the The Café Hotel, a small LA music venue known for showcasing the biggest singer/songwriter talent that Hollywood has to offer. Prior to me entering in, while waiting outside I had the opportunity to speak with a Hollywood historian that just so happened to work at the bar next door. He talked about the many music acts that have played at the venue over the years which includes my absolute favorite artist, Prince. The fact that I spent an evening in a location that Prince likes to hang out in and perform added to the overall excitement.

The Roots Pre Grammy Jam 2015The Roots Pre Grammy Jam 2015-2The Roots Pre Grammy Jam 2015-3

Again, I can’t tell you how excited I was to be there. “Thanks to The Niche Parent Influencer Network & Martell for sponsoring today’s post and being a gracious bartender.  Throughout the night, I sipped on Martell Sour with Ginger Beer. Good music, and open bar… let’s just say I was winning during The Roots Pre Grammy Jam Session with Celebrity Friends!


Kitty Bradshaw: 11 Photos Without Makeup!

No Makeup Kb 2

 Kitty Bradshaw: 11 Photos Without Makeup!

I decided to share with you all 11 Photos Without Makeup to keep it all the way real with my House Cats.  I generally don’t like to wear make-up as I am a hipster.  However, when money is involved I will put on my best face for “Drag Kitty” to emerge, loll.  Most of the images are of me first thing in the morning either right before or after my shower.  My general process is facials twice a week which include mask, scrubs, a final hydration mask, and facial cream.  On non-facial days I clean with a foaming cleaners and apply vitamin-E oil everyday on face, neck, and décolletage.


No Makeup Kb 3

Whenever I post selfies, a lot of people seem to think that my skin is flawless and that is simply not true.  I have more than my fair share of blemishes.  I mostly get acne on the sides of my face, and they almost always leave scares.   In general, I bruise pretty easily.  Anytime anything bites me such as a flea or mosquito it leaves a mark.  Another misconception is that I have perfect eyebrows and as you can see above, I don’t! They are thin, and patchy so I have to draw fill them in.


No Makeup Kb

Before applying makeup, again I always begin with a clean face.  Once I apply vitamin-E oil I give it a few moments to absorb.  I have two different make-up looks; the first being light make-up for going to a meeting or farmers market.  The second being full on Drag Kitty for hosting gigs and conferences.  My favorite concealer on earth is LA Girl.  It temporarily forgives all sins and gives me the appearance of flawless skin.  This is why you will see me say, “Don’t praise me, thank LA Girl” loll.



I hate caked on looking makeup and aim for 60s & 70s style makeup.  I think Drag Kitty deeps into the 80s from time-to-time as you can see above.  I only wear three shades of lipstick: nude, hot pink, or coral.  My makeup bag is mostly dedicated to Dolce & Gabbana, and Christian Dior as I like the quality of the makeup.  When it comes to lipstick, NARS is the best but I try anything once…. hmmm loll.



Lifestyle: How to get Caught Up at Roscoe’s Chicken n Waffles

Lifestyle: How to get Caught Up at Roscoe’s Chicken n Waffles

Roscoe's Chicken n Waffles

Jesus be wind beneath my diet.  Roscoe’s Chicken n Waffles is so damn good, I can only visit once every 5 years.  People who visit regularly are just never skinny, and I can’t lose the battle of the waistline, loll.  It never fails, it always happens when you are coming from a late night event and your YELP! app likes to alert you that Roscoe’s Chicken n Waffles is open.  So your group of friends gets all excited and before you know it you are sitting there in a dated booth looking at the menu pretending to look for healthy options [YIKES].


Roscoe's Chicken n Waffles 2

I don’t know why I even bother to pick up the menu!  With the exception of the #9 Country Boy being renamed the “Obama Special”, not much has changed over the years.  Me and most celebrities in LA have been going there for years.  My favorite Roscoe’s Chicken n Waffles location, which is one of the original locations is located in Hollywood off Pico Blvd.  I remember as a little girl going in and meeting my first celebrity crush, Leroy from Fame 🙂



My personal favorite is the same as everyone elses: The Obama Special, loll.  When I place my order I put in a special request to make my waffle crispy; I hate soft waffles!  Just in case my sugar hasn’t already skyrocketed, I order a sprite, lolll *sighs*  and this is how I get caught up.  For those of you that have never been… Roscoe’s Chicken n Waffles is everything you could imagine and MORE!!!!!  It has been 2 weeks since my visit and I have been dreaming about the waffles ever since.  *sighs*



Lifestyle: How To Entertain Bloggers

Lifestyle: How To Entertain Bloggers

how to entertain bloggers 2

Yes, entertaining bloggers requires a full post.  The holidays are the busiest time for professional bloggers.  With the holiday shopping season, brands use every avenue possible to attract shoppers.  During the final quarter of the year, bloggers receive tons of opportunities to partner with brands.  When I lived in New York, I used to get together with other bloggers for small events called “Meet n’ Drinks” where we would strategize, and/or simply work to keep each other motivated.  Often times we would meet at a public location that had free wifi, outlets, and comfortable seating or on the rare occasion we would host in our homes (depending on how well you knew the group).


How To Entertain Bloggers

how to entertain bloggers

Last month my aunt and I hosted our own Meet n’ Drink between the two of us and I slaved over a hot stove to create a menu that was conducive to our work environment.  Two simple dishes where created, the first being an Apricot-Cranberry Cheese Bowl or Fondue if you’re fancy.  All that is required is some dough which is found in the refrigerator section of your local grocery store, apricots, cranberries, and a working oven.  I used a mini bundt pan and took the pre-made dough and molded it to the pan to create a bowl like shape and popped it into the oven for 75% of the time need to complete.  I removed the pan, took a knife and partially gutted it to make room for the cubes of cheese.  Next, I spread apricot slices and cranberries on top and popped it back into the oven.  This recipe requires a bit a perfecting on your part as you sorta need to use instinct to gauge the exact moment to remove from the oven.


how to entertain bloggers 3

I used Cabot cheese for the cheese bowl, and platters that includes meats, crackers, cashews, and almonds.  Next: my most popular dish which is, “Bacon Candy.”   For this masterpiece all you need is bacon, brown sugar, cayenne pepper, and a cookie sheet.  I line the cookie sheet with foil, mix the brown sugar and cayenne pepper together and dip the bacon strips in the batter making sure they are evenly coated.  I place the coated bacon onto the cookie sheet, then finally place the pan into the oven and allow to cook.  After I remove from the oven, I take kitchen scissors and cut the bacon into small bite size pieces.  Let me forewarn you: Bacon Candy is highly addictive! lolll

Finally we serve libations at every gathering.  Since this was a girls evening; we served our bubbly of choice, Barefoot Pink Sparkling Moscato.  I am not sure how many articles we were able to knock out, but we definitely had a good time Meeting n Drinking while snacking on delicious treats.

And this is how you entertain bloggers…

P.S. Don’t forget the strippers, lolll.


Lifestyle Classes: Free Digital Photography Workshops


Best Buy Photography Workshop 5I am a writer, not a photographer.  Photography is something I have had to learn in addition to Photoshop, public relations, being a stylist, make-up artist, and everything else required to run my one woman show.  I own tons of gadgets, but there hasn’t been enough time to master every single one.  Best Buy hosting these Free Digital Photography Workshops provided the perfect opportunity to bring in my new Nikon (my last camera was a Sony), and learn all the ins and out of the device.


Best Buy Photography Workshop 3I learned so much during my class.  When we arrived, they split the group into two; advanced and novice.  The majority of us went with the novice class and learned what all the buttons mean on our cameras.  I know that sounds real basic, but trust me there were things on the camera that were undetected and each and every one of us had at least one aHa moment.  The class is hands on, and although everyone brought their own camera- Best Buy does provide their floor models if you don’t have your own.


Best Buy Photography Workshop 4The most important thing I learned was “Background-Subject-Lighting”.  Additionally, positioning is also extremely important as where you stand can make a huge difference.  If you look closely at the before and after photos you will notice that my photos went from blurry to sharp, hard light to natural, and overexposed and bad positioning on my end to a perfect portrait.  My skills advanced quickly as I had Best Buy’s best in photography teaching me.  They made us feel extremely comfortable and encouraged us to ask all the dumb questions we normally would have been too ashamed to do.


Best Buy Photography WorkshopOnce our Free Digital Photography Workshop ended, the staff invited us to try out different lenses on our cameras.  The above lens is what I decided upon for future purchase as well as a 40mm for basic portraits.


Best Buy Photography Workshop 2I had a really great time; this was a great way to start the year.  The workshop provided me with encouragement to take this new hobby seriously and get more practice in as it will help me to grow.  I also learned that once you have mastered your camera, there will be no need for filters.  If you are interested in attending any of the Free Digital Photography Workshops please check out the schedule here.  If you don’t see a store in your area feel free to send a tweet over to the Best Buy handle or reach out your local store manager.

Thank You to Best Buy Torrance Store 107 for hosting us 🙂

3675 Pacific Coast Hwy
Torrance, CA 90505


Lifestyle Tips: How To Strengthen Relationships Through Greeting Cards

Lifestyle Tips: How To Strengthen Relationships Through Greeting Cards


papyrus 2

I spend so much time on the computer, that I start to come upon the brink of losing touch with reality, friends, and normalcy.  That seems extreme right?!  Well it happens to Online Influencers more times than not.  It is important to me to not lose my social skills, and decorum.  In life when we feel lost it is always best to revert back to the familiar.  For me that means hosting get-togethers, going out to dinner with friends, calling someone up on the phone, and/or sending greeting cards.  Today’s post is about strengthening relationships through greeting cards.  Below you will find tips on how to get it right!



Greeting cards are such a timeless, classy, and inexpensive way to show that you care about someone. The act of selecting and sending a greeting card requires little effort, but keep in mind that sometimes the simple things can be messed up.

Tip #1: Know the intended recipient. Pick a card that describes the dynamic of your relationship.  If you pick a random card, it will most likely get thrown out as soon as you leave off the premises.  Remember:  The more meaningful, the more cherished.



Tip #2: Unless the recipient is an animal lover, stay away from cards with animals on it.  Some people get offended easily and the mere notion that they remind you of an animal will send them over the edge.  A simple greeting card can easily be taken as an insult.  Also know that unless you have a deep bond that involves lots of joking around… I would stay away from “jokey” types of cards as they also can be taken out of context.


papyrus 3


Tip #3: Don’t force religion on people through greeting cards ESPECIALLY if you are handing a greeting card to a co-worker.  If your recipient knows you, they know your beliefs.  Think of greeting cards as a neutral zone and keep Politics and Religion out of it.  Whats funny is as a Christian, I often get people who are religious but don’t respect Christianity.  They attempt to convert me through literature, brochures, GREETING CARDS and that is disrespectful.  Now on the other hand sending Christmas Cards is OK since it is a religious holiday.  Don’t send a Christmas Card to a Christian that says “Happy Holidays.”  Christmas is about Christ- if you don’t celebrate Christ, just don’t send the card.  No harm, no foul.


Tip #4:  Don’t ever be afraid to make your own card.  I received this dope card from Jenn Wall over at Barefoot Bubbly.  The cover art is a picture of us during a tasting in Wine Country.  On the inside she sent a handwritten note, and I will keep this card for a lifetime as it is special.


greeting cards


Tip #5:  My favorite brands of greeting cards are Papyrus, and TAYHAM.  They are a little more expensive, but worth the investment as they make unique cards that stand out in a crowd.


Tip #6: Mail the cards off- especially to people that live a great distance away.  When people move off to new locations, they often feel alone as they left the familiar for new adventure.  Sending handwritten notes will show them that even though they are away, you haven’t forgot about them.  Your relationship will withstand the distance and make things all the more better when you reunite.


How often do you send greeting cards?