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So this post most marks the third and final post of the Best Buy Geek Squad Tech Support series.  Previously we covered Unlimited Support and 24/7 Access.  Today we will be talking about membership fees and the benefits of belonging to this exclusive club.  As I mentioned in previous post… Geek Squad provides protection and peace of mind when it comes to your gadgets.  If you visit, you will see that the Geek Squad not only covers technical support, but also everything else from computer set up to appliance maintenance.  Please see here for their complete list of services.  While visiting the website, I learned that Technical Support service plan members have a section dedicated to us where we can access thousands of how-to videos including step-by-step Windows 8 guides, Photoshop and Flash video tutorials, and much more.

The Technical Support plan will run you $199.99 a year.  This service plan covers up to three pc’s, macs, or tablets regardless of where or how long ago you purchased them.  You will have a rep who is available 24 hours a day through online support.  Additionally you can receive phone support, or visit a Best Buy location during business hours.  If you are someone like me who pretty much has an online presence that runs 24 hours a day…. there is no time allowed for out of service computers.  If any of my devices goes down, I need to know that there is someone available at a moments notice to help me get through all possible emergencies.  Best Buy knows that there are online predators waiting in the shadows to attack our decvices, so they included you get Webroot Internet Security into the plan.  Webroot is the premiere program in remedying viruses, spyware, and online threats.

Best Buy Geek Squad Tech Support also assist with installing tricky software.  I can install most software programs, but sometimes I come across a program that ask a lot of “tech speak” questions.  In that instance, I find myself playing a guessing game with loading the software.  The Geek Squad will take out all of the guess work by accessing your computer remotely, while you sit int he background and sip tea.  They will instal your programs for you while conversing with you in instant message.  Should you need to step away from the computer during this process, they will give you a call if need be with any questions.

Well I hope these series of post helped you with your buying concerns.  If you have any more questions, please visit  There is an online customer service rep available to assist you 🙂




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