APRIL National Poetry Month: My Life in Pen #NYCPoetweet

APRIL National Poetry Month: My Life in Pen #NYCPoetweet


My Life in Pen

April is National Poetry Month and I wrote a poem…
it sucked, so I threw it away.
I got baggage, so the can in the kitchen reeks of love, failures, and a little mystery.
My journey as a Scorpio sometimes also lands on the page… but he got scared that his new wife might read.
Honestly, my friends pulled me from the brink, so he got off scott free.
If i could love you all over again I would describe it in pencil.
I am still a little hurt, but my next sound bite required some thought too.
I write poems to escape, now I am on to the next.
I write great poems so that my readers can not only scratch but sniff.
I am forever a student willing to share my notes.
A passenger with my pen riding shot gun.
I got emotional when the ink ran dry, then a tear soaked through the pages and washed my sorrows away.
I found the strength to begin writing with a new pen, new subject…NEXT!
I can go on and on about my heart break, but its really about my love of poetry and all things transitional.
All my poems are about life…. maybe some of you can relate.

-Kitty Bradshaw © 2015

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