My New Addiction: Leather Smell


You can purchase them here.

 Ok, so I discovered this Pine-Tree thingy by accident.  In November, when I sprained my foot and was looking for an ankle support bandage; I fell below the minimum for a credit card transaction at the pharmacy.  I was unwilling to walk to the bank due to the severe pain in my ankle….  So I grabbed three pine trees to add to my total.  Now, normally I like fruity scents… so true to my nature I grabbed the Cherry Trees.  The problem was, the pharmacy only had two Cherry Trees left… so I begrudgingly grabbed the “Leather Tree”.  I took the trees home and they stayed in the bag for about a month.  One day I was organizing my guest room and wanted to get a fresh scent going in the room… so *shrugs* I gave the Leather Tree a try. 

*inhales deeply*

When I tell yall the Leather Tree is the best thing I have ever smelled…. EVER!!!!!  It has this masculine smell, with a touch of sensuality, brashness, and lust all at the same time.  Like the Leather Tree does something to me.  I encourage everyone to go buy one NOW!!!!!

Now the trees are meant to go in the car… but I think the car is too small of a space for these powerful little trees.  I highly suggest that you follow my lead, and let the Leather Tree sit in a room.  *in my Drake voice* Thank me later…

So after researching the company, I discovered that the Little Trees– Car Freshner company is a New York based business.  Started in 1952 by Julius “Jules” Sämann, today the company manufactures over 60 scents and creates products for not only for cars, but homes and offices as well.



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