Club Review: 40/40 Club

Ok, so I was on my New York Adventure circuit on Saturday. My girlfriend had a party at the 40/40 club and I had a great ole time. She reserved one of the private rooms and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. I was so impressed I called them up the very next day to reserve a room for my birthday in November.

For those who have never been it’s free to get in but the prices for everything is high as giraffe’s pussy. I spent $17.50 on a butterscotch martini the other $2.50 went to tip… so that would be $20 for one drink. Imma keep it real I’m not a baller, not broke, and I am damn sure not trying to keep up with the Jones’.

However back to the plus side of this club… I HAD A FREAKIN GREAT TIME! This club sorta reminded me of the Century Club back in L.A. before it turned ghetto. The majority of the people in 40/40 were attractive. No HOMO but there was some sexy ass broads up in the 40/40 (me being the main one, *winks*) lolll.

The D.J. was on point too… great music choice, he even managed to slide in a Luke “It’s your birthday” song. I recommend everyone cash in their coins at coinstarr and check this club out, lolll.

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