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I feel the need to explain the 4 Types of Bloggers/ online influencers. Essentially we [Bloggers] all cross pollinate, but each of us have our strengths and/or areas that we excel at more than others. You can work with bloggers that can easily transition, but in most cases bloggers will always have one or two platforms that they’re more dominate in than others and that is the platform you will want to hire said bloggers to promote your brand or service on.  Please keep in mind that no two bloggers are the same!  Since Bloggers are a force, I use the United States military as a metaphor to describe the different types (branches) of bloggers.

4 Types of Bloggers

1. Traditional Bloggers (Navy): We all for the most part started out as a traditional blogger which consist of writing blog post and producing written post weekly/ daily.

2. Micro Bloggers (Army): These are the Kings and Queens of Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, etc.  With their authentic following, they can sway their audience within 140 characters, 24 hours a day.  Side Note: Photo bloggers are also considered Mirco Bloggers, as they either have a blog that is exclusively dedicated to posting pictures and captions (anything under 300 words), or services like Instagram to showcase their work.

2A. Black Twitter and White Twitter (Navy Seals): Yes, they are considered Social Influencers.  No one really knows who controls these two organizations but what we do know is that Beyonce sold her soul to them for protection, lolll. We also know that they take down celebrities and high ranking public figures online. They predict and alter the future, produce memes out of thin air, ockings, and hack into Social Media accounts (hello Burger King). They run surveillance, and pull Social Media transcripts from the beginning of your Social Media existence (which include your deleted updates). Do not piss them off! Lastly, Black & White Twitter operate separately, but in extreme cases come together like a nightmare turned reality. An example of this instance was the recent #myNYPD Public Relations Campaign that crashed and burned before it even took off due to everyone who had ever been arrested in the history of New York City decided to log on and take down the NYPD. White Twitter took this extra personal and stayed awake for 96 hours straight, posting pictures of times they had been arrested for various misdemeanor crimes, loll.

3. Podcastors (Airforce): They control the online airwaves by creating downloadable content. They fly in stealth mode. Not much is known about them except they are effective when it comes to reaching out to people who are not into Social Media, and generally don’t have/ or rarely use Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram. The podcast are live during initial taping, and also allow for people can call in like a radio show.

4. vBloggers (Marines): The face of the operation. In most cases, when media calls upon Bloggers to use them in commercials, print, TV, etc. they reach out to vBloggers. vBloggers bka video bloggers create video content that mostly consist of Tutorials, Tips, Tricks, Interviews, etc.  Of course they can do more, but these are the things that stand out.

So if you are a PR firm or brand looking to launch an upcoming campaign, your first order of business is to get rid of the notion that all bloggers are the same.  As I mentioned earlier, the 4 Types of Bloggers cross pollinate, and can do all things but you really should target specific skill sets for various aspects of your campaign. You can use Traditional Bloggers to plant the seed by sending them information, items and/or access to your service for them to try out and speak intelligently about on their blogs. You can then reach out to the Mircro Bloggers to generate instant buzz around your product or service. Micro bloggers are also excellent at attending live events and posting real time updates.  You can reach out to vBloggers, who will create a video showing consumers how to use your product or service.  vBloggers will also promote your product or service to the consumers that are visually stimulated and less likely to read blogs.  Podcasters also do reviews, but more specifically can do interviews with Brand Ambassadors and get more in depth information about your product, service, and non-profit. Something to keep in mind: Podcasters also are largely followed by industry leaders, CEOs, insiders, etc. as they can download podcast and listen while traveling.

I hope this helps 🙂

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  1. I am so glad I found you on the webs. This was a good write-up (easier said) then right ? I will pay more attention to the different kind of bloggers and vloggers from now on.

    Until next post..

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