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3M SCOTCH Brand S/S 2013 Presentation

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3M SCOTCH Brand S/S 2013 Presentation

3M Scotch

3M Scotch: Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the 3M Spring/Summer 2013 Presentation.

Yes, it was just like Fashion Week, but with home-office supplies.  In my mind there was a serious think-tank that happened, and the 3M brand really explored how they could step outside of the box and remain relevant in this digital age.  3M didn’t change the product, it changed the way the product stuck to new surfaces.  The coverage from last week’s event is broken into 2 post… Post-it Notes, and the SCOTCH brand tapes and accessories.

I will begin with 3M Scotch, since their PR was the first to reach out to me (Yayyy Hunter PR).  Ok, honestly I needed about a week to separate the Scotch products from the Post-it products.  I know they are clearly different, butthe colors and themes sorta blended together.  That’s not a bad thing… I just want to make sure I mention the products with the right brand.   I think I am clear now… so let’s begin.

3m scotch2



The 3M SCOTCH Expressions Line has lunched their new Spring/ Summer 2013 line for  New Yorkers (not really, but in my mind these products are perfect for us) which includes the truly creative, DIY-ers, the Fashionable, the bored at your desk and need a creative outlet types.  Fun Fact:  3M SCOTCH makes four types of tape.  Magic, Masking, Washi, and Shipping tape.  Invented in 1930, the brand has been around for more than 75 years.  Check out their history here.

Fast forward to now,  the new collection includes 95 decorative colors and patterns.  Additional, this new line was created to be applied to both permanent and temporary surfaces.  See the below for speicifics:

3M Scotch Magic Tape:  This is what you install into the tape dispenser on your desk .  12 solid colors, and 16 patterns to choose from.  Yes, they have pink for those of you wondering….ok I was the one wondering lolll.

3M Scotch Masking Tape: This is what you use when when you mount signs up on the wall.  8 solid colors. 6 patterns.

3M Scotch Washi Tape: This is what you use for crafts, personalization, and finishing touches.  Can be resticked a couple of times.  12 solid colors.  30 patterns.

3M Scotch Shipping Tape:  I am most excited about this product.  I mean…. who wouldn’t want to make their shipping packages more sexy?!  I am not sure why it took SCOTCH so long to come up with new patterns, but kudos to them lolll.  Now the strange thing is, they only did 1 solid color (green) for this line.  I wonder why green?!  Why not pink, lolll?!   1 solid color.  12 patterns.

3M Scotch

3M SCOTCH Tape Dispensers

In addition to their new tape designs, 3M Scotch also included 4 new dispensers.  They range from football helmets, chameleons, a cocktail glass, and a new update on their popular high heel stiletto dispensers.  These dispensers begin to roll out between June and September.  No word yet on when the new shoe dispenser launches…. but I am sure they will sell out!  Scotch and Post-it Notes collaborated and did a matching clutch bag Post-it Note dispenser to match the shoe.  See pictures below.

3m scotch

Tell me what you all think of the new tapes and dispensers… and check out the next post on the 3M Posti-it Brand.

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