Birthday Reflection: 35 Points of Kitty Bradshaw

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35 Points of Kitty Bradshaw-  Every year on my birthday I right out a list of things that cross my mind.  This is a time of reflection and..


1. Me FIRST:  I need to establish some new goals, and eliminate distractions.  I keep getting side tracked, and often focus on things I can’t change.  This year I will go back to focusing on me.

2. Family:  I want to get married and have children.  I think the old saying is FALSE, “Don’t go looking for a man, let them find you”.  I have focused on career, and not on romance.  Meanwhile, everyone who focused on romance is married.

3.  The older I get, the more I don’t want to be bothered with childish things.  Some people like drama, like to be around it, like to talk about it, like to watch it on tv…. not me.  I want to live a peaceful existence.

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4. Perfection:  Accepting that I am not perfect, and knowing that I can not achieve perfection.  The more I take control of who I am, and movee according to God’s plan… that is where I will find happiness, not perfection.

5. I have no clue what Mr. Right looks like, I just know what he doesn’t look like.  Through healing, I realized that I need to take responsibility for only seeing what I wanted to see.  Love doesn’t fill in the gaps…. especially when there are major holes.

6. I have wanted children as long as I could remember.  It is time to focus on that.  I keep saying this because it is important to me.

7. Dear 2014:  I need a change.  I want you to be a turning point for me.  I want to be completely different.  Lets be happy together.

8. I don’t trust people.  Once upon a time I did… once upon a time I believed if you were good to people they would return the same sentiment.  No one is perfect, no one is trust worthy. I just take it one moment at a time, and keep my guard up.

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9. I like Milley Cyrus. She is who I wish I could have been at that age.  I wasted way too much time caring about what others thought of me.

10.  I am trying to fall back in love with blogging.  Somewhere along the line it stopped being fun and turned into work, loll.




11.  At 35, I am finally learning how to do my own make-up.  Normally, I pay to have it applied for major events… but I have been practicing and getting better at applying it.

12.  New York was one hell of a a boot camp.  I have learned so much, and have grown up quite a bit living here.

13. Promises Made:  StevieNYC and my promised each other birthdays on the beach starting with mine in November, then his in the Summer of 2015.



14. Why does Philadelphia have the most delicious food EVER??!!!!  I had such a great time there last weekend, I hope to visit there again soon.  The people were very friendly.  Thank You to Ali and Raul for hosting me!!!!  🙂

15.  Promises Made: @NY_Songbird said we can go on vacation together in 2014…. or was it the beginning of 2015, I can’t remember lolll.


16. I am in love with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3!!!!  Best smartphone out on the market 🙂

17. I am happiest when I am listening to 80’s music.  It brings back good memories from a time long gone.

18. I am obsessed with my new ASOS VIP Membership.  I love this store and can’t get enough of their clothing.

19. I think that I have given up on trying to find out who my real father is.  Knowing won’t bring closure, and further investigating makes me feel worse.  At the end of the day, I removed my mother from my life, and that was thing person who represented all bad things in my life.  No, I will never be ok with not having a mother or a father… but I guess my life was meant to be bigger than having 2 biological parents.  This is my normal.

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20. When you go against nature, you create stress.  Your days become an overcast, you are always out of place, and not quite happy.  I chose to love him, and then became consumed.  Life’s great lesson.

21. My real friends and I exist organically.  They understand that Kitty Bradshaw is just a product on the shelf.

22. Mike and I are like an old married couple without being married or in a relationship.  All I ever want in life is for people to have my back, get me, and not judge me.  He is one of the few people who do that.

23. Going back to 2014…. I really feel like that is going to be my year.  I am so very hopeful.  Normally, I don’t have an opinion one way or another…. but I am fully committed.  I am going to write out a list of things I would like to see happen.

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24. I am going to get back into the habit of mailing cards on peoples birthdays.

25. I want to live on the beach!!!!

26. Something is pulling me to visit Boston.  I have never been, but am very curious about it.

27. I miss Mitzi!!!!!  One of the most consistent people in my life.

28. I am a fan of Rihanna.  Wasn’t always a fan… but now I am.

29. I am happy with my relationship with God.  With any relation you have to mature and growth into it.  I genuinely have a relationship with God, verses doing something I was told to do.  I was raised in the church, but now I am with God because I want to be.  I have subtracted the rules of man, and followed my heart.  My love for God is beyond organic, it is life.

30. Thankful for being present.  I am in tune, and connected with the elements around me.  I belong in this moment.

31. I have not had sex in over a year…. don’t miss it, loll.  Some people’s life depends on it, mines doesn’t.  It’s like cake, too much of it causes you to gain weight.  I needed some time to clear my mind and grow stronger within myself.  With all of the turmoil I went through this year, sex was the last thing I needed.

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32. Now is the time to fix whats broken.  Throw out what can’t be fixed, and allow something new to take it’s place.  That is the cycle of life.

33. Patron is the devil.

34. I have no clue what makes me happy but I want to discover it.

35.  I think that I have passed a lot of test in 2013, I look forward to my next chapter.




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